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  1. 3 days is a bit harsh for this, and ban reasons should definitely be more specific than "failrp". So unless there is something you are not saying, i am +1 for a reduction to 1 day total.
  2. DENIED. Please tell the truth if you wish to be unbanned. very clearly was not self defense, and was not a false ban.
  3. Jewann

    name change

    i think any smod+ can clear the name
  4. jewann 76561198068569488 beat the fuck outta some trick or treaters
  5. Sounds like ban is valid, pretty much up to coba to decide whether or not to reduce it.
  6. if someone can confirm that you actually tried to stop the video, i dont think you need to be banned for the full 2 weeks.
  7. the whole point is that they are rare. tbere shouldnt be very many ways to attain them.
  8. u had an argument in saying that your ban was too long, but your reaction to it was pretty bad, and retaliatory. if you spent more time defending yourself, and less antagonizing jack, i would be more sympathetic. im pretty neutral on unbanning you, but i dont think jack should be punished.
  9. Jewann

    Report on Toosi

    u killed another cop which makes you kos to toosi, the rest of the context doesnt really matter in regard to toosi. the first cop who tried to stop you is the only one who really did anything wrong imo. -1 for punishment to toosi
  10. How the fuck did two staff members rwply without closing this...
  11. I'm curious as to what your warns were for, if I were able to see them, I may be sympathetic. I am neutral for now.
  12. he was banned way before warns started doing this
  13. Probably shouldnt be openly stating that you wish you alted better on an appeal. you could always do what normal people do, and dm a current staff member, or dm any of your friends who can get you in touch with a current staff member, and ask for a forums unban to appeal. A decent rep shouldnt really matter. All that said, I guess I am neutral as I don't have a huge problem with letting you back. Only reason im not +1 is because you still think you handled this properly.
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