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Found 6 results

  1. I like to sing karaoke as hobo. I normally sing Mr.Boombastic and other shaggy songs. I spawn in a big cube, make it see through, make it a fading door and than I blast music through my phone and sing in populated areas. I uploaded the image by accident and can't remove it.
  2. What plugin does the DarkRP server use for its Movement? I noticed that the Physics hitboxes on players is a bit different and its easier to bhop with spacebar than it is scrollwheel I'm trying to make a little game and want to add the movement from the Server because its what I am most familiar with
  3. How much are size reduction talismans, fast fishing talismans, and tax talismans worth in trading? I forgot their worth in trading but I can not remember exactly how much they usually sell for.
  4. Is it really an auction house? Cause like you buy stuff instantly instead of bidding on it like an auction house. I think Market would be more suited, no?
  5. hecko! I have a question particularly for head moderators/admin’s. I go to the store page to purchase VIP but my PayPal is not working, I’ve even tried making three different accounts and nothing really seems to be working the way it should. With there be any way I can get VIP through the money I have on my steam wallet? It would mean a lot if I can get some help with this. Thanks, Roof Koreans
  6. Tbh, the first way i was shown to make money was from making meth. It's not always useful because you need a place to make it and its not always guaranteed. Just looking for an easy way to make big bucks
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