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  1. I'm going to give the new S-Mod team a quick reminder that Bone. was never an incredibly toxic person to the point that people were going to quit the server over it nor was he hated by the majority of the community like other players who were removed are. Prime example Haze_of_a_Dream. The fact you guys are unwilling to give him a chance right now shows the amount of sheep mentality you guys have right now. We've had significantly worse players unbanned at a way faster rate than him. The absolute worst thing he did was alt which isn't that severe either. This appeal compared to 90% of every other appeal I've seen in my time is damn near perfect. He obviously isn't trying to come back and start shit with anyone. It's not hard to throw a second chance and keep an eye on him. The absolute worst thing that can happen is he does the same dumb shit again and gets re-banned.
  2. I'm not involved with the community anymore, however I do have insight on your ban. We held a vote on your community removal similar to the reasons of OG Bot Dumbass this wasn't a higher up decision or a rash decision it was held for almost 4 days with a 90% up vote for your removal. You did a great job on this appeal but I feel as if you left out an important detail that you alted on B3nz's account on multiple occasions. I know you said you alted but you should make it known to everyone. Personally I've never had an issue with you being toxic or shitty to me and I thought you were an alright dude overall. +1 if anyone has any questions you can reach out to me. I'm not very active on discord or steam anymore so I might take a few years to reply. Go fuck yourselves
  3. That's crazy. Trump 2024!
  4. I worked 12 hours yesterday then bought Chick Fil A. Got them fuckin nugs. Shit slapped harder than my mom when I said fuck before school.
  5. I LOVE YOU WAFFLES! Going great! Started a new job, got some new gains, and been staying super busy!
  6. I thought about it for a solid 3 seconds and was like nah.  DENIED
  7. We have a builder job that only I or super-admins can give to trusted players that has a hugely increased prop limit and no fading door limit. This job is restricted to event building and planning only. If you are feeling creative and want to help build events you can private message me on discord or in-game and we'll see if we can hook you up. Using the job for personal use though isn't something we are going to allow now or in the future.Â
  8. You sure have changed bud! Always great to see someone make positive changes for themselves! Oh wait I was reading the wrong ban appeal. Â Â Â DENIED
  9. LeGerbs

    ban appeal

    ACCEPTED Â Don't MRDM again silly
  10. 04/09/2023 Â ADDED:Â Serial Killer does not have to own a base to be able to kill their victims and may kill them in the street they are the only class exception.
  11. I've attempted to reach out to you with no reply and no update on this application. We would be willing to give you another chance if you didn't make such a low effort appeal that tends to put the blame on others rather than yourself. Â DENIED Â You are free to create another appeal.
  12. 04/07/2023 Â ADDED:Â You may create fishing bases on the ocean as a non-hobo however you are limited to two (2) keypads and one (1) fading door. The entire base must be mostly see through and you may not have entities of any kind inside. (With the exception of the boombox) Â CHANGED:Â You are now allowed to call votebans/votekicks while staff are online to:Â Votebanning/kicking while staff members are online is not allowed and can result in a voterestrict
  13. I didn't really care at the time but you kept coming back to mug me after I'd killed you multiple times which is NLR if you really want to fight this we can slam you for MNLR for 7 days. if a staff asks you to stop doing something id highly suggest listening to them.
  14. I can already feel the shitstorm forming before this happens ima lock this.
  15. ACCEPTED per the banning staff members request.
  16. We will unban you however, you will be placed on probation for 2 months.  Here are the terms:  - Any Physical Warns/Bans even a day long will re-perma ban you with no chance at appeal. - Any toxicity (Racism/Homophobia) will re-perma ban you with no chance at appeal. - You will have a close eye watching you at all times  I and our staff team are entrusting that you're willing to change. Don't mess this up.  ACCEPTED
  17. Your base was invisible. You were intentionally trapping people claiming to be kidnapping them while you were clearly not kidnapping anyone. Your keypads were not in plain sight. Â DENIED
  18. Â You cannot have a crouch base that exploits a head or foot glitch (or any other body part, don't loophole please). Your base must have a clear path through. This means no full blackout/super dark. bases, invisible bases, or maze bases where the path is not obvious. You must have your keypads in plain sight and it must be next to the door. Â The fact you had to tell me that your keypad was in a specific area makes it a failbase. There is no clear path and the base was completely invisible. You tried to loophole the crouch base that traps the player from leaving. Â You were not a kidnapping class nor were you attempting to kidnap anyone. Â Try to get better at loop holing the rules because right now you're not very good at it.
  19. Huh this seems to be an obvious lie considering this player reached out to me directly. Looks to as if you're standing in direct view of your base from upper sewers. He gunned you down to initiate a raid. One of your party members killed him without a party assist either. Then shortly after you guys votebanned him. Â Â
  20. How the hell do you have 40 bans with 5 days of playtime. You've spent almost 5x the amount of time banned than you have playing on the server.  Big -1 from me
  21. Your warning is removed I don't see why you were warned in the first place. If you have something to contribute to ban appeals that isn't trolling/shitposting you shouldn't be warned for it. Â ACCEPTED
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