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  1. so instead of shooting a normal weapon you shot a cannon that could easily crossfire anyone that’s on the sidewalk or road? 😐
  2. Seeds were created with the intention of filling up 1 plot. Not 2 at once. Using something that was intended to fill 1 plot to fill 2 instead is definitely not a feature. Sorry to break it to you man.
  3. You made a fair point to my reply indeed. I'll be removing my reply to that post. I don't see a point to this report besides the fact that you and mav couldn't start a copy/paste -1 chain on a bug report. (also, I'm almost positive that 1 seed is supposed to fill 1 plot, not 2.)
  4. so basically any reply that you disagree with makes that staff biased. 👍 babylegs alt?
  5. your most recent 2 were removed by walter. Lol.
  6. in response to succ, nanights dumped about 2 billion $ worth of t3s into the economy and ruined the vip token prices so rip
  7. Kilobyte

    Isaac Abuse

    I changed it 2 times for you, telling you not to change it because it clearly pissed the other dude off. Clear intent to be a minge, especially if you disreguard what staff say twice in a row. Denied.
  8. "Throwing insults" He said it was a dumb thing to do, and he's 100% right. Lmao Denied.
  9. Kilobyte

    Embers Ban Appeal

    I'm gonna stay neutral on this one. It is pretty soon of an unban.
  10. I have a screenshot of you admitting it, and the person doesn't want to have their name shown. 😛 Denied
  11. You're banned from the server for 6 months for pedophilia, so I doubt you'll get unbanned from the discord at this point, but saying "he snitched" as soon as i join is practically admitting you streamed nsfw. Lol.
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