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  1. Sugar already said that all sounds are not mapped through that menu Agree with this post, sound sweps should not have been added without also adding a way to mute them fully or adjust the volume EDIT: And also text to speech sweps need to be removed
  2. Anyways, I am reporting him because a few days ago, he was the only staff online when a player was constantly harassing me in ooc, as well as using homophobic slurs against me. I did in fact make a sit, and requested that it be taken in ooc. No answer. I had to literally go around the map physically looking for him, and found him literally RPing with the person I was making a sit about. His reasoning for not taking my sit? 08:25:25 Player Undying (Tavern Keeper) said i dont belive i am qualified to take these sits Just for reference, this is the sit that I made: I w
  3. I already informed this person in discord, as well as in game, why he was votekicked. I have also shown to them the relevant screenshots, but I will show them here as well for transparency. He was vote kicked shortly after since unnamed staff members refused to take the sit. On behalf of Kermit, I apologize for wasting the time of anyone who has to read this.
  4. THREAD FOR IMPROVEMENTS FOR MONEY MAKING ON SERVER OMG ! RSB Meth Increase Fine / Bounty Limit Bounty Hunting / Non-CC Hitman / Assassin Jobs Scratch Offs Hobo Dumpster Diving Shipwreck Diving / Treasure Hunting Golden Printer Unboxing Blood vs Crip Gang War More Leaderboards Thoughts?
  5. King job and Assasination system are fine as is. If you want to be the king assassinate him and become it. Prince / Princess system seems pointless, doesn't appear to really add anything. Overall not a fan of these ideas.
  6. This is literally why everyone uses it lmfao. Like I said before the people arguing in this thread don't even actually think it provides an advantage. They are just extending their powertrip trying to remove any fun that isn't *sees you 1mm off the sidewalk* "STOP, YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW - ALL CRIMES 5K FINE" *SPAMS STUN STICK - fuck I missed, he is resisting arrest. I have to murder him now, I am within my right*
  7. You are equating what I said to "You can do everything, failrp doesn't exist." This is not what I meant or said. There is clearly a difference between doing things within rp, and failrp. You even mentioning failrp in this thread means that either 1- you are just trying to say anything at this point to back up your point, or 2- you legitimately believe what I said is synonymous with "failrp doesn't exist." It's not a switch. Something can be within rp, but still be useless and fun to use. Like I used as an example earlier, there is literally a category filled with jobs like this (Weird Jobs and
  8. So true. Emotes = FailRP. Such a great comparison. Thank you for your contribution to academia.
  9. Thank you for proving my point that none of you can actually come up with any solid evidence or scenario showcasing this "exploit" / issue. Because it doesn't exist. There is no problem other than powertripping - trying to remove peoples enjoyment from the server.
  10. How does it make no sense in RP? It's ROLEPLAY, you can do WHAT YOU WANT... that is kind of the whole point of RP. When you dedicate your entire playstyle to power tripping playing as a cop arresting people, of course you would say any minor thing other than standing there being arrested / cuffed as a disadvantage. There are jobs literally dedicated to being fucking useless or annoying on the server for this purpose. It's meant to be funny. Dat Boi, Doge, Benny, Trumpet Player, it's all the same. The server is meant to be FUN.
  11. "If it gives no advantage just remove it" This logic is so flawed. In life do you NEED to play gmod? Does it give you an advantage? No. But you enjoy it right? Some would it's debatable considering the job certain people play, but regardless. Just because something isn't NEEDED, it doesn't mean you don't have to have it. Animations provide no advantage, but it's fun to use them. Such a silly argument. Additionally, you do realize that when you use that animation, the only moving part is the arms?.... the torso BARELY moves, which still does not affect the hitbox. The head does in fact move, bu
  12. +1 for immediate patch, as well as server upgrade so all hits register appropriately !!!!!!!
  13. This is literally just not true LMFAO, you can spam crouch and your hitbox will spam between crouching and jumping. You obviously do not know what you are talking about here, why reply?
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