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  1. ah my answers were all spot on cuz i used to be smod but lol
  2. kotos ur a fucking staff member lmfao dont make reports on the forums, talk to admins about it in the mod chat direct quote from motd : "Do NOT Minge."
  3. you know i tried to be staff again bc im like the only one whos ever on at these times late night and they told me to reapply in 2 weeks cuz i just came back. if only i could just reapply like 4 days early kek
  4. how much did he pay you to post this? na im jk good to see
  5. I will be giving away VIP tokens to 6 random users (NON-VIP ONLY) who reply to this post, will put names in a hat and draw them and if you win ill PM you that you won VIP for free. Just comment here.
  6. rubik i hit 24h 2 days ago and messaged u yet theres no reply i need me models added back so im not a big fat error sent u them on discord https://www.gametracker.com/player/Watermelone/
  7. mass ardm/mass rdm is same thing, self admittance in your appeal will get you denied. lol you committed it, crossfire is still rdm
  8. Watermelone


    man shutcho asss up boi
  9. yeah you're right, thats why your entities are a back up, thank you for the easy entities we raid :) yawn never raid me without 10 ppl and sbc cannons/legendaries :shrug:
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