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  1. nevermind then but yeah if you have multiple dupes down its pretty op
  2. I agree with toosi, ive never had issues with you and i know you know the rules well. Like toosi said maybe the master sword wasnt the best way to signal that it was the correct player. But hey everyone makes mistakes and thats okay! +1 for removal of warn
  3. That is true if youre the player being targeted. You need to warn them 3 times before you can kos. But in this specific case its kind of tricky. Im gonna have to go NEUTRAL because of lack of evidence from both sides. If you have any video from the incident itself please include it!
  4. Make it so you can raise the limit of accessories from 3 to 5. Purchasable via the Suga Shop Maybe price each slot at 10mil
  5. ill try to get some footage of it later!
  6. I will build anything you want! But with a price of course! Bases,kidnap,PD bases you name it i build it! Pricing can range from 5mil-15mil depending on detail of the build. My building style is very symmetrical and modern! Message me on discord for questions Saiko#2315
  7. im down for the job hit me up Saiko#2315
  8. In-Game Name: Saiko SteamID: STEAM_0:1:173420101 My plans for Halloween: Passing out candy with my GF
  9. I thought of a neat idea to make it so you can save your accessories as outfits and switch between outfits instead of swapping each item out for another.
  10. Please allow keypads and buttons to save with dupes. Sometimes its tedious having to re place them after being raided. Plus having to save an extra file just for props to place keypads on is just unnecessary aswell Plz fix ;_;
  11. build even cooler shit
  12. I didnt think of basing, now that i think about thats definitely a good point
  13. Make a role labeled as “Builder” that allows someone with this role to have an extra 20-30 props Make it so you would have to apply with photos of your builds to show that you deserve the role As someone who builds ALOT this role could definitely help not just me but everyone else who is awesome at building
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