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  1. Glarry can't make it? I'm in!
  2. Why not put a regular smiley face instead of a cat face. Furry Alert! Rules are for furries!
  3. Just tell the furries to go play Rust on an official vanilla server and announce they are trans/furries. Problem solved they will realize titsrp isn't toxic. Ez fix don't @me retards.
  4. He's up there with the most badass PC, most badass personality, and most badass of people. Thanks for all the good times Kotos. You will be sorely missed throughout the community.
  5. I know I'm not staff but one of the points that sticks out to me is that two players were attempting to get into his base which constitutes an actual raid. When it comes to actual raids anyone nearby can be killed in defense of their base obviously within reasonable distance due to the potential threat of those other players. If they had two people raiding them along with however many in a close vicinity I see those as legitimate kills because the players nearby should've stayed away from a raid in progress if they didn't want to be killed. I don't think this player should've been banned or warned due to him having the right to kill the other players nearby. Then again if this player was killing anyone who entered the bank for any reason this would be RDM it doesn't look like this player did that. Feel free to remove this post but please don't warn I'm not trying to start any crap I'm just pointing out situations and similarities I dealt with when I was staff.
  6. Just make it so Restaurant Owner and Farmer can KOS pigs at anytime and they drop a single food shipment. Why? Because the pig class is retarded and RDM is fun. Edit: Remove the food shipment part unless you make it like a 10% chance or some shit cause then peeps will abuse the shit out of it like a divorced housewife.
  7. I stopped reading after you said the server needs a name change.
  8. In almost all cases yes unless someone gives you a playermodel. There is a way to get access to more models though supporter which you can buy on the store above or work hard in-game to prestige a few times to get a month of supporter. In almost all cases except importing custom models there are ones available for in-game cash. If you have any other questions feel free to DM me in discord. LeGerbs#9421
  9. I was involved with this ban so if you wouldn't mind letting me share my thoughts. Compared to the other permanent bans we have given in the past this one was given on the more minor side of the spectrum. With that being said however it was a justified ban. I appreciate that you apologized to everyone and recognized your faults. Your ban was mostly because you lacked humility in your actions which you now are presenting. I do believe enough time has gone by for you to have thought about your actions and try to rebuild yourself as a positive member of our community Remember when someone gets off of a permanent ban they are watched by every staff member like a hawk. When someone breaks the rules against you, you might want to consider reenacting the song from Frozen "Let it go." +1 for unban
  10. This is a petty report. It's not rep bombing. Stop trying to create issues. DENIED
  11. You put a lot of effort into this appeal which I can respect. However you aren't permanently banned you were community removed. I'm usually all for second chances but that ban history proves otherwise. I can't with good a good conscious support you coming back when we've gotten rid of people for less. Maybe sometime later on? -1 https://ibb.co/6g5nf9c
  12. You came to the conclusion that you shouldn't have done this. You have such a way with words. It must explain why you'd be dumb enough to send an IP logger to a staff member. -1
  13. Let's make a deal. Us non-cp mains will let the uncuff enchant be nerfed if you cp mains give up Jaywalking laws and Insta cuff. Cope -1
  14. I'm DENYING this. No appeal means no appeal.
  15. You were the absolute bane of my entire existence. I will never be for letting you back on our server ever. 2 permanent bans with no appeal means no appeal. You clearly couldn't get that through your head when you had alted every week. You falsified evidence against a staff member in an attempt to get him demoted. You are a liar and not worth even the effort of this post. I stand by my -1
  16. This would fall under IRDM which can lead up to a 1-3 day ban. In the future don't RDM people unless both parties agree. DENIED
  17. LeGerbs

    Ban Appeal

    ACCEPTED I apologize for the confusion you will be unbanned now.
  18. ACCEPTED I apologize for the confusion you will be unbanned now.
  19. You are absolutely correct cp are allowed to base. I would like to see Slobs version of the story though. Forwarding to him now.
  20. So let me kinda piece this together... During a spree of bots and large amounts of spam and racism you decided to spam the same thing over and over during the midst even when multiple staff members warned everyone to stop... and got banned. Now you come on the forums saying it's not appropriate that you were banned instead of warned. Gotta say man don't really have that much sympathy for you. NEUTRAL
  21. They do but when the printers are in the rack if using an enchanted gun you have to collect from each individual printer rather than all at once with the rack. @Sugar TitsFix dummy ty
  22. Thats not true man. Under your terms which you were told explicitly during your 1 billion dollar unban was that any ban over 3 days would increase back to a permanent ban. Not to mention that any exploit ban is typically permanent with Superadmins making any appeal decisions. Lying won't get you anywhere
  23. I can absolutely see your frustration when it seems like our staff team feels like lemurs when replying on ban appeals. (Specifically OG Bot) The main issue with me personally is that he was told specifically when he was unbanned with 1 billion darkrp cash that if he was banned for anything again he would remain permanently banned with 0 chance at appeal. Myself personally I find it difficult to fully +1 the appeal when he knew he was thin ice to being gone forever. Whereas the other side of me believes he wasn't as bad as some of our toxic players in the past so he could be a good dude now. I feel like this is a great topic to bring up in a staff meeting and figure out how we can do better as a whole.
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