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  1. legs are cool, but you ever arms? ❤️

  2. legs

    Roulette History

    ABUSE! +1 because why the fuck not
  3. Rubik

    Hey Legs, I see you gave me negative rep for my February 8th Changelog. Is there something I missed or something I could do to make that better for you? 

    Have a nice day. 

    1. legs


      Didn't realize the reactions counted for rep, i changed it to monkaS because i love the buggy chem hose spots and that was my reaction specifically to the Removed some bad chemical node spawns from the old map note

    2. Rubik


      Oh! Got cha. Specifically that change fixes some of them spawning inside dumpsters or in the middle of a sidewalk. 

  4. Seno

    fuck off !

  5. legs


  6. hold up let me sell mine first
  7. STEAM_0:1:462588687 givmoney
  8. legs

    50MIL Giveaway

    deez nuts 2020 fr tho i need this
  9. alot of job sweps/custom sweps have missing descriptions but could probably use the same descriptions of whatever items they're reskins of
  10. i've seen it happen with the chainsaw gun also
  11. Thats my box, i think it has to do with the walls being "world glow" material and the water being colored "normal".
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