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Found 16 results

  1. u l

    Gang CC

    Looking to get my gang cc created? Thanks!
  2. I am trying to find the best way to get xp (also how do you do wishes on pickle)
  3. I am given only 3 quests to start with, I was told i was supposed to start with at least 6. Can i get the rest of my 6 quests please.
  4. Cob

    (Help) Old CC Issues

    I have not played in probably over a year, but I got on today and found my CC is all messed up. The main issue I'm having is the weapons I own on that CC are not able to be equipped. Two out of the 9 weapons I do own are working fine and those are the Master Sword and the Stealth Camo. Furthermore, I was prompted to refund one weapon that being weapon_tr, which I have no memory of what that was. Lastly, I don't know how this happened maybe someone I had friended on the CC change it but my original skin was the Rick model from rick and Morty, although this doesn't really matter as it's just a skin. Thanks, Cob Discord: Cob #4764
  5. https://imgur.com/a/AQf2CEW 1000 fish fished with and without bonuses. HOW DOES SOMEONE CATCH A ALASKAN SALMON
  6. Seventeen props; three just for decoration. On October 3rd, 2022 I became mayor with one mission. A mission to proudly use a new dupe that was simple in nature but game changing for how to look at the police station. I set my law boards up for the public eye making sure one was right next to the PD front door, an important detail to remember. I looked around to make sure the area was clear and knew all citizens were currently out of the building, pulled out my tool gun and spawned in the new PD lobby. This new lobby didn't have a crazy defense, or one way walls to shoot through, it didn't have a single fading door or crazy crouch or jump spots. This new lobby was the exact opposite of extravagant actually, this dupe is so boring looking it (if you ask me) could pass as just part of the map. Yet it caused a huge stir. There was yelling, spam happening in the chat about it, admins beings called all over, laws created over it, people taking up arms and raiding the PD without adverting and much completely unnecessary anger. The broadcasts from me the mayor began, "The PD Lobby has been renovated and unfortunately has become smaller." A lot smaller as you can see. Many thought at first sight that this is just blocking the PD lobby health station and doors with a giant F-U literally in front of them. Then some thought that one of these new walls must be a fading door, but as you know from earlier there are not. The Law went out: 4) The Side Door is now the ONLY entrance into the PD. On the 3rd there was chaos caused by this, which ultimately had SuicideBlue decide it needed to be deleted and not spawned again. I had police officers in rebellion spawning props to block the side door, jail, and court to try and force me to delete the PD lobby. I argue that they were the ones prop blocking not myself, even adding a new law. Law 5) Do not spawn props blocking access from the side door unless you make them a fading door. A law that actually isn't a law, more of a reminder of the server rules to get the officers spawning the props in to stop. It was determined that their blocking of the side door is not considered prop block but the blocking of the front door is. Under General Cop Rules: ✓ All doors in PD are allowed to be locked (including first door) ✓ You can build roadblocks/base/build checkpoints/ do what you gotta do Under Basing Rules: ✓ You cannot have a base that requires special tools/prop climb. It must be raid-able by a single person using a lock-pick and/or keypad-cracker. (check) If you've played here long enough I am willing to bet you've seen the PD side door blocked with props before to funnel people into the front lobby but what about the opposite? This brings us to our discussion and the point of this (Beautiful) dupe. Can the side door be considered the only entrance into the PD? With this dupe every area of the PD is still accessible behind the lock-pickable doors that come with the map. No fading door necessary. The Locker Room and lobby office (where I'm standing in the picture) is a straight shot from the side door like normal. The main path through the PD becomes through the court room and jail to get upstairs where you can either go towards the mayors office or down the stairs to health station. That last part of the sentence is what caused a lot of fighting in the server. The health station had no props blocking it, just a new path to get to it. The front doors can be locked normally with key anyway, could you lock the door and make the same law without the dupe? - If so the dupe is just redundant. Can you block the PD side door and declare the front entrance as the only entrance into the PD? - If so isn't this the same just switched? Blocking off the jail entrance from the court room does the same thing does it not? - You only have one path to the mayors office in either scenario. Do you even need a law to tell people that if there are two doors to a building and one is blocked by the owner to use the other one? and the biggest question, can I please use my simple dupe that references Fallout New Vegas that I love so much?
  7. This is for new and old players alike who are having trouble finding a good way to farm xp. If you have any other tips and other xp farming methods dont be afraid to comment on this thread too! My favorite XP farming strategy would be to start as meth cook. You make glitter since it is very fast and you get a ton of it each batch. You go through the process to get it at a high percentage (90% ot higher) and then freeze the trays. DO NOT put the trays on the place to automaticaly break them. Manually break each tray. It provides a very good amount of xp. Once the trays are broken keep making high quality glitter while using the packets you made. Only press E on a packet once every roughly 5-6 seconds. You will get xp for 2 categories this way. One for eating the meth and the other for eating high quality meth. After about an hour (not on triple xp or with the buyable double xp activated) all three categories (both eating categories and the category for breaking the trays of meth) should be maxed out. If you have the no lifer perk you will get 6 tier 2 lootcrates from this job alone and will have earned about 2000-2200 xp if I am not mistaken. You can also sell the meth for xp too after or keep doing the job to sell it for xp. If you choose to sell it then make sure you pick up each packet individually so you can just talk to the npc and automatically sell it for money and more xp. Once the meth cook xp is done with you will want to swap to spirit caller. Make sure you have a bunch of armor packs and healing items or a makeshift medkit. You will want to harvest all the xp off of yourself. This will get your spirit caller xp about 2/3 or 3/4 of the way finished. You will then want to swap to either a cop or a shipwreck diver. Farm xp as the shipwreck diver or become a cop and do the following. As a cop (detective is very good for this for even more xp than a basic cop) you will want to stun (do not stungun abuse as it will not get more xp than just normally stunning), then cuff people who have bounties. This provides tons of xp alone. Then you will fine them for their bounties to hopefully have them pay so you can get more xp. Max out your categories as a cop then (if you have not already farmed xp as it) swap to shipwreck diver and farm its xp. Finish off the spirit caller xp at this point and (if you have the nolifer perk) get your (if i am counting correctly) thirteenth and fourteenth tier 2 crates for the day. Also being a cook makes a lot of xp if you want bonus xp and have the resources for it. Just be sure to use one base ingredient and 2 bonus ones to get the xp from it. This is the xp farm I have been using and it has basically made me fly through leveling and prestiging. This is a decent resource for checking the xp but I am not sure how up to date it is or if it has everything: I hope this helps some of you!
  8. Looking for a talented builder to make me a all purpose shop! Looking for a very modern design with high precision, detail, uniqueness, and style that fits into this location https://imgur.com/a/AOeQnht . Obviously not for free, $PAYING 10-15mil$, and or the same in $$Sugar dollars$$, price negotiable depending on level of skill and detail.
  9. What plugin does the DarkRP server use for its Movement? I noticed that the Physics hitboxes on players is a bit different and its easier to bhop with spacebar than it is scrollwheel I'm trying to make a little game and want to add the movement from the Server because its what I am most familiar with
  10. Hello, So, fellow users of the DarkRP branch TitsRP, we've really been short on staff lately with school starting up again and there's as a result been a few glaring issues that I and other staff have noticed. 1. The staff we have can't get on as often as they could because they have school work to do/personal lives of their own. 2. The staff who do get on aren't able to take as many sits due to stress/personal issues and having a life (Staff are not expected to take sits 24/7, it's volunteer work) thus creating complaints about sits not being taken when really it's just we need more who take enough sits than one who takes a lot and as a result gets burnt out. 3. The staff who do both are in minimum and grind so hard they also burn themselves out or they just get generally tired. None of these are an issue of the staff personally more than there's way too much stress on our moderation team. There's been a high decrease in our staff team lately with many of our moderators resigning and the few who haven't either being extremely inactive or logging on and holding the fort, which isn't how it should be. A moderator shouldn't be the only one on for hours because they feel inclined to have to watch the server as no other staff are on while Mass RDMers and other players who break rules run rampant to the highest extent. So for these reasons, me and a couple of other staff decided to take it upon ourselves to set up a proper staff drive. https://forums.titsrp.com/forum/13-moderator-applications/ this is the section in which you will be submitting/completing a moderator application but there are a few things you will need to note first. You should read all the requirements before applying. They are pasted below for your convenience but are also viewable at the top of the thread linked above ^ Important links: (Please read them if you are intending to apply for staff!) https://forums.titsrp.com/server-rules/ - DarkRP Server Rules (MOTD) https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/8060-official-titsrp-sit-guidelines/ - [Official] TitsRP Sit Guidelines (Our guidelines of how staff are expected to conduct themselves during a sit) https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/1770-official-proper-punishment-times-and-reasons/ - [Official] Proper punishment times and reasons. (Our punishment guide) https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/1420-guide-so-you-just-became-staff/ - [GUIDE] So you just became staff? (New staff guidelines, useful for people applying early wanting to learn the ropes) https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/116-official-moderator-admin-guidelines/ - Moderator / Admin Guidelines (Guidelines to follow so you don't lose your rank ie: demoted/punished) If you believe you are qualified for the rank and meet all the requirements to apply for staff, then by all means we encourage you to give it your best shot! We appreciate that you would like to become a member of our team and help out with sits. If you get denied, don't worry! You will be eligible to submit a new staff application in 2 weeks. And if your application does get denied, don't take it personally! Listen to the input other staff have given you so you can make an improved app at a later date. If you have any questions regarding what's expected of your rank/advice, then feel free to shoot me a DM through discord (Fuel#6384) and I will respond to you as soon as possible.
  11. I have completely lost all of my items in my inventory as well as my bank. I wanted to see what's up when I logged into see that I had nothing in my inventory, being confused I checked my bank as well. I was then notified to voice what happened here. Is there anything that can be done for this?
  12. im new at this stuff my cc is gone i wood like to know why and i wood like my money back thats not cool i lot of time and money in this server and you just take my cc i did nothing to get it taken away
  13. Okay so I used to be able to play the boombox and it was cool. When I was able to get my laptop to run good again (wifi issues) I was greeted to a new boombox pop up upon pressing E on it. This pop up asks if you accept the YouTube tos. I can spam accept and nothing happens, I've tried for days and asked 2 mods for help(though not like they can really do much about this). I opened BOTH of the links to ensure that wasn't the issue. Everything else works as normal except for this, and I can still hear other people using boomboxes. I'm hoping to get in contact with a mod as this may be a server side issue? That's the advice I was just given. While doing this getting the discord link would be helpful as faster communication. Thank you.
  14. Tbh, the first way i was shown to make money was from making meth. It's not always useful because you need a place to make it and its not always guaranteed. Just looking for an easy way to make big bucks
  15. May I please have a refund on 1600 'Sugar Bucks' (20$ USD) This would greatly be appreciated. Have a nice day! - Roshan
  16. I'm relatively new to the server, only having played around 2 days worth on here, and I want to try to get more involved, but I don't necessarily want to try to force myself either. Any tips for me? Thank you. If this is not the right section to post this on, I'll delete it and repost it on its proper section
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