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Found 4 results

  1. I have completely lost all of my items in my inventory as well as my bank. I wanted to see what's up when I logged into see that I had nothing in my inventory, being confused I checked my bank as well. I was then notified to voice what happened here. Is there anything that can be done for this?
  2. Hello, I just got a CC a few days ago, which I'm practically still a beginner with how to use it. What's currently going on is that I accidently added the wrong item to my CC. I accidently bought the Butterfly Knife w/o the Case Hardened, which was not the one I wanted. Later I found the Butterfly Knife | Case Hardened and bought it for my CC, hoping that it would either replace the old one or the old one could somehow be deleted. Apparently, I was wrong for both parts. Can someone please assist me if possible on deleting the single Butterfly Knife?
  3. Limit out the stun gun during a rp I was constantly shot with a stun gun and brought down to half hp add a cool down or a limit on how you can use it so it’s not so easy to abuse
  4. Okay so I used to be able to play the boombox and it was cool. When I was able to get my laptop to run good again (wifi issues) I was greeted to a new boombox pop up upon pressing E on it. This pop up asks if you accept the YouTube tos. I can spam accept and nothing happens, I've tried for days and asked 2 mods for help(though not like they can really do much about this). I opened BOTH of the links to ensure that wasn't the issue. Everything else works as normal except for this, and I can still hear other people using boomboxes. I'm hoping to get in contact with a mod as this may be a server side issue? That's the advice I was just given. While doing this getting the discord link would be helpful as faster communication. Thank you.
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