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  1. Be able to use your Spotify on the boombox and play your own playlist when you rp as a dj I think it would be a Nice idea and maybe later add in tv that would make basing so much better at least I think it would make it better
  2. im new at this stuff my cc is gone i wood like to know why and i wood like my money back thats not cool i lot of time and money in this server and you just take my cc i did nothing to get it taken away
  3. No it's 100% not a family share issue, my friend plays on a shared account as well it works now thank you so much sugar
  4. i even went ahead and bought the game so family share for sure isnt the problem, I havent been on the account that actually owns the game for months nor am I even banned on that account.
  5. it's 100% titsrp, im just really confused/worried because I have donated quite a bit to the server and i go to log in after not being on for a while and im banned
  6. thats literally what i did, give me a moment ill try again i guess my steam doesn't show me my screenshot uploader so I just took the photo with my phone
  7. I have technically have that information but theres no reason given, banned by is Unknown. I can upload a screen shot as well okay the image is tiny even though i pulled the screenshot straight from my steam folder, but like i said it says no reason, unknown and perma banned my friends account is the same way, he donated on his shared account and hes still able to connect and stuff
  8. Your Steam Name: FROSTED TURD Your in-game name: Ronathan Jogsten Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:521026340 Why were you warned/banned?: Unsure, when logging into the server it tells me "You are permanently banned, topic unknown" I can't find my name in the ban list anywhere I haven't even been on in a couple days. It is a shared account but, I'm not ban dodging this is just the account I have made my donations on. Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : Not sure who or why I was banned in the first place, I can't find my name in the ban list anywhere. If its an issue of being a shared account, I can purchase the game on this account? Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Perma Evidence:
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