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    Ban Appeal

    ACCEPTED I apologize for the confusion you will be unbanned now.
  2. ACCEPTED I apologize for the confusion you will be unbanned now.
  3. You are absolutely correct cp are allowed to base. I would like to see Slobs version of the story though. Forwarding to him now.
  4. So let me kinda piece this together... During a spree of bots and large amounts of spam and racism you decided to spam the same thing over and over during the midst even when multiple staff members warned everyone to stop... and got banned. Now you come on the forums saying it's not appropriate that you were banned instead of warned. Gotta say man don't really have that much sympathy for you. NEUTRAL
  5. They do but when the printers are in the rack if using an enchanted gun you have to collect from each individual printer rather than all at once with the rack. @Sugar TitsFix dummy ty
  6. Thats not true man. Under your terms which you were told explicitly during your 1 billion dollar unban was that any ban over 3 days would increase back to a permanent ban. Not to mention that any exploit ban is typically permanent with Superadmins making any appeal decisions. Lying won't get you anywhere
  7. I can absolutely see your frustration when it seems like our staff team feels like lemurs when replying on ban appeals. (Specifically OG Bot) The main issue with me personally is that he was told specifically when he was unbanned with 1 billion darkrp cash that if he was banned for anything again he would remain permanently banned with 0 chance at appeal. Myself personally I find it difficult to fully +1 the appeal when he knew he was thin ice to being gone forever. Whereas the other side of me believes he wasn't as bad as some of our toxic players in the past so he could be a good dude now. I feel like this is a great topic to bring up in a staff meeting and figure out how we can do better as a whole.
  8. LeGerbs


    Here's my take because I was around during your original ban. You were for a while the single handed most toxic player in our community. Before your perma ban was considered Doc had gathered pages of evidence and took over a week to compile all of it. Now do I think you deserved a second chance for your original ban? Yeah I mean when you came back you were chill and easy to get along with. The main challenge I'm facing is that during your second chance which was a group of players that paid 1 billion to get you back. You alt and get banned for exploiting. Look man everyone here is saying "oh well we unbanned people recently for exploiting" isn't really grasping why you were originally perma banned. I like you personally I've never really had issues with you in the past. What's holding me back is the number of chances we need to give until we really start holding people accountable. I'm NEUTRAL in this I feel like in the future you could easily win me over to +1
  9. Here is where your problem stemmed Haze. The fact that you had made 2 of our staff members quit including an admin from the amount of grief you caused them and our mod team. The biggest issue is when you would call sits over every tiny thing that would happen to you. You would harass and demean our staff members and demand that it be your way no matter what the staff member said. This caused a lot of our newer players that had sits called on them to quit entirely. You would make reports on any staff member if you didn't agree with a verbal warning they gave which gave a really bad look on your side. There was an entire post from our community members calling for your permanent ban and some of them stopped playing entirely because of your actions. In our minds us getting rid of 1 player who has caused many others to quit is worth doing. I would rather see one player get removed than see 20 new players and 2 staff members quit because of your attitude/actions. You were warned by one of our S-Mods Jay that you cannot keep this behavior going and you shewed him off and blocked him like it meant nothing. You seriously cannot own up to any of your actions and immediately go to "Well the rules say I can do this so I shouldn't be banned right now" instead of realizing that bans like these can be up to staff discretion. Right now I suggest you change your attitude start acting like a decent human being and make an actual appeal with you apologizing. -1
  10. LeGerbs


    It's been 3 years for a mass RDM ban which should've only been 1 week. ACCEPTED
  11. While I am severely disappointed in you for using an exploit that grants millions of cash in seconds, I do think you're a good person and have always been respectful to me and my fellow staff members. I give this a +1 in hopes that you won't use exploits to your advantage anymore.
  12. It is up to staff discretion whether they feel a verbal or physical warn is appropriate. DENIED
  13. DENIED You never made a public base sign which makes it perfectly fine to raid. Staff members are allowed to take their own sits and disregarding our team because of an individuals age is unacceptable.
  14. I was there when you were dragged into our S-Mod chat out of no where. What you said was so unexpected from you. You were such a good person and staff member in the past and just left a stunned look on my face when you left. I get that whole edgy asshole vibe this server has but that was just crude man. Most of the time I think that edgy shit talking is funny. Why don't you reach out to coba before making these appeals just so we know that an attempt was made to make amends. NEUTRAL
  15. LeGerbs

    Secret Santa

    Ur moms my secret Santa. Kek ez gottem. Add me
  16. To an extent I can understand where you're coming from here. My only concern is causing a witch hunt against a player that really hasn't broken any of our rules and is only disliked. It would've been more appropriate to contact a staff member asking for permission and giving that staff member evidence prior to making the post. I'm not entirely against removing the warn but I believe the post should remain hidden.
  17. Dude. You used to be such a good guy I can't really wrap my head around why you've turned into such a dickhead. It's the internet I get it people are gonna be dicks and some people need to grow thicker skin. But you're talking about someone's kid. That's just not cool. I've pretty much lost all respect for you man. -1
  18. Bruhther taught me how to bank raid and mine shit faster 10/10 would recommend.
  19. Okay so 1 single RDM "can" equal a 1-3 day ban that's up to staff discretion. Typically we would need to figure out a players history prior to giving them a ban. Your attitude on the situation is not appropriate in a ban appeal or a sit. Attitude definitely factors in on whether we give a ban or a warn. Overall I'm supporting reducing the ban to 1 day for a single rdm case and dismissive attitude.
  20. Shut up Sixnut you have a small cock
  21. This ban will be reduced to two weeks for a first time NSFW offense. Repeated offenses in the future can lead up to a higher ban time/permanent ban. ACCEPTED
  22. So you knew what you did was against the rules and are well aware that children do play on this server. You did it because you expected to get no more than a 1 week ban? I'm content on keeping your ban set for 1 month -1
  23. Koda I remember training you back in the day and you really showing you were a great staff member. This isn't something that comes easy to me but it's way to soon for you to appeal a literally game breaking exploit. You crushed any trust that I had in you. I can't give you a +1 or even a Neutral right now because of how soon it is. I think maybe in the future you could get another chance but you were a Senior Mod an example to the community and an example to our staff team. No matter if any of the others get un-banned you will always be held to a higher standard. I think deep down you're a great guy Koda, but this is a mistake that's hard to come back from. -1
  24. Huge +1 let's be real these leggies even with new effects are not nearly as broken as pre nerf leggies. The ability to re-roll your effect with a dragon egg would increase the value of the drastically decreasing dragon eggs.
  25. I can clearly see that Isaac was online and taking sits during that time. You only showed a very edited 23 second clip of the interaction. You knew there was a staff member on and actively taking sits yet you were impatient. Going to the forums would've been the better option.
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