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  1. Just to give some context of what has happened in the past, when OG was community removed, text screens were spammed to a way greater level than this, my entire base in indus was graffitid, and nobody got punished for that. I believe rubik was part of this base (not trying to pin something on him if he disagrees). But, Pretty much the same exact thing has been allowed in the past.
  2. well im a bit late but i have a few things to say 1) no rules were explicitly broken 2) some of the things put in the ban reason don't apply (exploiting???) 3) 1 week seems like an absurdly long amount of time for at most a single rdm (but it wasnt even that)
  3. you did the equivalent of saying "rdm is not allowed" on an appeal of someone banned for rdm. I really don't see how you added useful information.
  4. you said "From what I see this is a proper punishment. Straight from the discord rules." and that is the only thing that was not copy pasted. Which isn't even the question of an appeal, and has no reason to be written. Not even sixnut questions once that his ban was valid, and obviously no staff did. You knew enough about the situation to provide actually useful context, or guidance to staff about the situation leading to the appeal. Instead you just listed rules that staff are already expected to know, and then told an appealing player that he was allowed to stay banned. non staff = should not be reading rules to appealing players as if enforcing them useless = stating something that should already be known by everyone who can comment on the appeal. imo, warn is valid.
  5. It's not that surprising considering it was your 18th ban, also the reason was "extreme racism" so im sure you said some abnormally fucked shit in ooc, Herb definitely wasnt the quickest to perma for something like that. Anyway, this has enough support, and it has been enough time that I am going to accept this appeal. Please do not be racist
  6. Giving verbal warnings does not break staff guidelines. DENIED
  7. OG has a good amount of community support, and also a lot of people simply don't care. Tene having friends on the staff team wile OG doesn't is not a good reason to uphold OG's ban, especially in an absolute sense. Succ's response does a much better job of highlighting the real differences between the two players, and makes a much better argument for why they should be treated differently, although I do not entirely agree with it. While I do think that OG has done enough to warrant his original ban, I do not think he should be treated as unredeemable, especially if what he is saying about not being told ban conditions upon his unban is true. Anyone who has talked to him recently knows that he's a pretty different person from who he once was, and I would be surprised if he had any toxicity issues if he got unbanned. Literally all this guy does now is say the goofiest things, and play rust 25 hours a day.
  8. let us challenge another player to rps and let declining be an auto ban.
  9. could be a cool enchant if not guaranteed. something like "has a 32.44% chance to be inventoried on death". maybe even "has a 32.44% chance to be inventoried on death but 67.56% chance to be immediately inventoried by your killer". would be interesting to see how it affects the market
  10. of course you would have deeper knowledge of the chess area............
  11. Jewann


    Look, I really don't think you would cause any problems as far as toxicity if you were allowed back into the server, and people who have exploited more severely than you have been unbanned, so in that context I am +1 for your unban. However, you have been given many chances in the past, and you knew that your previous ban had the stipulation that if you were banned again, you would be permabanned and you still decided to exploit on an alt. In that context, I do not know if it is fair to say that you deserve to be unbanned. I do not think that you are the entity that needs to be far removed from the server that you once were, but I also cannot say that you undeniably deserve to be allowed back, so I am neutral leaning +1
  12. Jewann

    Koda's Appeal

    This but i am fine with sugar letting you back.
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