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  1. Thats not the point? The point is this player places hits constantly on a player, and does other in game actions to simply feel oppressive on their gameplay. Larry's group says "We gonna make bannana and gil quit" this is them trying to make players leave the server, does that argument not apply both ways of eliminating competition? This argument could also apply to MANY other plays im sure if they are a capable raider/baser. As a senior mod I respect that you dont want to make a harsh movement, and must ensure no player is tryng to purely benefit. However, after the claims of wanting to "ruin" another's life and freely calling them slurs in a demeaning manner. Where do we draw the line to say "hey this is harassment?" As Gilga stated he was asked to gather more evidence and has, but now is being called petty for doing so? How is Gilga also trying to benefit when he has never instigated one of the incidents/ interactions (when again they are told not to). If you truly do believe that this is to be just the benefit of basing, and not because a player faces slander, constant random hits by the same members, trains, raid, after being told to stop. What is needed EXACTLY to suffice your opinion of harassment?
  2. "Raiding is not against the rules" I agree that raiding is not against the rules its a major part of game-play. However, Larry knows there is an issue where Gilgamesh thinks there is harassment on him so why do you constantly continue to stir up drama. It's okay to not like a person in the server or even hate them, but you mention wanting to bully this player from the server. That makes it more than just raiding. I was one of the members basing, and Larrry did seem to get on the server then immediately prepare to raid Gilgamesh's base. To be fair I am unsure if we are the only base on the server at the time, but regardless Larry states "ima raid u again after 20mins," and comment on how he's only raiding the base simply based on character. I don't see how this is not player targeting, especially regarding the past drama between this situation. Even if Larrry was to agree with someone, on an opinion of a player he had been told not to interact outside of gameplay. Larrry, continues to insult the player. It's not a matter of being a snowflake at this point as actual gameplay comes into affect (via being target of raids). So this argues the point why does Larry continue to bring himself into circumstances where he knows Gilgamesh will respond or see it as harassment. You quote "I will train you for life...I got enough money to fuck your life over." Then go on to insult him in OOC, and continue to explicitly raid him. again, "cease any interactions outside of gameplay." I do feel Larrry in terms of raiding has not broke rules, but thats because it's easy to loophole them, just my opinion on the matter.
  3. I'll post his steam ID just to contribute making things easier on all sides "76561198212597337" If there is any proof to this from anyone, it would be nice to have it posted here. I agree any player who simply desires to stir up drama shouldn't be allowed as it breaks the toxicity rule. However there needs to be forum posts or sits made on such players to cause action. If there is proof regarding Lord Cursed it is encouraged to post it in relevance to the claim that they are toxic. They have been banned since Saturday at 09:22 AM, The base which I'll mention following this was made at 7:53 AM making it allowed. However I'd like to know when the base shown in the forum was made, as if it was anytime after Saturday afternoon it would be considered a rule break. If this is true I find it interesting how you had so many warns on your history and have been banned for toxicity. Regardless I would like to move onto my experience with this player. Following the events of a forum post I made I had been called a rat in anon chat for a few days straight. I was around PD after the most recent one on Saturday, which followed by Lord Cursed calling me a rat to my face("How does it feel to be a rat"). I joked around and took it light-hearted at first because it may not have been him saying it in the first place and i personally didnt care, but then he ran away telling me to "shut the fuck up." When I arrived to a base I was previously at he immediately said "Oh I'll be blowing this up." I made a joke that it was a public base (since it had no entities in it. I admit that joking around and saying its a public base was not a good idea but I didnt realize that would be against the rules.), which he does raid and I go back still under the false impression it would be okay(So I received a verbal warning for the whole situation, but that was my fault). After this situation, I saw his Anti-Semetic base (Which is an allowed base at the time) where he laughed upon seeing me. Then soon after the Person's base that was raided said they needed more cops for their quests. I switched to cop and announced it but was greeted to Lord Cursed changing to hacker to demote me (I was the only officer on I believe). I walked up the PD stairs where he laughed at me again. I waited (while not a Cop) and he remained hacker for a good 30 minutes If I recall correctly though the PD screen nor other things were hacked. Some time later he went offline, and I did aswell later on. I bring my experience of this player here because that is my only experience of this player. They state they have never harmed this community yet put up signs with the intent to offend members, and then go out of their way to intrude on another players experience. Being a hacker and demoting a cop is a function, but this player did this after I made the point in a sit that they may be targeting me/ harassing me, and the mod recommended us not to interact with one another further. In my opinion it's obvious he enjoys stirring drama as he laughs when he thinks he has upset someone, and actively tries to do so as stated I can vouch for this claim as he constantly snickered in my face as if filled with joy that he could deeply upset or offend someone in the server. It's immature and It seems Lord Cursed has not learned from their previous ban regarding player toxicity.
  4. Razr0109

    Mods being racist

    Small thing, but it would be helpful to provide steam ID's of players as it makes this whole process easier. But onto the point... As PurifyingOne has stated this is a big claim. To claim anyone of such a report that focuses on what was said it's needed to gather proper evidence yourself (or from others). I see that you claim to have evidence (That has been sent via discord) that Kio defends those two, and influences who gets banned by feeding others a script. If there is evidence to this, and it's sufficient for any punishment then it would solve some recent reports on this group. Additionally, it would be completely unacceptable imo, as this would mean Kio (one of the "strict" mods I've heard) and this group influenced bans on a whim and abused their power. However without proof yet I remain neutral. Lastly, I highly recommend you not to make such claims in OOC. Understandably you are upset, but at the end of the day that is a form of toxicity (yes even if Kio and the others are 100% convicted of your claims), and there is no use getting yourself in trouble. Next time try to gather evidence, and avoid saying something that may get yourself in trouble or that could influence how people think of you and your post.
  5. Razr0109

    Gang CC-Razr

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:529173810 Gang name: Darkmoon
  6. Oof, my apologies then. The last time I played a year ago I could swear after all four zones you couldn't do anymore. Maybe I remember wrong or it changed, but if thats the function then its all good. Thank you for the swift response!
  7. This was an old discussion when I was in high school and I even made the opposite meme of a friend for my side. So, out of pure bored curiosity, do you prefer a glass of OJ or Apple juice? Personally, I prefer orange juice with the pulp, though it may be a sin.
  8. Okay thank you!! Also I found the discord 🙂
  9. Okay so I used to be able to play the boombox and it was cool. When I was able to get my laptop to run good again (wifi issues) I was greeted to a new boombox pop up upon pressing E on it. This pop up asks if you accept the YouTube tos. I can spam accept and nothing happens, I've tried for days and asked 2 mods for help(though not like they can really do much about this). I opened BOTH of the links to ensure that wasn't the issue. Everything else works as normal except for this, and I can still hear other people using boomboxes. I'm hoping to get in contact with a mod as this may be a server side issue? That's the advice I was just given. While doing this getting the discord link would be helpful as faster communication. Thank you.
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