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  1. You have missed the server becoming more and more snowflake filled
  2. When you make a dupe or base where people can not move in it then it is not allowed. It is the first tule in the misc rules section. “Do not force other players to get stuck, if they can't move it's not RP”.
  3. Maybe something in the f4 menu like biggie said but it shows a simple bar graph of the results or even just an X by 2 grid like: Poll Question Option A | # of Votes Option B | # of Votes Etc based on how many options there are.
  4. It costs 1 million DarkRP dollars to reroll a single gang perk and as Rubik said, it is at the gang npc in spawn. Just talk to him and he will give the option to reroll a gang perk. You will get to pick the perk you want to reroll, it will remove the perk from your gang, you will have one gang talent point, then you just spend it on the new perk.
  5. Kidnapping is KOS because you are an active threat to anyone and everyone around you. Kiss swep also fully heals people who it is used on so that one is not even a threat to anyone in any way. Hit men are only allowed to kill their one target when they have a hit unless they are attacked. Kidnappers are a problem especially when they have the kidnapper gang perks which blind everyone around plus when they fail a kidnap, it is pretty clear that they will more than likely go for another person or even the same person. Mugging can not have any way to effect many people or multiple people after the mug is attempted. Bounty hunting is the same kind of thing as hitman which is that he has ONE target and can not harm other people unless they attack him.
  6. Even having it available on the CC editor could be super fun to make custom swords.
  7. I would like to have the mk9 Damascus sword added to the server as it would be extremely fun for sword fights, could be fun for rp as a weapon for treasure hunters to fight over treasure, and could be a better weapon for king's guards. It could of course be edited or nerfed as needed such as adding only a certain amount of blocked hits every like 10 seconds or whatever.
  8. Tyz37

    Block button

    The only issue that I see with this would be is if someone blocked staff members to make it harder for them to punish the player, blocked a player and then does not see their adverts, etc. It could cause a bunch of issues.
  9. Tyz37


    You should be able to adjust it in the f4 menu where you adjust sound volume for different sound effects. You just need to find the right one to turn down.
  10. It would be helpful but I find it to be not necessary. I can hunt them down without it most of the time as cop players are very predictable.
  11. If it was a level requirement the only issue would be when people prestige. It should be a time requirement if anything
  12. Accepting your own hits as sniffy is not allowed anyways.
  13. It does it even without a vpn and proxy when I don’t use one.
  14. I tried to comment earlier but my connection was bad. I was saying that basing rules still apply to the skybases and only preacher can skybase unless it is in kingdom and king has a law about it being allowed. If the use of invisible walls makes the base unraidable or almost unraidable then I would not allow it but if it is an aesthetic thing then I would if it was a public base.
  15. The mafia leader is fairly weak. I think making it so that when the mafia is sent to assassinate a cop, if they succeed, the cop is demoted and the debuff happens. That way the cops have to worry about mafia members when denying requests instead of just being like "eh, just a mild inconvenience". Even if mayor had a counter that would demote mayor if mafia caused too many issues and was not stopped from doing his quest for having been denied a request (maybe like 4-5 completed quests for mafia). Additionally, mafia requests should not be able to be closed out of by mayor as it breaks the job and prevents more requests from being made as that one is still up.
  16. To fix it, they would probably have to remove the model in general. There is probably not much else they could do.
  17. Just farm it out? Literally, RNG is the only thing that makes the battle pass difficult. If it was not a hard RNG thing to get then the battle pass would be done way too quickly and everyone would have it done in a couple hours.
  18. Have you tried rejoining into the server or completely closing gmod then reopening it? Make sure the workshop is downloaded. What branch are you using (as mumper said)?
  19. Helps the economy to not get too inflated (even though it is insanely inflated already, helps give another option if revolts and unfuns are not at all working and keep failing, gives players a way to get rid of toxic mayors peacefully rather than going through the annoyance of revolting when they just want to chill with a boombox and mayor keeps outlawing boomboxes or fishing.
  20. Retard is not a banned word unless it is used excessively to harass a player. Same with retarded.
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