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  1. So nigga asked us to remove it, we started going back and forth in ooc, then blue chimed in and said he was going to tp to us. The only delay with us deleting the dupe was because blue was looking at the situation. Keep in mind that all of this shit storm unfolded in like 5 minutes. ALL of this could have been resolved if nigga handled this like a moderator instead of handling it the way he did. I get that following the rules to a T in any situation that benefits you is tehehe haha funny and cool but if any rule was broken it could have been handled in a sit with either blue or nigga. Nigga didn’t pull us, and Piklas didn’t report us for a sit.
  2. Can you define further “not at an advantageous position”? I figured the dupe being removed would be warning enough, Piklas obviously knew we were going to come in because he turned around and started cycling through guns. It’s not like it was removed and they didn’t have time to react. I just want to know what is considered not being at an advantageous position if this ever happens again Are we also not going to address the fact that nigga took doors for a base that was clearly ours because of an accidental switch and then asked for us to remove the dupe? Pretty mingey behavior from a mod. Obviously he doesn’t know they were given away by mistake but the way it was handled was pretty shitty.
  3. So can I ask what you’d have done in this situation if you had been working on getting ents all day? Would you have removed the dupe, not gone in and let someone take your ents without any resistance? What you’re saying basically is to just let them take our stuff and not have any sort of pvp over it? They knew it was being removed because they asked for it and could have pasted a dupe ontop of ours until ours was removed.
  4. Loopholing what? No matter what, we were going to raid it lol. Our choice from the beginning was protecting our base but the door situation changed everything. What rule are we reporting here? That we can’t remove a dupe during a raid? Well we were told to by a moderator. How are you gonna report someone for something a mod asked of us
  5. A mod told him to remove the dupe so he removed the dupe. Complied with what the mod asked of us. They are the ones that asked for it to be removed, we didn’t just remove it. This is also exactly what Piklas said in his original post, useless comment
  6. or c. getting minged by nigga and yourself and deleting the dupe as asked once confirmed we wouldn't be getting the base back. The delay of the dupe being removed was because Blue came to the base to confirm whether we still owned the base or if it was going to considered yours... You were very aware of the base ownership discussion. It happened in OOC and you even replied to it during the conversation. You and nigga both did. nigga is a staff member and could have restored our doors but chose to own them and tell us to remove a dupe from our base that he tried claiming. Technically speaking (based off the actual rules) it was your guys' base, but figuratively speaking, it was our base which is exactly what Rethaw was saying and what we talked about in our party chat. It was our base, with our ents, and our dupe. The only thing that belonged to you guys was the doors by sheer accident. You have a super funny way of trying to string together random shit to get people in trouble. You're pointing the finger at the wrong people, nigga claimed the doors and wanted the dupe removed. The reason you won't post the clip of him allegedly pasting the dupe during the raid is the same reason you won't post the clip of us talking in OOC about the ownership of the base, it'll unravel your string of lies you're spewing right here Tell the whole story from the beginning and stop withholding/distancing yourself from the facts of how shitty you are to have on the server every time you join lol
  7. Hello I was there No? Obviously have shadowplay or something, post the clip. I accidentally switched to hobo while I was out of the base farming xp while you guys were raiding and nigga claimed the doors within seconds and said to remove the dupe to his base even though we were clearly basing in there with our ents. The doors were accidentally sold and you guys were doing it to just be minges instead of raiding because you had gotten ran through before this so you got super salty. Regardless of you guys being minges, nigga said to remove the dupe so we removed it. You guys weren't fast enough to put down a dupe in your newly owned base, that's your fault. Also nigga is a mod? Could have easily handled this in a sit then and there, we were never pulled for a sit because no rules were broken. You both wanted the dupe gone, so we removed it.
  8. He rdmed rep bombed me, i asked him why he killed rep bombed me and essentially he said he admitted to rdming rep bombing me while he was skybasing malding as a cc braindead retard mafia leader which i know he has warnings for in the past. Looking back at the footage it looks like he swaps to his cc signs on to the forums every day for the express purpose of rdming rep bombing me and then stays on it with skybase up logs out cause he runs out of rep points and i am the center of his life. At that point i voteban laugh at him for those reasons and it doesnt go through upsets him more. What I am seeking in this report is at the very least a restriction to making votes repping people but also i am seeking a ban for the repeat offence of skybasing as a non preacher repbombing like it matters. I dont really care about the intentional rdm multiple days of logging in back to back but I think it should be noted. If my opinion on the person matters at all I would also like to say that I have quite literally never seen this person say anything that wasnt toxic in chat and regularly tries to insult me whenever he sees me in the game, I'm sure that isn't the full extent of his personality but from what I have seen this guy only spews toxic shit in chat on the server and hides behind his skybase retard mafia "just trying to have fun" to keep spewing toxicity. I have made it a point to not speak to this guy unless its about a rule he broke or saying he is being toxic when he is being toxic in ooc
  9. I miss seeing the cool dupes people made for fountain area. Someone had a patio dupe that was sick and didn’t block any NPCs. Also fountain fishing was fun but kinda useless without the new yacht. Up next: make yachts spawnable in fountain
  10. I mean I like xiers but we aren’t close like that so idk what you’re on about saying he did anything to help me… if anything he helped you by not warning or banning you for NLR and instead gave a verbal, which I’m okay with since you didn’t know. I told you it was against the rules in PMs and didn’t call a sit at first up until the point you decided to be a dick and deny breaking any rules. highlight was when you complained I didn’t advert raid
  11. He said the bad words on the internet ban him
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