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  1. Ive been having the same issue, very annoying indeed. Ill switch to some anime cop model and like dan said, it gets switched to the default swat model after reset. This also happens when switching to the Solider 76 model which is a default model aswell. Plz fix 🥺
  2. +1 From reviewing the clip, i dont think noiz is hacking. You can clearly see him missing shots in RDM zone, also hes not locking onto heads. His shots are mostly upper torso and headshots, not to mention the SL8 is a pretty good gun
  3. Make a cooldown for the Grim Reaper / Michael Myers being able to kill small models. It very annoying being a small model and being killed by those two jobs over and over again. Maybe make a 2min cooldown for small PM
  4. Saiko

    Noah Again

    You told Green to tell us that you raided him. So you werent even raiding you just made that excuse to RDM regen. So thats lying to staff and RDM Also, why would you ask them to buy their procs in the middle of a raid that kind of confuses me. Last thing, you were being extremely toxic during the entire sit. So 1 day seems more than reasonable.
  5. This bug is very annoying, makes builds look very unpleasing and makes basing in sewers 10x more annoying PLZ FIX 😞
  6. It was a mistake on my part. I apologize for the inconvenience ACCEPTED
  7. Those people who were "crossfire" you shot anywhere from 1-6 times. Out of those 6 players you shot, you killed 3 I brought one person to the sit that you killed according to logs. You claimed you killed that player because he was in cuffs and he asked you to kill him. I TP him to our sit, ask him if this is true. He clearly said "No i didnt tell him to kill me". But you kept saying i was deaf and need to open my ears because he supposedly told you to kill him. But i know what i heard. I Brought the cop that you claimed tried to arrest you, the player said they were by PD and you were by Fountain. How does one arrest a player from that far away? You killed those 3 players under 15 seconds You didn't even damage the cop until those 15 seconds passed
  8. But did you not bother to check your Health and Armor Bar? It didn't move at all Also your screen did not turn red (because you were not shot) I just don’t understand how you think he shot you when you can obviously tell the blood is coming from the other player being shot at
  9. First off, i let you give me your side of the story. You told me everything that was shown in the video. You were not damaged by that player at all, but yet you proceeded to follow them and kill them. It was very obvious that the player had no intentions to kill you. You also tried bribing the player that filed the sit to get out of the warn.
  10. Ive encountered this bug many many times, its very easy to recreate as he stated above.
  11. When pudin asked me to check his death logs, it said he was killed by two entities. A mini printer and explosion. But in the video there was no mini printer in sight. Even if it was indeed a mini printer that caused his death, it would be weird for it to drop his fps so much without recovering to a normal fps.
  12. Saiko

    Appeal for Caeser

    Its okay dont worry! Im +1 for an unban though, ive never had any issues with you ingame and i know you know the rules very well.
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