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  1. already unbanned because of the false ban reason closing and moving
  2. this rule has nothing / never had anything to do with the IRL transactions. The only mention of this is the first page of motd, this would be a whole new rule if we decided to put it in there. Cops are not allowed to break any laws at all that the mayor puts up, mayors that actually pay attention and want to Rp will fire cops that don't follow his laws Only thing that doesn't allow earrape is boomboxes + you can very easily mute voice because it shows who is earraping, unlike boomboxes which can be hidden Changing into a prop while you're out of sight of a cop is not failrp and not avoiding RP, changing into a prop while in direct sight of someone while you're in RP is failrp.
  3. https://streamable.com/ay3x3h video does show you ziggs-ing away from the raid once and returning, and at the end is the 2nd time you left to kill him. If you had simply ran over to kill him and ran back, it would've been good, but leaving the raid the first time and going back was a no-no. Denying and moving, me and black discussed this in DMs and came to agreement.
  4. Unless I misinterpreted who was who in the clip, you used Ziggs to go up onto the metal balcony thing, and you were away from the raid for a good 35-40 seconds at least before going to kill the person shooting at you.
  5. You were sniped from a distance away because the person was on the doors of the base, and you left the area quite a bit of time before you went to attempt to kill him. I'm not sure where NLR came from here, but in the clip that was shown to me you used Ziggs to fly away from the raid and returned to it after.
  6. The appeal you linked is of a person RDMing their friend and getting banned for it. Plus, neither of them called sits on each other. What else do you want them to say? I'm not sure what you expect someone to say to make their ban appeal "not lazy" in that simple of a situation. what?
  7. biggest fact of the year 2k20
  8. shooting someone with a taser for chasing you is not only something you shouldn't do at all, but something that damages them and they can kill you for.
  9. STEAM_0:1:73892581 asking for lots of money from rich grandparents for christmas i deserve this because i have to pass raccoons in money again
  10. After getting the opinions of the other admins, I'm going to accept this appeal. Make sure the slots that you scammed are reimbursed. You should be unbanned soon.
  11. "dont ask me how I did it because I wont tell you." - video descripton we'll just keep you banned then lul
  12. you've apologized to me a few times which i appreciate. I'm in a few different discords that you're in and I can tell you're a pretty different person. To my surprise, out of all the toxic people that are currently banned, you're one that I can tell actually changed (based on what i've seen / heard being in different discords / VCs with you). You weren't as toxic as an OG Bot would be, but the toxicity + mrdm on top of the cc scam was deffo enough to permaban you. I didn't think I'd say this, but I think you're a better person now. +1
  13. You could've been banned simply for saying "kill yourself f*ggot" in chat, along with everything else, but he decided to mute you. 18:09:04 Player Tass (Staff On Duty) had a sit ignored by Walter the Assaulter (Hobo) for the following reason: Do not call a sit regarding your mute or you will be removed from the server for the duration of the mute. This was a fair warning, and you decided to call another sit. Denied.
  14. I think if you're aware that calling sits is going to get you banned, and you do it anyway, you're essentially asking for it. People have received worse bans for telling other people to kill themselves and other related shit like that. facts.
  15. Kilobyte

    50MIL Giveaway

    trump will probably win. Biden said on live TV “i will beat joe biden” instead of that he’ll beat trump. dude is dumb as hell.
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