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  1. I was way off, it increases fishing speed by 25%
  2. The only one I know of is the fish pet, gives like a 3% or 5% fish buff... Forgot which percent exactly but it's nothing even worth fussing over. I actually despise green and think he's a baby backed bitch but I agree with this
  3. Bruh I was there this night, you called 2 votekicks for basically the same reason and the uniform guy or however you spell his name did in fact have a warrant to raid your base and said that in chat when the vote kick was started against him. Also we votekicked you for minging on the server and spamming practice events/events when everyone was in the RDM zone and laughing about it in OOC cause it was cancelling our RDM zone. This guy
  4. Good idea, I live on an island and always miss the entire window for the double xp, they should make it so you can set it to your local time rather than server time, that way is puts more people on the server all throughout the day
  5. Personally I feel like this just creates more chaos outside of basing. I think the solution is to allow more names added to doors rather than increasing party sizes. Basing is such a small % of gameplay nowadays and I think they are trying to fix that with the recent updates that have been coming out . Adjusting party sizes seems to counteract the work they are currently doing to revive basing. There is already so many issues with party assists while cuffing/getting into gun fights/etc that increased party sizes would just cause more of.
  6. Why not just create an AI that does all the coding for you so you never have to code again?
  7. bind mwheeldown +jump
  8. Could you add an option in the right click menu to sell in marketplace, that would be nice thanks goodbye Is it necessary? No. Can you just drop the things on the marketplace box? Yes. Would it be convenient? Yes.
  9. Please post proof of the text screens not being up long and come to this with an unbiased opinion. There was still a lot of people at fountain and the fountain is never empty, maybe like 5% of the day. They were posted all around the fountain visible from players coming out of spawn tunnel, running around PD, RPing on the corner outside spawn tunnel which people were doing. SMods should not be doing this and should be held to a standard, if you can sit here and say there is nothing wrong with this because of our past or whatever it may be, you are part of the problem
  10. Telling everyone with a problem with it to just disable text screens isn’t a solution for something that shouldn’t be allowed anyways. That’s like saying if you don’t wanna be RDMd just don’t respawn when you die. We know we can disable them but that’s not the point. Kilo didn’t post any, and never apologized to me. He ignored my sit without doing his job of looking at them or bringing me to a sit or allowing someone else to take it.
  11. Post logs. Also if I was micspamming with prank calls, how was the fountain empty? There was like 20 people listening and partaking. Quite a few people were talking about it and complaining about it. Report sections aren't for mods with questionable pasts to just say shit they think they know, it's about providing evidence As Jason said: If Bri is being demoted for saying free sixnut, why aren't the super mods that are spamming textscreens at fountain?
  12. So your solution is to have every person that was complaining about them to disable text screens instead of doing what you’re supposed to do and delete them?
  13. Not true, I took some of those screenshots like 10 minutes apart... Any admins still online could look at the logs for them.
  14. Senior Mods shouldn't be allowing this to happen and shouldn't be partaking in it in my opinion. And if people are reporting it, it should be up to them to remove the text screens.
  15. The news anchor and camera crew would be sick as fuck. I'd be so down for that. Do some on the street news and set up a news station where you can broadcast it on a TV somewhere on the map. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=542317433&searchtext=news+camera https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=785499639&searchtext=camera https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2328599741&searchtext=microphone I'm sure someone could find a bullet proof vest that says "PRESS" on it like they wear in wars too
  16. Smelly


    Bro the rules for all events need to be laid out and explained. Same with terrorist attacks. A lot of people don't know NLR isn't a thing in a lot of these instances. I think a retrieve a package would be sick for gang wars. Kinda like GTA where you have to drive shit around and people gun for you to disrupt shipments
  17. Hi! When votekicks and votebans happen, it takes away your "1" and "2" keys which I think in turn ends up getting a lot of false votes from people trying to get into those hotbar slots. Any chance it can be a click vote like polls or unfuns or whatever? Maybe the "Y" and "N" keys? Thanks!
  18. At level 43 you unlock the perk "Found My Garbage" which says "When playing as a Hobo type job, you will receive a notification when a dumpster spawns.". However, this perk does not work while playing as a Hobo. I made sure all dumpster locations were empty multiple times to see if I was just missing them. Broken!
  19. Touching grass simulator
  20. Oh it was you? Ok Rock Paper Scissors big dumb don’t add
  21. I don't remember who suggested it but rock paper scissors is still a fun idea that I'd like to see
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