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  1. Hi, I'm making this giveaway for the spirit of Christmas! I know some of you are struggling with IRL shit and can't spend any $ on the server whatsoever or some of you are just struggling in general. I'll be giving away 3 LIFETIME SUPPORTERS (Or suga dollas $70 worth). Just comment your STEAM ID, What you're doing for the upcoming holidays and Why you should deserve the rank. As it is, I'm going to do the same thing (random name generator) in order to pick the winners. Ends 12/24 @ 9 PM EST (I WILL BE STREAMING IN THE TITSRP DISCORD SO I DONT GET CALLED OUT FOR FAVORITISM.) PLEASE MAKE SURE YOURE ON WHEN I PICK OUT THE WINNERS AND DO NOT MESSAGE ME ON DISCORD PLEASE. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
  2. Seno

    50MIL Giveaway

    I'm giving away 50mil to a random player on the server. Comment who you think is going to win the election and why. Will be using a random generator. Winner will be picked on election day @ 10PM EST and make sure you're on! EDIT https://imgur.com/aIOBYUB Congrats to Sixnut for winning the giveaway!
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