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  1. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/JQOjfTiRmoiUK/d1337dfF7slt?invite=cr-MSxiSHksNDM0NDAxNDQs CLIP OF WHAT HAPPENED AND WHAT I SAW. I know one hour is nothing but I would love to keep my ban record clean. I do not wish to have any ban records.. This was truly an accident.
  2. I wasn't baiting him at all. As I said, I was trying to see what was happening. I keep running over there or trying to cross the street. I wasn't interacting with him but I did go to the same spot to watch the chaos that was unfolding. For what I have seen. It looked like Khorne was roaming the server and possessing the man. Though the reason why I kept going back is to see what was happening. I wanted to get a closer look and back up towards the fountain so I can watch it unfold. And so I can try and fiddle with my medal TV and capture a 10 minute video of what was happening. So I can show it on a report if I was going to make one due to how long the killing kept up and people dying on the streets. Though I wasn't baiting nor trying to bait the person. I am not that type of person and follow the NEW LIFE RULE. I only broke it there on accident due to the situation and wanting to get a full recording/perspective view of all angles to see what was happening. Since it was hell. The moment you walk out of spawn you get killed. You go to the bank side and die or you go to that side and die. Either way its death. (Though I wish logs extend that far back and my videos could extend to 10 minutes. Though medal TV doesn't allow me to record 10 minutes of video time or it will break. I wish someone would of actually looked at this when I posted it since People and I were flooding that chat saying that the Loitering Sign doesn't involve the street and you can't kill people on the street. I wish someone would of handled the situation when this came out. You all would of have the context and logs + death positions). (Side note: High way though the Danger Zone was playing in my head when I was typing this).
  3. I wasn't baiting him nor had the intent to bait him. I was trying to see what was going on since I am seeing fire fighting and killing. He was killing everyone who was on the street with his gang.
  4. Either way, you should of messaged me in game in a direct message telling me where to go or explaining why you cannot take it. If you were a trail moderator or even a moderator I would of let this slide. But you are an Administrator. It is irresponsible for someone like that to accept a ticket and close it without explaining or even directing the member to what they should do. People that are below you look up to you and follow your foot steps and actions. Administrators are supposed to set examples. Not act like a newcomer and act that way. It is extremely unprofessional and immature to even to that. Then to agree that you accepted it just for the sugar and replying with "Yeah cope". You should of explained your self in the OOC chat saying that you don't have time for this or "Here is what you should do" [FILL IN THE BLANK ON THE INSTRUCTIONS]. Besides, I do not have access to your screen nor can see it. So I all I can imagine is that there is nothing going on due to a glitch that happens and what other staff members say. (They say that they cannot see the tickets that were made before they joined and they there is a glitch where they can't see some player's reports). Also to respond to what you said earlier: "Also you said (23:15:48 Player Kidlonestar02 FC (Shipwreck Diver) called a sit for: Can you look at my forum report) not can I help you." You did respond with a "." You should of asked for an explanation or say "reach out to someone on the discord server about the forum reports." You gave no clear response to me at all. So how would I even respond or know what to do? Besides, you could of as I state again. Question and Ask for More info. Very immature and unprofessional.
  5. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/J930Zv7wYZkB9/d1337HGhHDbB?invite=cr-MSxmODIsNDM0NDAxNDQs
  6. First kill https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/J8ZPmELP7yc0k/d1337hz8Llig?invite=cr-MSwwT3MsNDM0NDAxNDQs Second Kill https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/J8Zlz7-s97x-1/d1337iDmgxPF?invite=cr-MSw4QTksNDM0NDAxNDQs Third Kill https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/J8Z6txHFpH0QR/d1337SGeVWAp?invite=cr-MSxLRTgsNDM0NDAxNDQs They were killing people in the streets. Kept telling that their property doesn't extend that far and they keep massing everyone who passes it.
  7. Still if the player is toxic or not.. Blue shouldn't be biased or take sides when there is evidence or anything like that.. You still need to punish and not feel bad for them.. Let them handle the situation.. Blue didn't handle this sit properly.. -1 For Blue's actions
  8. HIS STEAMID STEAM_0:1:104916711 (I am in a pissy mood so I am on a reporting spree) (Suck my nuts kys sups.gg
  9. All Quests are broken for me. Even pooping on people. I poop on them and I don't get the $$ for doing so.
  10. I have heard others has been having problem with this. I restarted my computer, game, updated it, did everything. Nothing works.
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