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  1. I understand it says you are taking a risk buying something but I feel like we should at least be able to keep the slot or something
  2. I have spent so much money on CC items some of them are 34 mil and then you get on one day and suddenly it is removed and you don't get that money back. There should be a refund system.
  3. what the screen shot shows I dont think he was harassing her at that point. He made a statement about the sit. He did not continue to attack her. In my opinion yea he should not have called her a hoe or whore or what ever but honestly is it even that big of a deal? If you dont want to deal with a person just mute them. Im not saying that its ok to go and say all these things but still seems over the top to ban for this. Was tene banned after the discord comment????
  4. Yeah I would have to agree that a ban for a first time offence is a bit over kill I think more thought should be put into a ban for harassment. I dont think you should go around and calling people whores but a ban seems a bit over the top in my opinion.
  5. My suggestion is make the sewer lord be able to mic spam. It would be kinda fire being punched to death by a sewer man with intense music/noises.
  6. you should change the flat roof textures to gravel for some realism
  7. Ok I am confused why people are saying. Yes Jewwan's raid was over... Ok? cool, The raid was not over for the other people in his group. You can see that he points Jewwan out in the video after he had died. The cops also shot Jewwan first and he shot back to defend himself.
  8. Bug Description: Items from your bank will go into inventory / slots in bank will also move up to the top as the other bank items fill your inventory How to reproduce: Have a few things in your bank and buy the 5+ inventory slots a few times from sugar shop. You should find that in those new slots is what was in your bank. Priority: Low
  9. the Sea Bear#4508 gimme gimme
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