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  1. Again, I never placed a C4 anywhere near PD. My base was in the cinema, it was taken from there. This hasn't felt very clean since the beginning, considering you banned me while I was still explaining my story.
  2. You wouldn't mind posting proof of that would you? When I had the c4 in my grav it was after I grabbed it in the PD in an attempt to remove it from killing everyone, I had no where to put it and the timer was at ~5 seconds, and so as I was coming out of the PD it detonated. Yes, I had slams around PD. None of which went off. I was anticipating a revolt soon so I was waiting for cops to flood around PD in hopes of getting a few easy picks. The truth is I have been apart of this community for many years and I am not here to be a snobby minge. I am a player. This happened on accident. When I was staff and spectating I was always recording, in fact it was highly recommended in cases like this. A reduction is all I ask for. This is also one of the last few days I can play for a minute as I have finals coming up
  3. My friend was Mr Sniffers so was stuck in the same boat as me and yes, I attempted to take out my leg AWP but by the time it got taken out and the deploy animation went thru he had been out already. Didn't really think of the knife because melee hitboxes on the server tend it be aids
  4. I agree, however on Tits I feel like we aren't a very serious RP server. I feel as though no one would take is serious or not use it at all. Just a thought.
  5. NuBpC

    Benny Saxophone

    I agree with the range issue completely, however I feel like the point of Benny is to annoy people - you can warn and kill him if it's annoying and mingey
  6. I actually really agree with you Zek. I caught myself doing the same thing, and recently have been giving more actual warnings - after all, shouldn’t these warnings BE the equivalent to “verbal warnings”? Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time for verbals and I will give them if I feel it necessary. That being said, I think that we should have something as simple as a note system we can write for each player. Write a verbal warning in there, when they do something against the rules again the staff member reads the note to see past infractions that were not documented in the !warn menu. That’s my input, I think that a system like that would be perfect
  7. Don’t forget the MAGA hat too, Sugar
  8. Try the command !whatcc. Not per say a bug, but a loading limitation with the job menu. I was able to see my CC in that menu after the next daily server reset. Once you type !whatcc, it will give you a string of random numbers and letters followed by cc_. Simply copy that, and put in chat /(paste here) Let me know if anything else is not working.
  9. If this happens you or any of the victims in the PUBLIC base can report it action will be taken. After all, that’s the purpose public bases serve.
  10. NuBpC

    Leans Ban Appeal

    Just a quick question, did you ever consider the potential issues a sudden chargeback could bring to Sugar, or more importantly the server in a whole?
  11. NuBpC

    Leans Ban Appeal

    Have to agree with Coba here. I don’t know the scale of the chargeback, but at the wrong time of the month chargebacks can ruin someone’s financial soundness, or the servers for that matter. It’s extremely immature, and although TitsRP is one of the bigger servers on this game, it can still do unforeseen damage. I want you to work out the first part of your issue with Rubik before I even see a ban appeal here. You committed two of the more serious crimes on the server.
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