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  1. Kilobyte STEAM_0:1:73892581 Meeting up with my bf (Sixnut)
  2. hello it is me and im no longer a bad man what are new things on the server i have already pooped on peoples heads as bird
  3. If you have any questions for me about the appeal, or would like to talk to me about it, my discord is Kilobyte#3046
  4. Honest answer, I figured I’d never have a chance so I just started being a dick, but I know in reality i would like to return at some point. I do admit to saying the deleted ones as well, want to be 100% honest. But I deleted them because they aren’t my true feelings, just attempts to take out anger.
  5. This is also a DM from fuel to another member of the server, saying "it legit was" to the content on the twitter being CP. "it was genuine cp" also "not that it was supposedly cp, it legit was." Fuel being friends with dan, I'm sure he has also acknowledged this along with some others.
  6. If you have concerns, please DM me on discord @ Kilobyte#3046. The only non staff that should respond to this are the people directly related, Raccoons and Dan McStubbins.
  7. If you have any questions for me, please DM me at Kilobyte#3046
  8. my bad bro i will refrain from reporting people that break the rules that they enforce :C
  9. The sit was denied already beforehand which is why i took it to forums, im not sure why i was brought or if the sit bugged for you, but it was denied.
  10. it is almost like i am talking about the screenshot for that period of time lmfao
  11. I was only killed once but recall it still being RDM if you were attacked multiple times in a row with the intent of killing someone
  12. everyone else was attacked a singular time except me! fishy!
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