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  1. you can't be even slightly positive on a server full of toxic people
  2. jokes aside.. the disable gambling button should be better.. especially when the command to unblock it is so easily available lmfao
  3. I don't think I should elaborate on this one. It's creates nothing but drama, and this community endorses gambling! If this keeps up, I'm gonna go coinflip all of my money in real life!! It's come to a point where every time I receive money from a commission, I stare at my balance and ponder the opportunity of potentially doubling it if I just dumped it all into an online gambling site. It's all because of TitsRP's toxic gambling system! I whole-heartedly believe if we had these abilities stripped away from us, we would be regain our sanity over time. And whoever disagrees with this suggestion, has been utterly brainwashed. Please help us! Remove coinflipping!
  4. VoN

    I'm back folks!

  5. the furry or the person who enjoys weirdo rape games.. a hard decision..
  6. VoN

    Improve !bg menu

    good reason why we need a new menu for it
  7. VoN

    Improve !bg menu

    Honestly? agreed.
  8. As title states, it's pretty unresponsive and just difficult to get around, especially when a model has a fuck ton of bodygroups that you have to set every time you get into it. Sometimes the bodygroup doesn't even swap whenever you change the value, either.
  9. VoN

    Capybara Pet

    Capybara pet. Add it next battlepass.
  10. basing is boring as fuck but imagine basing with a TV where you can watch shit with your friends WHILE making money?? It's great, but I feel like the only reason why it's not a thing is because it could be abused, or even cause issues. Would be really nice to see it working though.
  11. With how many people play this server, I really don't see why this isn't already a thing. I miss when the gang player limit was like 60-80 or some shit. 1+ from me
  12. There is a buff for meth output, but the entire point of this thread is to improve the perk/pet itself. [I barely understand what your comment even means]
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