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  1. Canami

    Ban Appeal

    Unfortunately I didn’t screenshot the console before i quit GMOD out of rage.
  2. Where is the templete for Dark Rp application?
  3. Sorry! Edited so the game trackers in there now
  4. In-Game Name REQUIRED: Canami Steam Profile REQUIRED: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198386828998/ Your Age REQUIRED: 14 Discord Tag REQUIRED: Canami#5667 Region / Timezone REQUIRED: US-CST Gametracker: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ How many hours have you spent on the server within the past week? REQUIRED: I started playing on this server a week ago and it shows that I have 19 hours as of posting this application. Have you ever been warned or banned on the server? Yes I was warned once for what I believe was an NLR when I was new to the server. One of the reasons I want to be a mod is to make sure that other new players don't make the same mistake as I did once. Do you understand that abusing and not helping with admin sits will get you demoted? REQUIRED: Absolutely Why do you want to be a staff member on this TTT server? REQUIRED: Because I want to stop people who RDM/RDA and make sure new players don't break the rules that make TITS RP fun and safe. What are some qualities that make you a good staff member? REQUIRED: I always look to educate rather than instantly punish and am easier on the new players who don't fully understand the rules yet, instead of punishing them for breaking a rule I would give them a warning and inform them of the rules I would punish them only if they kept it up. Have you ever been staff on TitsTT before? REQUIRED: No Have you ever been demoted from staff? REQUIRED: No Have you ever been a staff member on another server / other game? REQUIRED: No If accepted as a staff member, what could you contribute to the moderation/administration team? REQUIRED: I would patrol the Dark RP server and look for anyone RDMing, NLR, saying the spooky n-word, and other rules. Would you like to be trained as a trial mod beforehand or do you think you're ready for full mod? Why? REQUIRED: I would like to be trained as trial moderator as I think that training would make me a better moderator if I learned from people who have been staff longer than me. Player X claims that player Y is RDMing other players. REQUIRED: I would check in the logs if he did kill multiple people and make sure that he actually did RDM and not kill in self defense. If he did actually RDM other players I would give him a warning. If he didn't stop RDMing afterwards I would issue a 3 hours-3 days ban depending on the type of RDM example: Revenge RDM would be a warn but if he had a history of warns then a 3-day ban. Unlimited Liner, minimum 2 lines. Explain what you would do and why Player X shoots player Y on accident, not killing them, and apologizes. Player Y calls a sit regardless. What would you do in this situation? REQUIRED: If it is an actual accident and he sincerely apologizes then I would just tell him kindly to try not to shoot other players and be more careful with aim but if it was obviously not an "accident" then I would give a warning/3 hour ban if kept up or past history. Unlimited Liner, minimum 2 lines. Explain what you would do and why 3 players report a player for Mass RDMing. You try to bring the player in question but it says "This player has not been found.". REQUIRED: I would check the logs to see if he might have changed his name or left the server to avoid punishment. If he changed his name I would call a sit and ban him for up to a week for Mass RDM. IF he left I would grab his steam id and ban him for up to a week for Mass RDM and LTAPing. Unlimited Liner, minimum 2 lines. Explain what you would do and why Player X calls a sit saying "Admin to me". REQUIRED: I would decline it and kindly ask him to be a bit more specific as admins aren't allowed to go to sits without knowing the purpose. If he then explained the purpose then I would attend the sit but if he refused then I would not. Unlimited Liner, minimum 2 lines. Explain what you would do and why Player X calls a sit for RDM but it happened before you joined the server. You claimed the sit. How do you handle this? REQUIRED: I would ask other mods/admins if they saw it, if they have any logs, or if they would like to assist/takeover the sit. If the player shows evidence/witnesses then I would punish the RDMer but if there is no evidence/other staff members who saw it then I would be forced to conclude the sit. Expert Answers, minimum 2 lines. Try to answer these questions to the best of your ability, the only thing that will hurt your chances in this application would be to leave them empty. Explain what you would do and why. You are in a sit and decide to give somebody a verbal warning for an accidental RDM. The offended user calls you a bad staff member and says that you need to ban them for 3 days. REQUIRED: I would tell them that I am the staff and that it is my judgement on what the punishment should be. I would also say if they feel that my punishments are not appropriate they have the right to report me on the forums. Have you read over the following before applying? Staff Guidelines, Sit Guidelines, Punishment Times, MOTD REQUIRED: Yes, I have read over them at the Forums for The rules, Punishment times, and staff guidelines. Will you continue playing on the server while your application is up? REQUIRED: Definitely.
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