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  1. Smelly

    Shit Ass

    There wasn't anything else to include, we drove off after that and I didn't have any more footage from that area. Regardless you played it and you're responsible for your boombox. It's like when someone is punished for not knowing the server rules. Not knowing what the song is going to play is the same concept and you should be held accountable Idk, could also be saying it like it's a good song.
  2. Thank you for the input from a current member of the staff team. You're one of the good ones that is going to suffer from the actions or lack of actions from the above peers. I hope you stick around because I appreciate the work you've done in a short time. This is one of the big problems, tmods will get demoted quickly for hiccups but smods+ won't. Demoting won't fix the issue entirely but putting people in the position to flush out the ankle weights of the staff team isn't happening either. Isaac should have been put in an admin spot far long ago. I'm not sure if he applied for it or if he ever wanted it but he is a genuine person that can give this servers staff team the mojo shift that it desperately needs.
  3. The current ranks of staff have been infiltrated by friends of higher ranks with the same mentality as those people above them. They come in with a blaze of glory as a t-mod and then sit around once they get past that point. There are senior mods that have been around for less than a month. Admin is being given to people who are on the server one or twice and week and do nothing during that time. The admins possibly have stuff happening behind the scene but that doesn't excuse them from being needed on the server. If you don't conform to the kind of person the admin team surround themselves with you will be outcasted and ridiculed any chance possible. There needs to be a serious shuffle of the staff because the people holding positions at the smod+ ranks are some of the most idle people I've seen in any staff team and are rarely on the server. The mentality has always been t-mods take the beatings and once you become mod they become idle from being burnt out as a tmod. No one group should have to carry all the weight and be burnt out by the time they get to mod because everyone above them isn't doing anything. That's how the cycle has been and currently is. Spend ANY amount of time on the server and you will see very very clearly what is happening and that has been the frustration since I've been back. I wholeheartedly agree with Booper and Sewer.
  4. Ya dude I’ll apply
  5. Ya, serving in the military has crazy timing
  6. Turn back. Server on fire. Staff team lazy. Send help.
  7. Video is still uploading, 83% finished
  8. This isn't meant to be a target at Merh and not taking the sit, the problem is when theres 5 smods and 1 admin online and a sit not being taken when the server is near full pop. I understand it gets busy at times but there was 0 sits being taken earlier besides by a t-mod trying to fix the shit show. It's been an issue for 3 days I've been back. Out of the 3 days I've had 1 sit taken by Nipple Farm the first day I was back out of like maybe 10 sits total
  9. The one staff member online said we can cast votes because they aren't taking sits.
  10. Soggy Blunt came to my base attempting to raid so I killed him. He had like $70k worth of meth on him so I picked it up and sold it. After this happened he has MRDM'd me probably 50 times or so and killed people around me in the process. I reported it 3 times with no response while the mods that were online were active in chat and knew what was happening. Today in total I have called sits on 2 people. Soggy Blunt being one and another with a base that had a building sign with entities inside of it and got no response. The server in general since I've been back has been on fire while theres 5+ mods sitting around while 1 or 2 sometimes take sit here and there. Selclouth and Retzi have been the only two people I've seen that put the flames out when there was a massive RDM fest happening right outside of spawn. People are noticing the inactive staff and it's only getting worse. Mods, smod or admins shouldn't be decided by their total play time or how many months or years they've been on the server. It should be based on how much time they can spend moderating and not letting things burn to the ground. This is a successful server and I'm not going to bash it because I do enjoy playing on it and I've met people on here I'll know for years to come but god damn has it been a terrible past 3 days back since my last visit. Here is the kill logs for Soggy Blunt: https://imgur.com/0DrrWLq https://imgur.com/1p3m4Id https://imgur.com/cKdWfe4 Here is some comments from players online: https://imgur.com/mdam9qP https://imgur.com/hTSJFxy
  11. Smelly

    Embers Ban Appeal

    Too many chances have been given. As Isaac has said in other ban appeals, I think you should find a new community to join and get a fresh started. You have PM’d myself and I’m sure other staff members telling me I should change my -1 to a +1 on OG’s appeal and telling me not to listen to the information given to me by fellow staff members on the server. -1 for unban and -1 for reduction.
  12. Smelly


    Once again I will bring this up. You posted this in between your ban appeals while telling us you’ve grown up, changed, whatever else. In previous bans, you stated the reason you haven’t been warned for harassment/toxicity is because once you are told to stop, you stop but it shouldn’t even be getting to the point of staff intervening. People are going to have tussles and little fights but they usually disappear. I have met you on multiple occasions and all of them were negative. Being perm banned for speaking about Skii in another discord isn’t the only reason that it happened. You are known to be terrible towards people and your attitude towards people needs to change DRASTICALLY. This is more than just being nice or having mutual respect to people on a video game, this I’m sure needs to be adjusted into your real life. With that being said, I’m going to -1 for an unban however I will +1 for a an reduction and very close monitoring for continued toxic, abusive behavior. Goodluck and please don’t make me eat my words with a situation like this again.
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