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  1. I think the easiest fix for all this would to just not allow the kill box around the teleport and widen the no build radius around the portal.
  2. Make it like the jigsaw, chucky, etc job where a window pops up and gives you a choice
  3. Bruh. I’m not sure if you know but gmod is full of different “game modes” that have been created and adjusted by server owners and player alike. Yes, it is a game but in order to play a certain game mode you need to have rules in place to fit into that game mode guideline. Your logic is ridiculous and you are only banned because of yourself, no one else. You knew exactly what you were doing and it was made very clear what you needed to do to fix it. The guidelines help EVERYONE have fun, not just you. It it supposed to be enjoyable for everyone and if you are breaking rules in order to have the game fun just for you, it’s a problem. No one enjoys being around someone who constantly breaks rules, it isn’t fun for them. Now stop hijacking threads, thanks.
  4. The only report I had gotten on Dwiss was a prop in Lexy’s base that went through the roof of his base below. The super admins I’m sure can check logs for all these sits you have claimed that I took.
  5. The sit that I took about his prop was the first thing and last thing I heard between you all up until his base was raided that had a building sign. Regardless if it was a way to “get back at you” or not, you broke server rules and raided a base with a building sign. As I said above, if there was harassment happening, I didn’t know about it because it was never reported.
  6. Correct, he received a verbal warning from me when he removed the prop which is within the moderator guidelines we have available to us.
  7. I took one sit for prop block and it was a prop that spawned through the roof and went into the apartment you were in. I asked Dwiss to remove it and he did. I didn't take any other sits from you or anyone else for Dwiss and if I did I would have taken it further. If someone was being harassed, it should have been reported and I would have squashed it right then and there but nothing was ever made about that. I can't know every single thing that goes on on the server and I only know what is reported so since Lexy didn't report anything, I wouldn't have been able to know if it was or wasn't. If a smod or someone wants to see the footage I have, I will gladly share it as I made sure to save my shadow play when yourself and Kungfu kept being toxic in ooc.
  8. Hi! I got a sit from Dwiss that people raided his base with a building sign. I claimed the sit and he told me he had video which he shared on Discord. It was in fact 3 people in his base and he definitely had a building sign up. I went to the base and inspected the building sign and checked textscreen logs to make sure it hadn't been pasted afterwards, which it hadn't. The video showed 2 peoples names and Dwiss thought the 3rd was keycaps so I brought all 3 (Kungfu, Keycaps and Lexy). Later in the sit, Dwiss said he wasn't 100% sure it was Keycaps and then Kungfu said that it wasn't keycaps and it was Zottic that was there with them so I returned keycaps and brought zottic as we can't have any witnesses even though keycaps requests to stay. The entire time I was in a sit, the 3 of them were speaking for Dwiss saying Dwiss was joking, Dwiss wasn't being serious, etc but if a sit is made and video is shared through Discord, I no longer think it is a joke. I never once called anyone aggressive, I never once shut anyone down when they explained themselves. They told me "it isn't a raid because we didn't kill him, we just blew up the boombox". They actually did attack him with a kidnap swep and brought him into Lexy's base. Regardless if someone is trolling, you can't ever EVER raid a base with a building sign and expect to not get in trouble for it. I would also like to point out that the next 15ish minutes after the sit, Kungfu as well as Zottic continued telling me how many brain cells I lacked, how I am autistic, a terrible mod, etc and I have proof of all of this being said.
  9. I always check previous bans, I’m all for extending them based on ban history but our mission should be to educate new players and hopefully convert people that get on to minge to actually become players and add to the community instead of just logging on to take from it. You’ll be surprised what being nice in a sit to someone who just logs in to MRDM can do. The problem isn’t people receiving multiple bans, the problem is within the staff team for not checking the ban history if what you said is true. The shitty responses here are unnecessary and you can debate a point without name calling and resorting to talking down to someone.
  10. As promised, here's the video.
  11. This ban was a collective decision between multiple other SMods, Mods and myself. Your character was fixed on a point spinning in circles, head bobbling and all that fun stuff. We brought you to sit land to see if that would fix it and still nothing. I saved my shadowplay from this event and will slice it up and upload it here in a minute. In the years I've played gmod, I've never seen this happen and am confident we made the right decision. I will let this stay open and allow the admin/staff team weigh in on the video once I have it uploaded. God speed!
  12. No problem. Regardless hopefully a super admin will post the logs for it in here and see if that was actually the case just for a bit of peace of mind. Best of luck!
  13. Did you check that for the stun gun? Each item has a different default Suga Dollar default. If a gun sells for $0 in the general buyer, both prices will default to N/A. If you are selling an items for $2,500 it’ll default to $2,500 and 1 Suga. Depends on the item normal value at the General Buyer
  14. There’s been a few things brought up about the AH: 1) If it didn’t sell, Sugar had said that you need to wait for reset to collect it and he wishes to improve that in a future update 2) If you didn’t manually change the Suga Dollar buy value, it probably sold for 1 Suga which one of the super admins will be able to come in here and see the logs for it.
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