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  1. +1 For punishment This is not the first time she does stuff like thiis. She knew what she was doing, in the recording @Jason Bourne showed us, she says "watch me own this door and kill these guys" she didn't own the door to RP (at least in the short term), only to kill you. She should have told you the door was unowned (which ties into my next point). She also used the staff on duty job improperly. She came back from being staff on duty to instantly to own the doors to kill you. She should have brought you sitland way before she actually did instead of having the sit in rpland.
  2. +1 This would make it so being in a gang wouldn't be just for the perks anymore. Lots of shooting and explosions would be fun to watch. Maybe the co-owner gets set automatically if the owner/previous co-owner goes offline for really long?
  3. This is more of an oversight, really. I with you, though. There should be a delay between mayor's death and losing a cop. +1
  4. Make it so if you're the serial killer the insider info talent shows the correct kidnapping time. It shows "Time to kidnap" even though you may have already kidnapped them.
  5. I did all 4 and got 4 more without doing anything just by swapping out of the item scanner. Did treasure hunter change from 4 per day? if not then this is probably higher priority
  6. It gives you 4 new zones that you can search. They're placed normally and randomly just like all others
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