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  1. Yike

    Ban Appeal

    Just forwarded to banning staff member!. But just to let you know that killing 3 people does qualify for Mass RDM which is a 7d ban. And AOS means Arrest On Sight not attack on sight. Best of luck to you.
  2. After watching the video I am in favor of punishment for the person who vote banned you. Both parties involved were perfectly ok with what was going on. They did not ask you or kit.exe what was going on. In my eyes this was unnecessary +1
  3. Was there staff on at the time of your vote ban? What was the reason for your vote ban? Please make an appeal with more detail to your ban so we can help. You can always turn videos into a YouTube video and then you will be able to post it here. If I'm not mistaken you can also turn videos into links but I'm not 100% sure.
  4. I do enjoy this idea I am one of the people that has been pushing for meth making to get a rework of some sort, and I feel this is a good start. But im gonna say that the meth suit is cool but I wouldn't want it. Because that model is the same for every other server on meth cooks and as you know Tits likes to be different. so +1 for the meth rework -1 for the model change.
  5. Yike

    Ban Appeal

    From the current information given from you, I would also agree on changing it to just NLR, and player toxicity seems like the wrong addition if anything player targeting would have been the better choice. For now I am NEUTRAL until further evidence is presented and when tyz responds.
  6. Me personally I think this was something that shouldn't have been advertised to the whole server just something that could've stayed off the server between you guys. I do think the warn is valid and I'm sorry it managed to be your 25th one and got banned for it. -1
  7. I understand that we are all humans and we all make mistakes, but I consider a mistake to be a first time then you learn hey I shouldn't do this again, but repeatedly crashing the server does not sound like a mistake to me. I'm sorry but still -1
  8. I am under the impression that you have made this appeal simply because you have ran out of alts to play on. And using sugars dev stream to get you unbanned without sugar knowing what you have done to get yourself in this situation is not cool. If you truly wanted to play and enjoy this server you wouldn't have crashed the server in the first place -1 from me
  9. I don't think this is a person we want in our community saying this kind of stuff -1
  10. +1 I feel like this would be a great addon to the server. The RP scenarios are endless with this kind of addon.
  11. I think that you were just trying to be funny and posting that link in chat would get a comedic reaction out of people. I don't think you meant wrong but it definitely was. It looks like you understand what you did was wrong and im going to +1 for a ban reduction.
  12. Yike

    Ban appeal

    A threat is a threat even if you don't know how to do said action. I don't think you have given much If any detail on why you want/should be unbanned. -1 from me
  13. Yike

    Donation Support.

    I'm not 100% sure how the system for that works but I have a question. Did you pay for 1month supporter before buying lifetime? I'm not sure if 1 month supporter is like a subscription or not but this may have been the issue I'm not 100% though.
  14. Since all the other guys have stated their sides and brought up good points I'm neutral leaning towards +1 for unban/reduced sentence from what evidence is given I belive it may have been a misunderstanding.
  15. DENIED You Mass RDMed about 4-5 people and then logged off before a sit was ever to take place. We then got a sit pertaining you I claimed it and checked logs and ssaw that you logged I banned for one day and another staff member brought to my attention that you MRDM, I then checked and extended your ban accordingly. Please read our !motd and rules before rejoining.
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