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  1. Yes, but this report specifically focuses on RETRO and co. harassing players of the server. It's one thing to have a player who harassed a staff member on Icefuse or something, and completely different to have someone harassing community members.
  2. I think that it should preformed on a case by case basis. I absolutely agree that you shouldn't get in trouble for saying the N-word or casual shit like that. However, I believe that it's acceptable to use external behavior as "evidence" in an appeal, specifically if the member's involved are related to the TitsRP community, within reason. From the recent appeals that have appeared, it seems the behavior that was preformed outside of the platform was still reprehensible, and specifically, isn't something like dropping an N bomb, or RDMing another player, but acting in a way that would make the
  3. Yes, you posted a useless post on an appeal, which looked like it was bumping. As you can see this warn isn't false, which means this appeal is invalid.
  4. Well I guess I gotta go back to replying to appeals. I hate to break it to you Ivory, but just because I can't remember a forums warning from nearly 2 weeks ago, doesn't make it false. I asked Swayze to check purely because you were asking, and this is what I got back. Of course, staff members looking at this appeal will have an easier time deducting what happened (since I've lost my forums moderation tools)
  5. DENIED According to the Secretary bot, your ban has expired, no point in appealing this if its already over.
  6. Already from what I can tell, you're not allowed to "get revenge" on people who break the rules on you (or who you think may have broken the rules against you) If toosii arrested you from outside the spawn tunnel into fountain (as in on the corner road between fountain and the apartments, then that's legitimate, if he arrested you from crossing the street inside of spawn, then that's a no no. Without positional data there isn't anything to work with, but from what I can tell, you admitted to breaking the rules to get revenge. This ban is only an hour long, I think it's best to ju
  7. DENIED Don't shitpost on your appeal, make a serious one, and give a serious reason.
  8. Alright, from what I can tell, Holographic was enforcing the laws given to him by the mayor. You can clearly see Law #11 and the j-walking law. ACCEPTED Offending user will be sternly talked to about misusing VIP abilities.
  9. It'll be useful to know. Do you have any idea if any staff were on when this votekick was called?
  10. You can give admin sticks to RSB for 3000 or so, I think this system works fine and needs no changes. /s
  11. I enjoy most of these ideas, but I think instead of buffing the fine limit for cops, increase the percentage they get for making money off fines, same with bounty hunting, make it more then just a 1:1 ratio of the bounty
  12. Not really onboard with any of these ideas. Kingdom is good how it is, we have a nice balance, and all of these things will ruin it. Kingdom is just supposed to be a megabase zone, whether its done by a single person or a group. -1
  13. DENIED Content was already reported and handled, and player received a forums warning already.
  14. Reviewing over the footage, this does seem like a mistake/misunderstanding NLR Instance 1. SCx. returns after killing one member of the raid, and his teammate kills the member that killed SCx. SCx clearly had no idea Piklas was involved in the raid, and you can see him leave the raid zone to correct this. NLR Instance 2. I really can't see SCx's reasoning for returning here, but does see Piklas outside of the dupe, with a pickup box. NLR Instance 3. It can be assumed that Piklas was leaving the raid zone (as SCx saw from the last instance of NLR) and would've been gone and outsi
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