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  1. I am going to go ahead and deny this appeal. The ban length is more than fair. Think about your actions before doing them next time. If it happens ever again the punishment will be FAR more severe. DENIED.
  2. The ban is more than fair. -1 from me.
  3. Punishment guidelines state: New Life Rule (NLR) NLR exists. Consider the risk / loss if someone breaks NLR Single NLR: Verbal or warn. Repeat offender probably deserves a warn. Mass NLR: Intentional NLR or NLR involving a raid is more serious and can result in either a warn or ban. Use your best judgement on this, mass anything can result in a 7 day ban. If anyone has any other input on this whether they think it should be reduced (who is staff) you can put your input now.
  4. Like I said in the sit, you had a warn already for NLR and one for RRDM if I am not mistaken. You came back 3 times and on the third time you killed the raider. Like I said in the sit, you need to make a ticket and wait for it to be claimed or remake the ticket if it has been a few minutes and you think it has not gone through or gone unnoticed. If logs are needed here to be posted I have the logs for you saved.
  5. I am +1 for a punishment for player toxicity. Pinging other staff and getting any other opinions on it before it is accepted or denied.
  6. I am +1 for punishment for the false vote kicks. They seem to have no other purpose than to take the base to get the entities without raiding. +1 for Punishment.
  7. I am going to accept this report. He is a new player and I will be giving a warn for IRDM this time while he is offline. REPORT ACCEPTED.
  8. This does look like IRDM. I am +1 for a punishment for it.
  9. Tyz37

    b0ne Ban Appeal

    I was not aware that most did not realize that Yulii was lied to. I have no problem with the reduction back to the original ban (was an unban once this was accepted). I wanted to reply to this before I forgot to get to it. My main comment is for you to not cause any more drama in general. Be sure to check with staff for the relevant information instead of listening to rumors once a situation is dealt with (if we are able to give you said information).
  10. Tyz37

    b0ne Ban Appeal

    Additionally the person that lied about their age lied to staff as well before and it took a while to figure out which one was the lie and which was his true age. Just saying as a side note.
  11. Tyz37

    b0ne Ban Appeal

    FailRP (blocking door to building with money pot [Indestructable entity]){Multiple prior offenses for blocking doors with indestructible entities}, Player Toxicity (homophobic slurs), IRDM, LTAP were the reasons for the first 2 weeks.
  12. The mafia leader is fairly weak. I think making it so that when the mafia is sent to assassinate a cop, if they succeed, the cop is demoted and the debuff happens. That way the cops have to worry about mafia members when denying requests instead of just being like "eh, just a mild inconvenience". Even if mayor had a counter that would demote mayor if mafia caused too many issues and was not stopped from doing his quest for having been denied a request (maybe like 4-5 completed quests for mafia). Additionally, mafia requests should not be able to be closed out of by mayor as it breaks the job and prevents more requests from being made as that one is still up.
  13. Can you also post the logs here or send them to me?
  14. Just checked his prior bans. This is the list of them: Unknown (STEAM_0:0:51536322) Absent! (STEAM_0:0:51892128)Mass RDM / NITRP/Ltap7 Days2022-11-03, 2:22 AMkfc chickenâ„¢ (STEAM_0:0:51536322) STEAM_0:0:198457179Player Toxicity1 Days2022-09-16, 7:20 PMkfc chickenâ„¢ (STEAM_0:0:51536322) STEAM_0:0:176956777Vote was successful (IRDM)0.04 Days2022-09-15, 8:45 PMkfc chickenâ„¢ (STEAM_0:0:51536322) Professional Jay Walker (STEAM_0:1:82339684)MassRDM/NITRP7 Days2021-12-12, 7:26 AM His steam id is STEAM_0:0:51536322 if you want to check it.
  15. Tyz37

    b0ne Ban Appeal

    The actual decision to increase the ban was a decision made by admin when the report for it was given to me AFTER your initial ban. You got banned by me for abusing indestructible entities, decided to go to their friend group's discord server, and proceeded to call names.
  16. Tyz37

    b0ne Ban Appeal

    The extension is due to you calling someone a pedo and causing issues (using a homophobic slur to insult a person) to another person. The person that you called that was not aware of the actual age of the other person as they were lied to about it. As per the punishment guidelines, rules, and staff decisions on how situations are to be handled, the person was removed from the community for the reason even though they did not know of the other person's actual age. You intentionally went into their friend's private discord server, called the person a pedo, and used homophobic language towards the friend of the person you called a pedo when they politely asked what you were talking about. You can still be punished for stuff you do outside the server as it states in the rules. This is not an exception to that. You may feel like the person is one but that is not something to go around shouting especially when you more than likely did not get the full list of events or did not get all the information from someone who has all of said information.
  17. To fix it, they would probably have to remove the model in general. There is probably not much else they could do.
  18. I am going to have to say +1 for a warn. The reason for that is that goat was a staff member before and it is in the MOTD. He is also a very experienced player.
  19. Tyz37


    -1 for unban. +1 for reduction to 6 months.
  20. That is for props (which are destructible) not infestructable entities.
  21. This appeal has been up for half a week. I am going to go ahead and deny it now. It has many -1s on it and no +1s. Appeal Denied.
  22. Just farm it out? Literally, RNG is the only thing that makes the battle pass difficult. If it was not a hard RNG thing to get then the battle pass would be done way too quickly and everyone would have it done in a couple hours.
  23. Have you tried rejoining into the server or completely closing gmod then reopening it? Make sure the workshop is downloaded. What branch are you using (as mumper said)?
  24. Report ACCEPTED. Player will be WARNED for Player Toxicity (Racism).
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