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  1. I can ensure this does indeed happen, its very annoying Whenever you respawn from dying in the RDM zone. Console will make you suicide randomly in spawn. plz fix 🥺
  2. Im gonna have to be neutral. I personally havent had any issues with you ingame and i know how common it is for randoms to steal your c4/timebomb. But that is your fault for not taking precautions when planting a c4/timebomb. If you have any kind of evidence (Video/SS) to prove your claims i would highly encourage you to add those to the post.
  3. Thats strange you can connect to other servers, it couldnt be an issue on your end it must be some kind of TitsRP issue. I suggest trying again next server reset. If that still doesnt work, maybe contact rubik to get to the bottom of this Good luck!
  4. Saiko


    The demolitionist job is a minge’s goto choice for RDM, i have never seen the job be used for RP purposes. I kid you not , 75% i come in contact with a demo they are rdming. My suggestion is to make the job a VIP only job, or possibly remove the job completely. Or maybe nerf it somehow (adding cooldowns for mines/explosives)
  5. I plan on buying it, just thought id say this cause no one uses regular fishing poles so its kinda pointless. And it’s annoying always making your boombox rainbow in color settings when you spawn it everytime
  6. I think the rainbow fishing pole and rainbow boombox should be switched. Maybe have the option to make your customizable tag rainbow and rainbow physics Gun
  7. Saiko

    Supporter 30 Day Bug

    Yeah its all good now!
  8. Ill be spending the holidays with my family 🙂 I deserve this because I have been a good boy this year! Discord: Saiko#2315 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:173420101
  9. Saiko

    Daily Reward

    It would be cool to see a feature where you can deny choosing from the daily rewards as some of them are trash and just take up space in my inventory.
  10. HUGE +1! Especially boombox logs
  11. Yeah its the chill zone, its a cave you can enter via swimming underwater near the shipwreck
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