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  1. People on doors should be allowed to defend from wherever. I am +1 for lowering the amount of people allowed on doors to at least have the same max as party size (6-8). (bases with 2 doors can technically have 12 people on doors (6 players per door))
  2. This just seems like you saying "you are having fun wrong." I don't see why changes that benefit both sides are unreasonable. Pretty much everyone who plays on the server choses to focus on some microcosm that is most appealing to them.
  3. Not guaranteed. procs average 313k per hour, so you would make about 200k on average per token over 4 hours which is literally just 50k profit per hour. And this miniscule profit isn't even guaranteed unless you use more proc tokens than anybody has, since procs are somewhat random.
  4. sugar has literally said that one of the biggest problems is the people with a lot of money giving it away to poor people, this change would only increase the rate at which that happens. i dont even understand why he increased taxes in the last when he thinks of that as a problem.
  5. Printers say they make 4095 per 50 seconds, but in reality they make 4094 per 60 which is 245,640 per hour. printer upgrades cost 3500+700+1400+2100+2800+3500+1500+2000+2000+6000+8000+10000+12000+14000+16000=85,500 (85500/4094 = 20.844) which means it takes about 21 minutes minimum to recoup the cost of just spawning a single printer. (this is no easy task for newer players, nerfing them would only increase this time, and decrease their value to newer players.) Keep in mind, new players do not even spawn with enough money to fully upgrade the new printers. this is also not taking into account the cost of the racks which anyone in a bigger base will be using, which is 2000+2500+(5000)+3000+2500+3000+5000 = 23000 each printer rack holds 8 printers, so at max efficiency, the additional cost per printer is 23,000/8 = 2875 which brings the total cost per printer to 88,375, which isn't a huge increase, but the 5000 is in parenthesis because that is a failsafe which is a recurring purchase. The other recurring purchase that must be made is batteries which is 5k per printer. this all makes the true equation for max printers money made 245,640*hours-88,375-5000*(failsafe replacements)-5000*(battery recharges) all with the risk of being raided and losing it all being always present. just to compare, the approximate equation for processors using proc tokens, 313,000*hours-1,000,000 (proc token price) - chems (between 5k and 8k each) in this context, given that processors have been the main method of making money for a very long time, I believe that printers provide the healthy alternative that we have been lacking. Printers make less money each than processors, but require more maintenance. Now, it is true that people can spawn two printers, so they can make more money overall, but it is harder to get a large amount of printers, due to what I believe is the most important force keeping printers balanced. There are no printer tokens. You can easily start the day basing with many procs if you save up proc tokens, but you can only ever start a day with 2 printers. All in all, I do not see a need for printers need to be nerfed.
  6. Jewann

    Dokerz ban commute

    ACCEPTED user has been unbanned. I am surprised that this comment lead to a permanent ban, and at the number of staff willing to uphold a ban of two months. Many of you point to his prior ban, but there is a big difference between potentially life ruining pedophile accusations, and the comments that lead to the current ban. The comment made here should at worst have been met with a !warn, and probably just a verbal to stop being annoying. I do not believe that these comments were a continuation of/related to the previous ban in any way. Dokers, you should be careful of what you say, and how it affects others, but I believe that you were severely over punished in this instance.
  7. theres already other ores in the crafting plugin that the server uses, would be nice to see them used.
  8. You arn't forced to play a class that spawns with a gun. The guns can be illegal, and if you are chosing to play as a job that spawns with them, you are chosing to rp as a criminal.
  9. I said I would back you up if you weren't leaving anything out/lying, I will wait for the involved staff member to give a response.
  10. Jewann

    Keeves VIP appeal

    You're fine with getting VIP back, if the staff who took your sit doesn't make a note of it in the sit, you're not expected to remain as a user. We generally do this for repeat offenders and long time players who abuse their VIP powers. As long as you read the MOTD and don't make a habit of abusing VIP permissions, it should not be revoked again. ACCEPTED?
  11. Alright, time to call this report accepted. Fraser has been demonstrated to abuse staff tools, and misunderstand expected staff conduct. As such, he will be retrained, and asked to issue himself a warning for using staff tools to RDM in a sit. White Crow seems to have belittled a community member for no reason. While this is not enough for immediate action to be warranted, I just want to remind Crow that he is now expected to be a role model of the community, and should not continue to interact with users in this manner.
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