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  1. someone told me to respond since its my ban but i do not really care +1
  2. erm how are u repenting while asleep
  3. allah does not forgive overnight
  4. This just isn’t RDM at all lol I was the one who added this rule to the MOTD when it was a rule, and I also removed it. It was only in effect for 8 days. +1 for unban
  5. This breaks no rules unless the first raider and the second raiders were in a party together, or the second raiders were interacting with the first raid. Evidence should be posted to your thread. Sorry! -1
  6. oh the misery
  7. the unban was a typo i am running on 6 hours of sleep total in the past 48 hours, my bad. Also it's because the reason for you warning him is invalid. You don't own both machines, it's as simple as just walking to the 2nd XP machine and using that with whatever other one you were using. This was not mentioned in the original appeal, only that he took it once. If you have any clips of him consistently taking your machines it would definitely change my response
  8. so you just refused to move 3 inches to use the exact same machine which affects you in no way imaginable The singular machine that you are on is yours, you don't own two at once -1 for warn removal
  9. ok if he took one of the xp machines which you stated in the appeal, why didn't you just simply use the other one that is the exact same price
  10. Kilobyte

    Ban Appeal

    This appeal was closed way too fast due to the staff that weren't aware of everything that was brought up in this appeal from 2019: After reminding myself about this by reading through everything on this appeal, I'm choosing to unfortunately remain -1 for your unban. What you did was scummy and I personally don't see it being forgivable.
  11. by actual definition of "scamming" this isn't scamming. Always make sure you check what you type before you hit the big confirm trade button. If I made that mistake when trading someone I wouldn't expect them to be forced to give the money back. +1
  12. Brisky was already very close to being demoted because of another report that involved her, then she went on to insult the victim of this multiple times. Insulting the victim is pretty different from saying free sixnut or free whatever player did something. These signs have always been allowed, and I wrongly assumed all signs were from players rather than staff. You were the only person reporting this, and because of how many times this has been allowed in the past I ignored your sit. Nobody is saying to you “we’re gonna make everyone disable textscreens” we’re telling you that nobody else reported and that if more people did the signs would have been dealt with. Next time Smelly, I will make sure I properly go to you or any other player that reports and look at the extent of the spam, and which players own the signs. This report is overall petty, and this will be my last response. Anyone who thinks I put signs down, I am only in this report for denying the sit. quoted from Jewann’s earlier post
  13. you were the only person i saw reporting them
  14. you disable textscreens with 1 click i don't think it is very hard to ignore text that says free a person that you don't like but i also do agree spamming long lines of text all over is not good ! I did not realize how big the text was spammed at the time
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