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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I just got a CC a few days ago, which I'm practically still a beginner with how to use it. What's currently going on is that I accidently added the wrong item to my CC. I accidently bought the Butterfly Knife w/o the Case Hardened, which was not the one I wanted. Later I found the Butterfly Knife | Case Hardened and bought it for my CC, hoping that it would either replace the old one or the old one could somehow be deleted. Apparently, I was wrong for both parts. Can someone please assist me if possible on deleting the single Butterfly Knife?
  2. So I was playing on the server right, I noticed after a hour into the game my accessories that I always have on have disappeared. I go to the accessories vendor and I see that my black ninja mask, Scarf and Hat are all showing I haven't payed for it. I left the server and rejoined 2 times to see if its still broken and it still says the same thing. https://gyazo.com/e1395080b3a2231d7b1a67c224376fb9 https://gyazo.com/92db479623275f9c55c5523e0bb1f268 https://gyazo.com/871f8b6ddade69f353527e51d162d9c7 I'm pretty sure some people can back me up that I own these items
  3. hecko! I have a question particularly for head moderators/admin’s. I go to the store page to purchase VIP but my PayPal is not working, I’ve even tried making three different accounts and nothing really seems to be working the way it should. With there be any way I can get VIP through the money I have on my steam wallet? It would mean a lot if I can get some help with this. Thanks, Roof Koreans
  4. Limit out the stun gun during a rp I was constantly shot with a stun gun and brought down to half hp add a cool down or a limit on how you can use it so it’s not so easy to abuse
  5. Tbh, the first way i was shown to make money was from making meth. It's not always useful because you need a place to make it and its not always guaranteed. Just looking for an easy way to make big bucks 😛
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