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  2. legs

    50MIL Giveaway

    deez nuts 2020 fr tho i need this
  3. alot of job sweps/custom sweps have missing descriptions but could probably use the same descriptions of whatever items they're reskins of
  4. i've seen it happen with the chainsaw gun also
  5. Thats my box, i think it has to do with the walls being "world glow" material and the water being colored "normal".
  6. better cut down my play time or im gonna catch another medal
  7. this is a terrible attitude to have toward the game imo. in terms of the 50 warns - perma, i think people are saying that time played on the server equates more warns, and quicker bans, which shouldn't be the case or tits is only going to have new players at a certain point. I'm not sure if its true, but as a player that just plays alot, im close to my first ban off of warns, because of warns that honestly could have been avoided or were accidental, first time offences.
  8. im not sure why the staff of tits rp is horny to permaban players
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