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  1. SHARDMARIO STAFF APLICATIONผู้ใช้ที่อ่านสิ่งนี้จะสาปแช่งอีกสิบปีข้างหน้า ความมืดและความทุกข์ยากภายในจะมาสาปแช่งและคุณจะแพ้เกมในตำนานในเกมถัดไปและ Miles Cynthia Lopez จะข่มขืนเธอ ผู้ใช้ที่อ่านสิ่งนี้จะสาปแช่งอีกสิบปีข้างหน้า ความมืดและความทุกข์ยากภายในจะมาสาปแช่งและคุณจะแพ้เกมในตำนานในเกมถัดไปและ Miles Cynthia Lopez จะข่มขืนเธอ ผู้ใช้ที่อ่านสิ่งนี้จะสาปแช่งอีกสิบปีข้างหน้า ความมืดและความทุกข์ยากภายในจะมาสาปแช่งและคุณจะแพ้เกมในตำนานในเกมถัดไปและ Miles Cynthia Lopez จะข่มขืนเธอ Basic questions: Your in-game name: ShardMario Link to your Steam profile: steam.com/ShardMario Your age: 13 Your Discord tag: ShardMario How many hours have you spent on the server within the past week? (Link your gametracker please. Our gametracker is located here: https://cache4.gametracker.com/server_in....23:27015/): i think maybe Have you ever been warned or banned on the server? If yes, what for? yea for rdm but thats like 2 years ago What is your region and timezone? america Will you continue playing on the server while your application is up? probably Have you read over our Staff Guidelines? Sit guidelines? Punishment times? MOTD? yes Do you have a microphone and use it constantly? yes Do you understand that abusing and not helping with admin sits will get you demoted? yes Reasons for applying/information: Why do you want to be a staff member on this server? yes What are some qualities that make you a good staff member? i like to help people Have you ever been staff on TitsRP before? If demoted, please link the report or explain why you were demoted if there was no report. If resigned, please state the reason. no Have you ever been a staff member on another server / other game? If so, what server(s) / game? yes i have op on bills minecraft server If accepted as a staff member, what could you contribute to the moderation/administration team? i can donate a lot of money and my friends will play on the server if i give them the ip too xD Would you like to be trained as a trial mod beforehand or do you think you're ready for full mod? Why? no Scenario Questions (Unlimited Liners, minimum 2 lines. Explain what you would do for each question and why): Player X claims that player Y is using printers with a building sign up. i wil tell them to show me the recording of them seeing the printer / building sign and if they dont have a recording i will tell them to come back with more evidence Player X shoots player Y with a stun gun for 1 armor of damage. Player Y kills player X. Player Y makes a sit on Player X for stun gun abusing them. tell them to stop abusing stun gun because 1 damage 1 time doesnt matter 3 players report a player for Mass RDMing. You try to bring the player in question but it says "This player has not been found.". i will ban the 3 players for lying to staff Player X crossfired player Y in a raid. Player Y makes a sit claiming he RDMed him. How would you investigate to check if it were crossfire? crossfire doesnt exist anymore Player X calls a sit saying "Admin to me". that is not how you call a sit so i dont care Player X teleports into Player Y's base using !sleep and kills player Y because he is Jigsaw. However, player X starts to blow up player Y's printers. Player Y calls a sit on Player X. thats failrp because jigsaw cant raid i think, but also printers are only 2.5k so it doesnt really matter. also it wouldnt be my base because i would have godmode enabled so i dont really care Player X calls a sit for RDM but it happened before you joined the server. You claimed the sit. How do you handle this? why would i claim a sit for something that happened when i wasnt even there? wtf lol Expert Questions (Unlimited Liners, minimum 2 lines. Try to answer these questions to the best of your ability, the only thing that will hurt your chances in this application would be to leave them empty; Explain what you would do for each question and why): Somebody dies in a raid. They come back and stand on the sidewalk outside their base and get killed again by the raider. They call a sit for RDM. honestly it wouldnt happen to me because i would be in godmode so i dont care tbh xD Somebody dies in a raid. They come back to their base at exactly the 10-minute mark and get killed by the person who was raiding. They call a sit for RDM. why is this person thats being raided so fucking annoying like bro shutup and eat a cinamin role You are in a sit and decide to give somebody a verbal warning for an accidental RDM. The offended user calls you a bad staff member and says that you need to ban them for 3 days. i dont give verbal warnings i would ban him Somebody calls a sit complaining that a user FDA'd during a raid. What do you do? proof? evidence? i dont care idiot lol i will ban them both for wasting my time xD thank u for viewing my staff app
  2. I've already explained everything I have to say. The screenshots from slogs show everything except for them stealing from me. Let me know if you any questions. Requesting for the thread to be locked until a higher up can respond to this.
  3. Like I said. If you knew how to read SLOGS..... but anyway the 2 situations shown in the slogs are 2 different situations. One was only with Kappler, and then they robbed me again 3 minuets later which is when you claimed I did a "violent theft", which is invalid since he stole MY stuff. The two deaths are unrelated. If you knew how to use slogs and you checked death position, you would know they were 2 different situations, and would not have banned for me "attempted rdm"
  4. I just want to start off by saying I don't give a fuck about the ban timer, this is purely to report Touka for false banning me. Your Steam Name: ShardMario Your ingame name: ShardMario Your Steam Profile/SteamID: ShardMario Who are you reporting? (Their name and profile): Touka https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198328530554 Reasons why you are reporting: False banning me, biased during sit, not letting me explain my side of the sit before banning me Evidence: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/247434867527122945/469358373427478550/unknown.png?width=1166&height=603 https://image.prntscr.com/image/42lFxkVzToGX1Mi_WX-v4w.png https://image.prntscr.com/image/RDSnCV3TT0ul269qYNYwqg.png https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/247434867527122945/469360882703400971/unknown.png?width=382&height=293 So I was banned for Attempted RDM, Violent Theft, and 'Lying during a sit' Lets break it down 1 by 1. 1) Attempted RDM I was crafting some shit I can't even remember with WantedNearby (my party member), and suddenly YungDaggerDick and Kappler come out of nowhere and steal the chemical barrels I was putting into the crafting table. My party member (WantedNearby) starts shooting at them for stealing the barrels and they shoot back at him (WITHOUT telling him that they're partied). I also start shooting at them to try and get my shit back and also to defend my party member, but we both die. YungDaggerDick makes a sit, which I am for some fucking reason brought to 2 minutes later..... and I am banned without being able to fully explain my side of the story for the above reasons. It's literally not attempted rdm seeing as how they STOLE from US and tried to kill my party member ADDITIONALLY, KAPPLER KILLED ME FOR ATTACKING YUNGDAGGER (WHICH IS SHOWN IN THE SLOGS SCREENSHOTS), SO IF I WAS TRULY SUPPOSED TO BE PUNISHED FOR THIS OFFENSE SO SHOULD KAPPLER. 2) Violent Theft This is literally so fucking dumb. I don't know how I was banned lmao, they literally stole from US, not the other way around. There is already a precedent for this case; see https://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=9529&page=2&highlight=violent+theft 3) Lying in a sit I told Touka that I shot at them for shooting my party member, but apparently that was lying in a sit, but you can check the slogs I have posted. I also literally didn't have time to fully explain myself, which was absolutely unfair and plain dumb. This is just heresay, but I think its obvious that Kappler, Touka, and YungDagger were colluding together in some way shape or form, since there were multiple sits going up at the time, and Touka instantly takes the one that Yung puts up, and I wasn't brought to a sit until 2 minutes later after Yung was allowed to talk to him or whatever.... but that's just tea If a newly promoted T-Mod doesn't know the MOTD or how to properly read Slogs, they should be demoted or retrained For anyone thinking i broke nlr, check the timestamps. the 2 times kappler killed me happened at 2 different locations and 2 different times. They were 2 unrelated incidents.
  5. If that's what it was for I really do think the ban is pretty silly..... Yes ddos threats are against the rules but there are a number of reasons why I shouldn't have been banned..... When you said that the server had never been DDoSed before I took it as us being able to talk about it lightly. I never intended for it to be a threat (as it should be obvious that I wasn't ddosing everyone on the server.... and that the server itself was lagging....) Additionally, many other people had been talking about ddosing the server so I didn't think there would be an issue, especially since it wasn't against the discord rules posted in the announcement tabs. Everyone, including sugar, has lightly talked about ddosing the server without it being interpreted as a threat in anyway to the server. I do think I should be unbanned because it wasn't completely serious. Everyone knew, including the other staff members talking in chat at the time, that it wasn't a serious thing. It wouldn't be practical to believe that I was ddosing everyone ON the server when the only thing lagging on their end was GarysMod. Additionally, you yourself have made comments about ddosing people on the server so I think it would be ironic for be to be kept banned. As a senior player I do see why it is wrong for me to make comments like that and I do apologize but I don't think it justifies a ban, seeing as you had already muted me.
  6. Your Steam Name: ShardMario Your ingame name: ShardMario Your Steam Profile/SteamID: ShardMario Why were you banned?: I'm not sure. I was muted all of a sudden and then the next thing I knew I was banned. I probably did do something though just can't remember Why should you be unbanned?: I will wait to know why I was banned to explain this because at this point I'm really just confused lol Who banned you? No Idea
  7. 申し訳ありませんが、私は英語を話さない Get on discord
  8. The story goes like silver said, he attacked me first near spawn so I killed him, and he kept coming back near the death location so I killed him, not realizing I was in the wrong, I thought he was breaking NLR but I forgot that applies to raids and such. and to shard like I said I understand it was mass rdm and I should of known better and I understand if it doesn't get shorten, plus damn right this Will be in the paper. But thought I would make an app admitting my fuck up. P.s Shard It also doesn't help my case that you don't like me at all and have constanly harrase me on a numerous moments in discord and have been totattly rude about the whole newspaper things, but that's another topic. http://prntscr.com/g7tv50 also yea that is another topic lol. Nothing to do with this
  9. I mean... if you think you're relevant enough to the server to make a newspaper.... you'd think you would have a good understanding of the rules. Looks like you accepted the fact that you massrdmed (which was pretty blatant lol) and MassRDM is a 7day ban regardless if its intentional or not http://prntscr.com/g7tv50 THis is definitely going on the newspaper next week (XDDDD) Edit: looks like you killed him at least 5 times lol, and he asked you to stop and asked you why you were killing him multiple times.... Saying you didn't know a rule is not an excuse, and MassRDM is a BIG nono across all darkrp servers... you should know that if you're making a staff app. -1 for shorten lol...
  10. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL nah but really the only actual good thing about this are the memes
  11. Because then he’ll be labeled a witch hunter ?? But anw, this entire post is hard to understand @Yggdradil. Please reply with your full side of what happened again because it’s honestly hot hadd to read what you wrote earlier
  12. http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/127/955/17e.jpg
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