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  1. That's a good question. I'm still trying to figure that out as well.
  2. Sir, it says right there that he's a Moderator.
  3. I'm a musician. I teach and compose for high schools, perform, and sometimes work on tv shows with my biggest one being Euphoria on HBO.
  4. Think this could definitely bring some interest to the fight club job as well as just being really fun. +1
  5. vldmort

    Report on Ajax

    As others have already said, this is easily something that can be worked out through RP. Just because something doesn't go how you want doesn't mean you always have to bring it to the forums and try to get someone punished. As others have previously said, this is an RP server. How is it not valid RP for a mayor to remove his/her political opponents? This could be solved in game through RP and you would probably have a ton more fun doing so as it changes up the gameplay. I remember a month or so ago, someone named John had built a gun shop as a front for a preacher to kidnap his customers and then ran for mayor. The interactions between his people and the rest of the server was interesting and fun. Do that. If something happens in game that you don't like and it isn't blatantly ruining the RP experience (RDM, NLR, etc.) then make some fun and interesting RP out of it.
  6. I would like to partake in the serving of the scrumptious and most desirable Krabby Patty.
  7. 2nd year college student here! I also teach and write for high school percussion. : D
  8. I think that raising the radius of C4 while still obeying LOS would be the best solution rather than upping the allowed raid time. To me, at least, 15 minutes feels like its a little too long and 10 minutes is decent. +1
  9. Makeshift time bombs are baby C4's and should also obey LOS. If ya'll don't like the AOE, just throw it into the base and take out more props instead of only breaking a few by placing next to a wall. +1
  10. I mean, AMD GPU's have greatly improved recently and having been using some sort of AMD card for last 6 years, i've never really had any issues with them. The RX 580 is a FANTASTIC newer budget GPU for only about $200.
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