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  1. Enough reason to deny and not let him come back ever lol Driving people out of a community with toxic behavior on a game/server that needs people
  2. Smelly


    Mommy Milkers RP
  3. Smelly

    Missing CC?

    Type !whatcc
  4. Spoken like a true “victim”
  5. log on, complain about everything no one cares about, log off
  6. You aren’t going to e warn someone with a boom box out playing music because you don’t like it. There’s mute features for the boom boxes and Mr Bones. I mistakenly killed OG BOT cause I thought he shot me in spawn tunnel and got banned for it but it’s ok for you to mistake him for having a gun out which doesn’t even mean anything anyways. If you said you have a clip in the sit just post it and end this all. Obviously hiding shitty behavior and playing the “who knows the MOTD better” game as a staff member
  7. I’m not gonna read this all but I read like the first paragraph. I agree with the fact that there is a lot of toxicity that goes both ways with one side not giving enough of a shit to report it because it’s the internet and no one cares and then the other side takes gmod very very seriously and feels the need to report it because it is their real life. It’s just the pissy whiny attitude of children that can’t separate the virtual world and the real world also; build a sniper tower
  8. I was way off, it increases fishing speed by 25%
  9. The only one I know of is the fish pet, gives like a 3% or 5% fish buff... Forgot which percent exactly but it's nothing even worth fussing over. I actually despise green and think he's a baby backed bitch but I agree with this
  10. Bruh I was there this night, you called 2 votekicks for basically the same reason and the uniform guy or however you spell his name did in fact have a warrant to raid your base and said that in chat when the vote kick was started against him. Also we votekicked you for minging on the server and spamming practice events/events when everyone was in the RDM zone and laughing about it in OOC cause it was cancelling our RDM zone. This guy
  11. Good idea, I live on an island and always miss the entire window for the double xp, they should make it so you can set it to your local time rather than server time, that way is puts more people on the server all throughout the day
  12. Personally I feel like this just creates more chaos outside of basing. I think the solution is to allow more names added to doors rather than increasing party sizes. Basing is such a small % of gameplay nowadays and I think they are trying to fix that with the recent updates that have been coming out . Adjusting party sizes seems to counteract the work they are currently doing to revive basing. There is already so many issues with party assists while cuffing/getting into gun fights/etc that increased party sizes would just cause more of.
  13. Why not just create an AI that does all the coding for you so you never have to code again?
  14. bind mwheeldown +jump
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