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  1. Neutral on this from me. Death threats over gmod? Really?
  2. I am -1 for now until he changes the names and removes all NSFW stuff so that it may not be accessed through those accounts. He also could make a different discord account to comply with this if he does not want to remove it from his main one and I would be fine with that.
  3. If there is no evidence then there is nothing we can do. Also if your friend did not party assist bind then it is rdm.
  4. If the warn was removed then the ban for the “15 warn limit” is not important. It is not really looked at at all because it has no context so that one is not an important one. +1 for that one. The other warn being false would be a valid one to have removed. I know super admin want evidence though when removing bans from records if I am not mistaken. Overall I would be a +1 to have that one removed but this is a thing only super admin can do. My only issue with it is that having ones that are not important appealed (such as warn limits ones) is just time consuming and unneccessary on general.
  5. Forwarding to admin and sadmin.
  6. Looks like MRDM to me. +1 for punisment for Mass RDM but -1 for punishment for racism as there is no evidence for that.
  7. Why would it be logical to make a weapon that hits harder have no recoil. That is like saying a .22 has the same damage as a .50 cal but none of the kick. Less damage is less of a kick and increasing a guns damage gives more of a kick. Makes a ton of sense to me.
  8. He has been following and watching you from the darkest corners of the map.
  9. Well the ban time for mass anything is five days to a week so the ban time is correct. I am -1 for a reduction as it is a proper ban time.
  10. Why would we need that when we can already check gametracker or use the discord?
  11. Even if it were in pd, you would not be allowed to party assist past lobby if you or your friend were attacked. Just leaving that as a side note. I am personally Neutral to the removal as a warn is a valid punishment. I would like to see your prior warns to be sure if a + or - 1 is in order in my opinion.
  12. You have no prior bans. You should not be rude in sits though as it does not help your case. Do not be rude in sits next time and read over the motd. Player toxicity is a warnable offense if you are being overly toxic so keep that in mind. -1 to be unbanned. And now changing to -1 for reduction. If you are going to accuse me of not knowing the story when I looked at the evidence provided, then you can take the actual punishment handed out. I tried to get the story from your appeal and the evidence. I was trying to help be lenient to you but you want to say that i don’t know the story and make me seem like i have no idea what i am doing or talking about when I am going based on the evidence provided. How about you provide the evidence then if you want to complain about us “not knowing the story”.
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