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  1. We already extend bans for repeat offenders, what is the issue with the current system?
  2. The main thing I dont like about kingdom raids currently is that it feels like you can lose the raid eithout making a mistake. If i died 1v100 raiding a lower sewers base, it would feel like i died because i didnt play well enough, but trying to solo raid kingdom can be a guaranteed death sentance, and some level of sacrifice is required.
  3. I like shovels because they are funny. I have put zero thought into whether or not they should be balanced besides this. Keep shovels the way they are. -1
  4. With my idea, there is a net loss of money in the economy, and its basically just another form of gambling. Gambling rework should be coming soon tho, so it might not really matter.
  5. I would love to agree with this, but here is me at moderate range landing less than half of my shots. https://gyazo.com/afa428ba50718cb9b12cb5a02e4859ca Please nerf this gun.
  6. Make it like storage auctions where everyone bids on it, and it can either be the player who got instabanned for hacking, or a long time player with multiple old leggys, and over 100 mil
  7. I think the weapons stat change will cause enough of a meta shift to keep basing/raiding fun for now.
  8. total cost of raiding tools used in the video is less than 500k
  9. He's asking if it should be allowed, not if it is allowed. im kinda on the fence about this, because while it is possible to raid, i dont know if it should be as hard as it is.
  10. Jewann

    AS VAL nerf

    as val didnt get nerfed, other guns got buffed. Fuel gave the best answer so far.
  11. cosmetic rewards each 100 mil earned could be cool too
  12. I'd say it's intended as far as gmod development is concerned. Whether or not sugar thinks this is a decision for him to make. only effective at close range, and pretty punishing to miss a shot, double pumping loses to many other current popular pvp strategies. nowhere near true. If it was enjoyed, it would not be removed because they would make more money by keeping it lmao enchanted shotguns are still definitely worth buying, again, burst damage can be avoided by taking like 2 steps back. If you think double pumping is frustrating, have fun with the meta that is coming if it is removed 🙂 it doesn't add any power to shotguns, they still have the same base stats. Being able to use two consecutively does not make either more powerful. Sugar intended for shotguns to two shot people, this just lets it happen (literally less than half of a second) faster. I literally use double pump as more of a handicap than a crutch, once it is removed, people will have a lot more complaints about the new ways they are killed. we've talked to superadmins about it, and its a better solution than banning half the server. nobody said that. Overall, I am -1. The removal of double pumping would be a huge meta shift that nobody really asked for, and I believe it would shift the balance even further away from new players. Experienced players have other options that are already better than double pumping, and new players will have what is basically their only remaining fighting chance removed. I can see why some people would want it removed, but if it is, just get ready for the influx of complaints that old players are broken, and need to be nerfed. Nerfs from complaints always have, and always will lead to nerfs from complaints. Why don't we buff another combat form rather than nerfing double pumping which will lead to an inevitable nerf of every META combat method, since people will always complain. If the superadmin team decides that double pumping should be removed, I don't necessarily think that they made a wrong decision, but seriously, get ready for the months of complaints that will follow. I am one of the players that will be least affected by the removal of double pumping, this is not a personally interested -1.
  13. Its DarkRP, the economy is based around inflation. It will always inflate because people literally print money into it. I don't see a reason to reset it, nobody thinks the server is in an unplayable state. I do think a new, potentially more money competitive, server where everyone starts at 0 would be cool tho.
  14. each gun still has a pull out animation, you are just repeatedly using the pull out cool down rather than the cool down between shots
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