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  1. I think it might be easy to just make a checkbox for rust/gmod, and tag all of the rust appeals with [RUST] or something, so it is easier to look through.
  2. Jewann

    Report on Toosi

    If it was just for a bounty, he probably should not be going back to arrest you immediately after dying.
  3. You weren't much of a positive member of the community while you were here, you said you enjoyed exploiting and trying to get permabanned. You alted while appealing in the past. I never hated you, but I do not think unbanning you would be a good decision at this time. -1
  4. It's not hard for most people to appeal first, and then be unbanned. I honestly woulsn't have a huge problem with you coming back, but you keep trying to do it in the dumbest way possible. -1 for now.
  5. Technically our guidelines only say to punish for a ddos threat, but this was a claim >:) In all seriousness though, while you shouldnt have said it, it was at a time when the server was experiencing lag, and was pretty apparently a joke. +1 for reduction.
  6. I told you last time that I would +1 if you stayed out of trouble for a while, and showed that you wanted to come back. You have, so +1
  7. Abuse of staff powers should result in at least a demote. Charging back always results in a perma, but people have been forgiven in the past, and I don't think you have done anything that should make you exempt. Alting has also been forgiven, but is in my opinion the greatest argument for keeping you permad. You have done a lot wrong, but none of it indicates that you will be a hinderance on the community if you return. I know that you have the ability to contribute to the community if you return, so I am going to be +1, although I can see many reasonable explainations for other staff being -1. It might be recommended that you are banned from returning to staff, and potentially banned from purchasing custom content if unbanned, but that does not affect my overall vote of +1 for unban.
  8. https://streamable.com/i96q8w https://streamable.com/n53v7d
  9. bring back old meth plugin but make more money please
  10. Got 1 bil, thought staff sucked, became staff, didnt help staff not suck. do not regret yet
  11. Back when the server was good
  12. just let him throw chair in a 100% accurate cross map beam
  13. I see logs that show sticks could have broken NLR up to twice, but nothing to suggest that it is likely, and nothing that suggests MNLR. Do you have any position logs to go with those death logs?
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