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  1. Then we can go ahead and close this thread. As per the warning you had to acknowledge in order to post again, We do not have the ability to change warnings or messages given in warnings after they are given. You would receive another notification for a second warning. Please read the warning text when it prompts you to. Resolved
  2. After reading over your responses and the fact that after you knew you were in trouble for it you additionally claimed 2 staff members groomed you while in the sit, you are being dishonest and intended to accuse them of pedophilia. We do not allow toxicity on this server and accusations of harming children fall under that rule. Appeal DENIED for failure to prove ban reason false.
  3. Hi. Your claim of NLRx2 can be easily verified with a screenshot of your console (or some other form of evidence), which may be necessary since staff are disputing your claim. Did you happen to collect any evidence of the situation?
  4. You've been extremely offensive in chat in the past and you know better than to be toxic dude. -1 Surprised I would have to mention it to staff, but it was only a warning. The ban was only a consequence of him accruing enough warnings and wasn't a punishment for his offense. Edit: It would normally be an iffy warning but hasn't Sticks been around longer than me? If not, his current forums account joined 3 years ago so he's had plenty of time to figure out to not be toxic in OOC. Neutral, it should be removed if he can convince Abstergo to remove it or if other staff think it's chill. Also non-staff need to stop commenting unless they have evidence or something, like Piklas' reply was an addition of information to the appeal but "ITS NOT RAYCIST LOL" isn't. What's with these old users suddenly forgetting the rules?
  5. "Having friends is an exploit apparently" If I see someone raiding my base, I'm going to shoot them. I don't want to be warned for that. -1 You can only be on one base/front door at a time so it's not like they're basing somewhere else, some of that money is probably going towards them. "It wouldnt surprise me if people started making hobo bases on the other side of the main base and shoot anyone who is outside. " Whoever was the hobo wouldn't be able to defend the base in any way and any people in there would be liable to you shooting or bombing them as part of the raid since they'd be an obvious threat if they're on the doors, and they probably shouldn't be defending a base from inside of another base anyways. +1 for adding that to the rules
  6. JANUARY 17th LEAKED CHANGELOG Removed movement sweps Removed smod and admin and superadmin (Walter as HA is the final upper staff member) Removed CCs Everyone with more than 4 weapons on their CC are perma jailed in sitland with a fake CC editor so they can AFK by it to feel safe like usual, if they want to do their only other action and FLY AROUND THE MAP they should try single player Tmods and Mods are banned from posting on the forums SLAB UPDATE Removed money to encourage basing and raiding
  7. Interestingly, all 3 of you gave us the same story that you had absolutely, literally no idea what it meant but thought it was funny. I did deal with one of your friends, when asked how it was funny and why he pasted it into chat both answers were "I dunno." You aren't being honest. Some of us are pretty stupid, but we aren't dumb. IDK what you want us to say man, you would've gotten a warning at most if you weren't being a smartass and dishonest given it's your first offense and wasn't super stupid/targeted/harassment. Even saying "I was being a dummy, it won't happen again" would've had them returning you with a finger wag. I really don't see the need for a perm ban here since it was first offense and I'm trying to tell staff to not punish like that but I also really don't appreciate our server staff being accused of that and then you trying to snake your way out of it. I really want to suggest a reduction to 1d-1w but you aren't even playing the part well, your own replies don't make any sense. How about some easy questions? Since it's an appeal you have time to think and these should be easy. Your answers will show us what we need to do here. This should clear everything up and maybe it is all just a big misunderstanding and we just look foolish, in which case we'll unban. What did you think it means? Why did you paste it into chat? Why did you say it after knowing about what happened with your first friend, given the other friend I had a sit with said your first friend told you guys it'd be a warning and to paste it into OOC? What did you find funny about it?
  8. Idk man getting rid of tokens sorta encourages raiding but that doesn’t do any good if people still don’t base, we can’t solve those problems out of order otherwise it just gets worse. They also only last 4h right now so it’s no more powerful than raiding -1 either way, tokens are a somewhat unique concept and I’d like to see them balanced rather than removed
  9. ask specific questions we can answer
  10. sorry you feel that way the guy's a dick but it's a funny emoji what's the suggestion supposed to be? I'll declare it racist if that's all you're looking 4
  11. Yes. Please read our punishment guidelines section on failRP for more information. Generally, we no longer give out CP bans and warnings for this unless it becomes a major issue with someone or other rules (RDA, RDM, NLR, etc) are broken in the process, in which case the failRP may be a contributing factor to how staff resolve the situation.
  12. Per our punishment guidelines: Not role-playing properly or as chosen job (FailRP) FailRP is a very general term, this includes things like cops not arresting criminals and letting them go. This should not be punishable by staff and the players have all of the power to decide who is and isn't on the job. A verbal warning in rare circumstances can be given out to players who do not want to role-play. https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/1770-official-proper-punishment-times-and-reasons/ If you disagree with staff following the guidelines, create a suggestion thread to suggest they be changed. If you have an issue with an individual or specific number of staff please create a report. As per our guidelines, it is an RP issue that should first be attempted to be resolved with /demote or complaining to the mayor to try to get them off the job. Staff can intervene if it becomes an issue/they won’t stop doing it to you or they violate other rules such as RDA or RDM. You were told this. Please stop trying to start and maintain an argument.
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