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  1. Blob

    got banned

    First of, you need to hit 15 to receive a ban from the server CONSOLE. So he is allowed to ban you for MRDM so I will just -1 this appeal. Just sit this one out
  2. I know you are a chill person and I can see that you are sorry. Everyone makes mistakes and your was just a bit on the bad side. But I believe everyone should have second chances. So I will +1 this for now.
  3. I will forward this to the mod that warned you.
  4. Blob

    Alex's Ban Appeal

    im willing to give you a shot since it was a long time ago. I would like to think you have changed. So i will go with +1 for unban.
  5. Yeah the video tyz submitted clearly show you false fining him for no reason man. He followed the law and you fined him for no reason. I'm going to say this Is a -1
  6. Yep they should be warned for NLR. It obvious they did it so +1
  7. Your attitude is atrocious, smelly was just trying to help you understand something and you just kept talking over him not trying to listen to him. He was trying to explain it to you before he pulled you into a sit. This would have been a whole different situation if you would of listen to and move with your day, but you are the that started by saying "cry about it". You show no respect to him at all. I'm going to just do a NEUTRAL towards -1.
  8. So I see you posted a video so I'm waiting on that before I make my decision. And I would like to say that staff and take there own sits as long as they are non-bias in it
  9. I think it has been long enough since you were banned. I'm willing to give you a second chance at the server so for now I'm going to +1 for unban.
  10. I think it has been long enough for you to reflect on your actions and your ban. 2 years can change a person entirely. So I'm willing to give you a second chance on the server. +1 for unban.
  11. Yeah what you did was uncalled for and was infact a false sit. There was nothing unprofessional about his actions, you are the one being unprofessional about it. You are disrespectful in my eyes because of this. There was no need to do what you did and I believe Troy handled it as any other staff member would handle it. -1 from me
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