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  1. As Silver touched on, un-duping your base to get ents in leaves you vulnerable to another party to raid or get partially in, etc. Getting rid of this rule makes it not only easier for basers to get ents inside their base, but it also makes it easier for observant raiders to get a good start in a raid, and from the other perspective, gives risk to removing your base even just for a few second. This rule is already abused and has no reason to be enforced (extreme pettiness) and shouldn't exist.
  2. Technically body blocking purely to be an asshole is still covered under "DO NOT Minge" in the rules, the framework is already there, all this rule does is hamper RP and just cause more baby unneeded petty sits to be made.
  3. Bodyblocking in an abusive manner like in recent talk is so rare that it shouldn't ruin all the other valid rp (funny!) reasons for body blocking. It can easily be dealt with in rp.
  4. I agree, if you aren't literally being chased into your base/your parties base you should be able to undo and redo dupes to make it easier to get things in.
  5. you can insta kill someone because they are in your base if it isn't a public base. the KOS rule applies to area's outside bases.
  6. yes it is, don't walk into open bases and you wont die serious answer: since there is no advert raid, no way to tell intention, thats why you can always kos when someone walks inside.
  7. 1. Spiderman swep is fun but is pretty crazy, probably be too op for CC use. 2. This idea seems pretty cool, not sure how it would be coded though. 5. CW are cool, but far too complex and too big to add to the server 6. UI changes are nice 7. See above 8. No, roleplay standpoint that makes no sense. 9. Instead of making it kick AFK players, since they boost the server anyways, just make it so that if you're inactive for x minutes, you aren't counted for things like unfun votes. 10. No 11. Yes, but obviously if chief is sided with CP 12. No opinion. 13. UI toggles I always advocate for. 1. No, it's funny when people complain about getting KOS in an open base 2. No, get better at not getting kidnapped 3. This rule makes little different, only people that base in bank nowadays use legendaries and the such to defend, they will equip them on guards or on CC's all the same. 1. No opinion. 2. No
  8. but then how will the server function when competent people get a say in ban appeals???
  9. You really dont wanna mix ram sticks, even if they're set in like |Set 1|Set 2|Set 1|Set 2, it just breaks shit, if you wanna get more ram, either upgrade your current sticks, or specifically buy the exact same model ram, with exact same speed and timings. mixing your ram will only cause you issues.
  10. my favorite part of sciencemas is seeing father darwin evolve down the chimney
  11. "suicided to avoid dying" you wanna say that one out loud?
  12. Realistically CP mains would never Coup d'etat a law heavy mayor, because CP mains are just bad people and have a weird ego thing going on. Only time I could see this being used is when said CP mains want to dispose of a lax law mayor to put one in whos law heavy yet again. No need for this suggestion, CP is fine where it is.
  13. Agreed, give more power to the people, not the (shitty!) staff
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