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  1. Am i the only person who says Lower/Upper Ghetto?
  2. Just bought $20 worth of doge on Robinhood, Gonna invest $100 more my next paycheck
  3. Im getting into crypto, currently have a little in litecoin and buying doge coin when prices are down. Any advice to earn more profit?
  4. This bug has been going on for so long now, it usually fixes it self next reset
  5. Congratulations! Youre the winner of the $10mil giveaway! Message me on discord next time youre ingame Saiko#2315
  6. Gun enchants need to be reverted to how they originally were. Example “Has 48% chance to ingite player” ETC The new enchantments are actually dog water Like i have so many leggys that have an echantment like “Has a 10% chance to heal you if the player is under 2hp” “Has a 5% chance to do 3 more damage to weird jobs” Plz revert to original enchants
  7. Its a talismen, basically a perk that gets revoked upon death.
  8. Saiko like 1700ish The mob is dead Nope Already have me added qt
  9. Saiko


    you can do it via the f4 menu f4 menu>help>unown all doors
  10. How to enter: Just reply to this thread saying why you deserve it! A random person will be picked via a random number generator The winner will be announced on 3/31/21 Good Luck :)
  11. its a visual glitch, ur VIP tag is still blue it just doesnt show for other players.
  12. 200 rep should give you “respected” tag nuff said
  13. golden AK is obviously the best gun
  14. love the idea, but in reality weed was just updated not too long ago so seeing ANOTHER weed update is unlikely
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