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  1. I reviewed all the evidence and the only issue I am having trouble with is seeing how long between each time he did it. That is why I am NEUTRAL as of right now. If the other staff can tell whether the timer was broken then I will go agree with them but the clips are all separate so it is hard to tell whether it was only a few minutes between each or if it was like 10 minutes between each. As of right now though I do see that it was broken at least once so I do believe a punishment of some kind is needed. In conclusion, I am +1 for some kind of punishment as it appears that it was broken at le
  2. I will forward this to the higher ups. I would say +1 for a ban though.
  3. We would need evidence about it being wrong or for the person who had warned you to remove it. If you have evidence it would be appreciated.
  4. If it is true that one of the terms of the unban was that "if you got three+ days worth of bans, you'd be re-permad" then I would say that it broke the terms and that would be enough to get a -1. I would say that you do not seem to care that much as you still proceeded to exploit for a ton of money even though you knew what the repercussions could be. If you really did care, you would have not done it in the first place as you know what a punishment like that would be time-wise. You clearly knew you were exploiting, you knew that others got a hefty punishment for the same exploit, and you stil
  5. Apparently in the post below yours.
  6. If you have any questions about the server, rules, etc then you may reply here or ask another staff member for assistance. Do not be afraid to ask even if you think the question is a waste of time. It is better that you get the answer than to just be guessing!
  7. Just figured it out in its entirety. So, the glitch happens between sniffy and the person he chose as the sniff. If he chose the target, the hitman can not complete his hit. Only sniffy can complete the kill. Otherwise if the hitman does it, it does not complete and additionally the target can not respawn manually.
  8. ACTUALLY!!! Just tested a little more. it is when sniffy accepts the sniff on the person then it fucks it up. when sniffy accepts it on anyone
  9. We did test this and I can confirm it is a Mr. Sniffy job issue. More testing may need to be done overall but the job is what causes it, it seems.
  10. Remove the screen shake for everyone. It causes people to complain and it is not in any way necessary. It is just an annoying addition. Additionally, it would be nice to have the sound of the jetpack turned down a bit overall as I have been told it is loud by multiple people. P.S. The fire from the jetpack looks like popcorn tbh.
  11. Tyz37


    I am neutral on this ban appeal as it is just and correct. You never made a sit on the other guy who you say had broken NLR or RDM. It would have been smarter to have let him break those rules and then reported him. I would like to see what my fellow staff members have to say. I will link them the logs in the discord and ping them to have them read the appeal. I still do not condone the actions that you did though but I do understand that you were trying to help your friend. As of right now I am NEUTRAL.
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