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  1. Like the others have already said, you knew what you were doing and at this point the voteban is long over. -1
  2. In addition to what Raid Lord said, it looks like your ban is over tomorrow anyways. Just finish it out and come back and be your best self. -1
  3. vldmort

    Ban Appeal

    Like what Wrath said, even just recently there's been precedent for staff punishing for this loophole. -1
  4. Dang, this sort of explanation is usually never true but you busted out some evidence. +1 for unban
  5. Based on the evidence provided by Jay, I believe this ban is perfectly valid. In addition to that though, did you really think that titling the second video this for your appeal was appropriate? -1
  6. Straight from the MOTD: You cannot have a sky-base unless you are playing Preacher. Rooftops that are not explicitly part of the base (door leading to it) DO count as sky-bases
  7. As other's have already pointed out, you have an extensive ban history with more than one perma. I appreciate the effort and level of respect in this appeal, but it's hard to not believe that you'll go back to doing what you were before and for now I'm going to -1
  8. The point is having access to changing the exact RGB color values, not having the UI be the same size.
  9. This would be a really nice small QOL addition. +1
  10. That's a good question. I'm still trying to figure that out as well.
  11. Sir, it says right there that he's a Moderator.
  12. I'm a musician. I teach and compose for high schools, perform, and sometimes work on tv shows with my biggest one being Euphoria on HBO.
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