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  1. Okay, I understand from your POV it looks a lot like I pulled an LTAP. Lets see what the other administrators think.
  2. Also why would i leave in the middle of a sit? It only makes my punishment longer.
  3. Well i swear i didn't RDA him but thats your choice. But i still stand saying that my parents put a cap on my internet so it disconnects after around 3 hours of using the internet. From that video it does look like i was rdaing but i still want to push the appeal because i did not LTAP. If youre wondering how im replying to this forum im connected to my phones hotspot.
  4. Oh, thanks for letting me know!
  5. So when I arrested Tass, he instantly got Unarrested in less then a second from prison. I just wanted to ask what talent, level, or etc. does that.
  6. Imagine getting banned, and still trying to act like a moderator and disliking someone’s insult. Also didn’t threaten anyone. Saying some deserved to get ddos isn’t a threat and also how is saying someone deserves to get ddos fucked up? People say you should die in general all time but me making a comment about ddos gets me instantly banned? I don’t know about you fuel but that doesn’t seem like a fair ban to me.
  7. youre one to talk lmao
  8. also pls u n b a n f r o m d I s c o r d it’s been weeks
  9. It’s me the raging kid I remember there were a group of mafia members in game who I asked for protection when I was hacking a bank vault they agreed then I brought the briefcase to them and they turned back into undercover cops and turned on the bad boys song and arrested me. STING OPERATION
  10. Canami

    Ban Appeal

    Unfortunately I didn’t screenshot the console before i quit GMOD out of rage.
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