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  1. You're not wrong i'm not totally against it, shit maybe more people will actually try to be good revolt leaders. I just know how some people are gonna be with this change
  2. So then you'll just get a bunch of revolt leaders who immediately run to their death so they can call an unfun vote. I personally agree with Smelly cp mains are cringe and so are bad mayor's. Unfun votes tend to rarely go through anyways
  3. Homie it says to craft a General buyer not a drug spawn buyer. General buyer and drug buyers are not the same thing. https://ibb.co/FHqPPrm https://ibb.co/whP8X77
  4. That's crazy. Trump 2024!
  5. We have a builder job that only I or super-admins can give to trusted players that has a hugely increased prop limit and no fading door limit. This job is restricted to event building and planning only. If you are feeling creative and want to help build events you can private message me on discord or in-game and we'll see if we can hook you up. Using the job for personal use though isn't something we are going to allow now or in the future.
  6. 04/09/2023 ADDED: Serial Killer does not have to own a base to be able to kill their victims and may kill them in the street they are the only class exception.
  7. 04/07/2023 ADDED: You may create fishing bases on the ocean as a non-hobo however you are limited to two (2) keypads and one (1) fading door. The entire base must be mostly see through and you may not have entities of any kind inside. (With the exception of the boombox) CHANGED: You are now allowed to call votebans/votekicks while staff are online to: Votebanning/kicking while staff members are online is not allowed and can result in a voterestrict
  8. I can already feel the shitstorm forming before this happens ima lock this.
  9. 2/19/23 Updated LTAP rules only determining if said player will be banned. LTAP is not a 1-2 day ban addition. Updated Racism/Homophobia to start with a 30 minute gigamute then lead to a ban afterwards
  10. LeGerbs

    Block button

    We are not going to turn a suggestion into a back and forth fight. Fight about situations in pms. This suggestion is fine. I wouldn't mind adding a feature that disallows anon chat to be visible if you block someone. It should also stick when you relog from the server. I will be locking this as it's a good suggestion but I'm tired of threads being flamed by the same people over and over. I'll bring this up to my superiors we want to make it easier for players to deal with harassment. If this is a way to make people happier I'm all for it.
  11. LeGerbs

    I am sorry guys

    Wait wtf why do you hate me??
  12. There are no refunds on this server. It states very clearly when you buy the rank that getting banned doesn't mean your rank will be refunded. You are still bound by our rules and guidelines whether or not you purchased something. Keep in mind if you try to charge back it will end up being a permanent ban.
  13. LeGerbs

    AI (job)

    Make a monke job where you run around peeing and throwing poop on people for xp!
  14. Here's a super secret mega trick. Make sure to have a fishing buddy and ask around in OOC and see if someone will spawn a yacht for you! Just remember it's all RNG based so in due time you will catch it! Just keep fishing EZPZ LEADERBOARD THO!!!
  16. Yeah! Totally! Let's make T3 crates more useless than they already are! Yeah sick reply bro!
  17. There is a mute functionality for a reason. More and more am I seeing people getting offended by words on a Garry's Mod darkrp server. If you seriously can't handle being called names then mute the person. If someone is bypassing the mute functionality to insult you, dming you on discord, or affecting your in-game experience by placing hits nonstop or raiding you nonstop then at that point it could be counted as harassment. Otherwise 9 times out of 10 when you mute someone and don't respond they stop talking shit. Some of you really need to get some thicker skin.
  18. Because cp mains are cringe. Being able to buyout cringe people is a good thing.
  19. ALL MY FISH CAUGHT was not for the leaderboard lmaooo. It was for those stupid battlepass quests. That was like 4-5 hours of straight fishing on a yacht with a buddy. Literal cancer.
  20. This is as cringy if not more than Nikocado Avocado.
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