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  1. Doesn't really matter seeing that it's taken the entire ban just for the staff to do their job
  2. Take away 2 that = 1, like I said he didn't RDM the cops, they were fucking with us first, and when in the sit we both killed each other and if my memory serves me if two parties consent to being killed it doesn't count as RDM, so the only count of RDM would be him killing the moderator in the sit, and even then it was an accident because he said he was aiming at me but the chainsaw gun's melee has a sweep attack or something. I have footage of what happened although it's not much.
  3. I don't see how RDMING a moderator changes anything, that just sounds egotistical with power, RDM is RDM the victim being a moderator shouldn't change the punishment, and yes it was in a sit but I don't remember the punishment for RDMING once in a sit being a week ban.
  4. Those two dudes were the police that were raiding us, the only thing you could count as RDM is him killing Drac0 but other than that we were just defending ourselves from them, I have no clue how Gaben wasn't banned because he was Mass RDMING like fucking crazy and no one seemed to notice.
  5. Oh no two friends killing each other as a joke, that's never happened before
  6. Just so you know I'm not John, I made this appeal for him, and we were just fucking around, we were in a party so idk why it let us kill each other, and I don't know why he killed you but I don't think that warrants a 1 week ban
  7. Two of those were cops that were raiding our base numerous times, and he killed me because I got caught in the crossfire
  8. Yes, because stating what others have already is helpful, keep it to the -1 "toosi"
  9. That's offensive, how could you, I'll have you know I am not a schizo, if you can't take your time to admire a work of art every now and then, then you have a sad life, I mean I guess that's why you're a Garry's Mod Staff.
  10. This here folks is a prime example of how narcissistic staff are.
  11. Alright well, look, I apologize for ruining your beloved sit, however you ruined my beloved art, so I think we're even.
  12. Maybe there's a possibility that he didn't directly damage me? I only said I was being shot at, either way I would of gladly taken a warn but nope I get banned. Maybe I wouldn't have been trash talking if you didn't interrupt my masterfully crafted statue that you so horribly ruined, maybe you can immediately shift your attention from a precious build to a bunch of children complaining, but I prefer art over a bunch of grumbling. And forgive me for not knowing the origin story behind your toxicity, like I said I was captivated by my work of art that you obviously have no respect for.
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