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  1. I would like to know how long the ban has been going on for before I make a decision s of this time.
  2. Tyz37

    My Ban Appeal

    After reading through this appeal, I am not sure on which way I lean in this appeal. What you did was extremely uncalled for and fairly serious for a violation on a Gmod server. I am going to stay NEUTRAL on this issue until I can give it a bit more thought.
  3. Make it be ultra hung he-man
  4. I cant tell if it was or was not. if that is the case though then I would say it is not necessary tbh.
  5. Op weapons that are permenant or sweps that are either op or can be op in some way just seems distasteful. It would give players who play way more of an advantage. I dont think the stimpack or reflection laser would be fair. The kiss swep, and long revolver, and loads a money sweps can be found elsewhere already so they should not be in it in my opinion. the Trash Cannon, Repulsion cannon, leap and zombie ones would be good. The russian minecraft one should definately not be added if it is extremely op. +1 for some of the random sweps that are not a thing rn and that are not op but -1 for any that are already in the game on jobs or which are op
  6. What about yes for the kos if modifying without permission, if it is a custom swep that he uses it could have kinda like a quick time thing kinda like the new meth things and if he gets it correct then he can modify someone's look and gets some xp and maybe money but if he doesn't then it harms the person. It would just be a more for fun kinda RP thing like how bird is just for fun.
  7. A job that can morph peoples faces with a new scripted tool kinda like the bone manipulator tool. He can make people look funny or "better". It would be fun to have just as a for fun job.
  8. It sounds like being a hitman with extra steps. If you know the reference then you know.
  9. A news broadcaster whom can sell/give out tv's to players and stream through some camera he holds in his hand so it would stream to players similar to like an RT Camera but his camera is carried around so he can stream fights and other things around the wonderful city of TitsRP.
  10. Someone picks up the box and all they hear is you scream "SUPRISE MOTHA FUCKA!!!" and a hail of inaccurate bullets fly all around them. Your gun waves wildly as you try to hit them but have the accuracy of a squirrel on crack cocaine.
  11. If tilling plots were made so you can't sit on them it would fix it.
  12. You appear sincere BUT what you did was extremely uncalled for. It is debatable for me but I would like to +1 it. The only issue is I can not be sure if you will pull the same kind of stunt again. I am willing to +1 for another chance but if this kind of thing or ANYTHING similar to it happens again, then any of the future appeals on it will be a -1. You say you changed so prove it. I am a +1 right now but if something similar happens again then consider your second chance used and lost. I hope you understand where I am coming from on this.
  13. I am going to lock the post now. Have a good one, Queso!
  15. I will go do it right now.
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