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    -1 I've seen on you on this server long enough to know this won't be the last time this happens and it definitely isn't the first time either. You soiled a reputation for staff members and you soiled your reputation for yourself. Nothing that you did is funny or innocent in any way. The only people that get joy from the shit you've said to or about these people are the same people who are also banned and being weeded out of this community. I think 3 months is lenient as hell and you should serve that time entirely. Using your demotion as leverage to try and reduce your ban is super annoying because you obviously didn't care about being staff and being in a position to support this server because you used it as a platform to shit on people. Being allowed to be here for any updates the server goes through is a privilege and not a reason to be let off loosely. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Now welcome to the waiting game.
  2. In the other threat it was said they are going to speak with GoatNuts about this stuff.
  3. Agreeing with the champions above. Having this “above all” attitude with people volunteering their time/enjoyment of the server (sometimes) to help or mediate with people who are giving them this shitty attitude isn’t cool. If I was treated this way and that user made a sit, I would say it’s safe to see that sit timeout without being taken. I don’t volunteer my time to be shit on. GoatNuts is a T-Mod for a reason. There’s room to learn but they are seen to have potential to be put in a position higher up the ranks wether it be good attitude, professionalism, work ethic, whatever it may be. Having a good attitude and meshing well with the current team is the biggest thing you cannot teach someone, the rules and ways of staff can be taught as they go. The ban may have been unjust but this is no way to handle any of what has happened here. I think you need to reflect inwards rather than projecting it out onto the low hanging fruit to bring yourself some temporary peace. I hope your attitude after today changes towards the people on this server that are essentially working for free.
  4. Your reasoning for justifying what you've done is all over the place. The owner doesn't care, there wasn't a public base sign, I didn't know I was CP. Did you accidentally unbind your advert bind for the C4 you brought into the PD saying "I'm going to jihad the PD"? Or was that one actually your fault and not the fault of others?
  5. Let’s not ignore the fact that you ran a C4 into the PD maybe 30 minutes before that without adverting a PD raid. I standby my ban. You raided a base as CP that was a dupe at the fountain. That could have killed many more people if they were around. I chose the 3 day ban because of varying warns (15+) for rdm, failrp, etc. You also have 3 bans for MRDM and one for IRDM. I always always advocate for education over punishment but this does not apply to someone who has been on the server as long as you have, doing these same things.
  6. Hi see above https://i.imgur.com/YYUVBUH.png
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    There wasn't anything else to include, we drove off after that and I didn't have any more footage from that area. Regardless you played it and you're responsible for your boombox. It's like when someone is punished for not knowing the server rules. Not knowing what the song is going to play is the same concept and you should be held accountable Idk, could also be saying it like it's a good song.
  8. Ya, serving in the military has crazy timing
  9. Turn back. Server on fire. Staff team lazy. Send help.
  10. Video is still uploading, 83% finished
  11. This isn't meant to be a target at Merh and not taking the sit, the problem is when theres 5 smods and 1 admin online and a sit not being taken when the server is near full pop. I understand it gets busy at times but there was 0 sits being taken earlier besides by a t-mod trying to fix the shit show. It's been an issue for 3 days I've been back. Out of the 3 days I've had 1 sit taken by Nipple Farm the first day I was back out of like maybe 10 sits total
  12. The one staff member online said we can cast votes because they aren't taking sits.
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