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  1. It isn't off limits on the sidewalk actually.
  2. It was not in or on the tunnel. It was on the sidewalk.
  3. That is not a mega base as it is literally only a 2x3 (2 wide and 3 tall). It was not blocking. Second of all, I had it faded the entire time. Third, MULTIPLE staff said it is ok for me to build a checkpoint on the sidewalk like I did. It was not blocking it at all and the only thing impeding the traffic was the groups of bloods and crips fighting through it (same as when they were fighting in and right in front of the tunnel normally). Only way it is able to be blocked off would be if someone body blocked it which i would arrest them for (as i am a cop job). So yeah, It breaks no rules unless someone is body blocking the door.
  4. The original one that was only 2x3 was a checkpoint and it was on sidewalk (not in the tunnel or using the building's doors/interior). That is why two staff members agreed that it was allowed. Also, like I said, the second one was my bad as I didn't realize the building could not be used.
  5. the original one that is a 2x3 gate is allowed though. that one is not propblock. i have checked with that first one with multiple staff and all said it was ok. so the first one was allowed but i did not realize the second was not since it used the inside of the building.
  6. He said that he was not completely sure and that i could make a report on the forums. i though i added that to the details.
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