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  1. Smelly

    Embers Ban Appeal

    Too many chances have been given. As Isaac has said in other ban appeals, I think you should find a new community to join and get a fresh started. You have PM’d myself and I’m sure other staff members telling me I should change my -1 to a +1 on OG’s appeal and telling me not to listen to the information given to me by fellow staff members on the server. -1 for unban and -1 for reduction.
  2. Smelly


    Once again I will bring this up. You posted this in between your ban appeals while telling us you’ve grown up, changed, whatever else. In previous bans, you stated the reason you haven’t been warned for harassment/toxicity is because once you are told to stop, you stop but it shouldn’t even be getting to the point of staff intervening. People are going to have tussles and little fights but they usually disappear. I have met you on multiple occasions and all of them were negative. Being perm banned for speaking about Skii in another discord isn’t the only reason that it happened. You are known to be terrible towards people and your attitude towards people needs to change DRASTICALLY. This is more than just being nice or having mutual respect to people on a video game, this I’m sure needs to be adjusted into your real life. With that being said, I’m going to -1 for an unban however I will +1 for a an reduction and very close monitoring for continued toxic, abusive behavior. Goodluck and please don’t make me eat my words with a situation like this again.
  3. I was just looking at your ban history and appeal history as well and I am going to say it didn't look good at all. You were given a perm ban for hacking which in my opinion should have never been lifted to begin with and AFTER that opportunity to turn it around, you continued with things like this around the server... If what you are saying is true, I am happy you're still here on this earth and made it through your accident and hope you prosper with your recovery and lifestyle changes but you should have took your first permanent ban as a gift and fixed the behavior but you failed to do so. -1
  4. I don’t think you should be brought back period. There is a small list of people that have been banned that I truly believe should remain banned and remain not apart of the community. The server has come a long way from where it was and it would be counter productive to start releasing these bans for people who singlehandedly caused constant toxicity. -1
  5. Bruh you were banned and then joined with a username like Blue posted... Remind us how much you have matured, because I don’t see it.
  6. I’m still +1 for a purge purchase option in the Suga Shop. 15m for 10 minute purge? Idk how the money and time exchange would work out but it would be cool to see
  7. If you use text to speech near Mr. Bones and they say something immediately after yours, it’ll play Mr. Bones’ speech overlapping like you both said it. Weird clashing thing
  8. September 23rd this was posted after all this went down and I’m willing to bet a lot that your attitude hasn’t changed since the 7 days from this post. Perm bans need to hold more weight and if they are going to be unbanned, that person should be 100% changed and be seeking to add to the community instead of constantly taking away from it. -1 as I’ve witnessed the toxicity and it’s not good. Anyone casting their judgement because they haven’t witnessed it or had anything done to them really need to reach out to staff and discuss this. This isn’t a mod app where those comments matter. This is an appeal for someone who has been incredibly toxic.
  9. I think the easiest fix for all this would to just not allow the kill box around the teleport and widen the no build radius around the portal.
  10. Make it like the jigsaw, chucky, etc job where a window pops up and gives you a choice
  11. Bruh. I’m not sure if you know but gmod is full of different “game modes” that have been created and adjusted by server owners and player alike. Yes, it is a game but in order to play a certain game mode you need to have rules in place to fit into that game mode guideline. Your logic is ridiculous and you are only banned because of yourself, no one else. You knew exactly what you were doing and it was made very clear what you needed to do to fix it. The guidelines help EVERYONE have fun, not just you. It it supposed to be enjoyable for everyone and if you are breaking rules in order to have the game fun just for you, it’s a problem. No one enjoys being around someone who constantly breaks rules, it isn’t fun for them. Now stop hijacking threads, thanks.
  12. The only report I had gotten on Dwiss was a prop in Lexy’s base that went through the roof of his base below. The super admins I’m sure can check logs for all these sits you have claimed that I took.
  13. The sit that I took about his prop was the first thing and last thing I heard between you all up until his base was raided that had a building sign. Regardless if it was a way to “get back at you” or not, you broke server rules and raided a base with a building sign. As I said above, if there was harassment happening, I didn’t know about it because it was never reported.
  14. Correct, he received a verbal warning from me when he removed the prop which is within the moderator guidelines we have available to us.
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