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  1. i was gonna react with +1 like but i cant so i have to respond like this
  2. Exactly! It should not be an issue, and some of your fellow staff are part of the issue. It's not up to us to fix it, we didn't magically create the issue with our minds. One of the same admins I'm talking about with laziness decided to -1 the post instead of giving any actual insight into why his response was so lazy or why he thought copy and pasting a response was somehow acceptable in an important permanent ban appeal. This proves the exact point I'm making, yet you choose to ignore it and blow it off because "it's only a certain group of people that have the problem." Are you sure about that? Don't forget the staff that are also making responses leaning towards a decision so they can wait for which majority vote there is, so they don't get shit on for their response not being liked by other staff. You're defending unbanning a person with toxicity AND p3dophilia related bans who did the same exact thing as OG but with OG having normal toxicity bans. Loling Players that were seen as good enough by the entire community for the respected role agree with the points in this post. THAT should make you realize something. OG alted, so have many other players that have caused issues and are currently unbanned.
  3. That ban was when Doc McStubbins was handing out bans for a VIP Shotgun exploit that people were using to obtain the normally unobtainable shotgun and sell the shotgun for money. That ban was actually false hand removed from OG, because he had never used it for money. You can see he has an NLR ban the next day on the bans page. OG has 6 real bans total, excluding alts, within 6 years of being in the community
  4. I find it weird that staff are very easily able to +1 and let back Tene with his money exploiting ban after having a ban for placing textscreens advertising p3dophile rights, as well as previous bans for drama mongering and other toxicity yet simply being toxic on the server and having normal toxicity bans unrelated to p word philia before your money exploiting ban means you should never be allowed back and you already blew your chances The least the staff team could do is be consistent in their decision making and enforcement of things like this. Also, admin rank is useless when given to people who literally put 0 effort or research before responding. An actual administrator copied and pasted a response instead of giving his own information and insight to the ban appeal. The staff team is devolving to the point where little to no effort is acceptable. *this is not drama mongering this is a real observation*
  5. what happened to voluntary withdrawal from community..
  6. uhh what do u mean dude he has never done anything wrong (permabanned for crashing server 20 times) (fell off)
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