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  1. I am remaking this appeal because when Sugar sent me the logs from the server side (which line up with the console, Spektor said the ban would be removed "I still don't think there is enough information, but also I can see how there would not be enough information from his side as well since we can't see the full picture.  I will update the appeal and remove the voteban as soon as I'm home. Hopefully we can work on being able to retrieve logs better for votekicks/bans in the future. " The appeal has not been updated and the vote ban is still there. This has been going on too long and his response to the extra evidence from Sugar took 3 days to respond to alone. This appears to be the only way that staff will see it now so I am remaking it.  If you need to check with sugar to verify he sent the logs, you can or I can screenshare you the messages from him.  GMod Console Showing Looting, Destroying Ents, Chat Logs, and Killing Players: https://imgur.com/a/QkdKjkF  Logs sent by Sugar in PDF form: https://imgur.com/a/NOnIap5
  2. Tyz37

    False Vote Banned

    Â You can see in the screenshots from before it, he dies in the raid right before i loot a bitcoin miner, then a little later in them is where you see him die. That is NLR.
  3. As a side note, I highlighted all of the spots in console so it would be easier to find in the screenshots.
  4. The logs did not save with the search and all I got from them was this so I had to screenshot all of console to get the best sort of logs I could. Â Chat LOGS ---------------- Player Tyz37(STEAM_0:1:42745682) (Tyz) said (OOC) why did you kill me pearce <10-06-2023 / 01:43:44> ----------------
  5. I want it wiped off my record because it is a false vote ban. If you check vote ban logs, I vote ban him for his RRDM on me then he false vote bans me and I get banned but he doesn't. He was just mad he got raided, lost 2 printers, a printer rack, a bitcoin miner, 133 unprocessed coke, a drug processer, and 3 tilling plots. Â My logs were not saved through GMod so I had to copy screenshots of console. This is the link for the screenshots. https://imgur.com/a/QkdKjkF
  6. Â Law 12 was made after the sit and would also not be allowed. PD can not be KOS to cops. That includes making it so that if "they are not wanted in pd" or "unless mayor says". I made about 3 overall and I am pretty sure you hopped on after the first 1-2 were made. Additionally, I know for a fact that I would never allow him to have a law stating that "ANYONE past stairs is kos" if it was added before the ticket. He changed laws 8, 9, and 10 after having sent both me and himself back. Once those were changed, I stopped paying attention to the laws and he added the last 2 later.
  7. I had to make multiple tickets today as well to finally get paradox to change laws as mayor since he had fail laws. He was arguing saying they were not fail at first until I told him repetitively to read over cop rules and cited him the rules. TLDR: He finally fixed it after multiple tickets were called and some arguing over who was right.
  8. You have missed the server becoming more and more snowflake filled
  9. When you make a dupe or base where people can not move in it then it is not allowed. It is the first tule in the misc rules section. “Do not force other players to get stuck, if they can't move it's not RP”.
  10. Tyz37

    Report on Heaven

    NOTE FOR THIS: The warn was removed.
  11. These are all in order from when they happened. Â Â https://ibb.co/LdF5n1T https://ibb.co/w0fxDJS https://ibb.co/MBhx371
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