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  1. Learn to differentiate investments. Understand your time horizon, AKA how long you plan on holding based on the cycle's of the market and even cycles of the coin itself. For example, Doge typically is not a long hold. It pumps, you dump along with the other smart players. Other coins like ETH, BTC, LTC, are all long term holds. They are not manipulated very easily by pump and dumps and will generally make a very linear, spread return- whether that be a loss or gain, that's for you to play. I would recommend putting the majority of your budget for investing in a coin like ETH. By fa
  2. For some reason the evidence area shit out, but both 1-5 are the same thing.
  3. (1) https://imgur.com/a/NkcXxew Tells me I'm not in the base owner's party / affiliated with the base (2) https://imgur.com/a/Dd5Qmm3 Damage logs (3) https://imgur.com/a/GzUHrL4 Claims he suicided and then came back? Making my kill against him RDM? (4) https://imgur.com/a/Jbxin18 Death logs (His last suicide was well before our encounter) (5) https://imgur.com/a/xO935lp Admits the situation was a raid. (This was a followup conversation we had after I found out he lied about using kill)
  4. Thank you for providing evidence. Sorry for being harsh in my appeal, coming off a bad day and this was the last thing I wanted to see. This guy had been driving around in an airboat, purpousely going full speed into me + my props, even taking armor from me a few times. He came up to me and told me in that spawn tunnel right outside of spawn and told me I RDM'd him, I explained to him that he had been dealing damage to me with his airboat, and thats why I blew it up. He then procceded to E menu warn me, which the last time I checked the rule it was KOS. If it's no longer KOS than I
  5. Really nice. I opened the GFM and realized this person lives only a town over from me. Real sad
  6. I had a similar interaction with Fraser in a couple sits. I don't mind too much, just need an epilepsy warning when I'm being flung around the sky at 400 mph
  7. Again, I never placed a C4 anywhere near PD. My base was in the cinema, it was taken from there. This hasn't felt very clean since the beginning, considering you banned me while I was still explaining my story.
  8. You wouldn't mind posting proof of that would you? When I had the c4 in my grav it was after I grabbed it in the PD in an attempt to remove it from killing everyone, I had no where to put it and the timer was at ~5 seconds, and so as I was coming out of the PD it detonated. Yes, I had slams around PD. None of which went off. I was anticipating a revolt soon so I was waiting for cops to flood around PD in hopes of getting a few easy picks. The truth is I have been apart of this community for many years and I am not here to be a snobby minge. I am a player. This happened on accident.
  9. My friend was Mr Sniffers so was stuck in the same boat as me and yes, I attempted to take out my leg AWP but by the time it got taken out and the deploy animation went thru he had been out already. Didn't really think of the knife because melee hitboxes on the server tend it be aids
  10. I agree, however on Tits I feel like we aren't a very serious RP server. I feel as though no one would take is serious or not use it at all. Just a thought.
  11. NuBpC

    Benny Saxophone

    I agree with the range issue completely, however I feel like the point of Benny is to annoy people - you can warn and kill him if it's annoying and mingey
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