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  1. Sevv

    am i sussy?

    I swear you know everything about me.
  2. Sevv

    am i sussy?

    upooooh u sussy baka
  3. I am sorry and i promise i will never do this again.. if it gets denied oh well. thanks for reading Sevv Today 12:32 AM i just ddosed the server lol
  4. Sevv


    only ogs remember when it was sending client info
  5. Lisen to me, the printers suck ass now, you have to take them out every single time when they overheat, sucks for basing and shit and everyone in the server hates them now i am a broke nigga fix them daddy sugar.
  6. I had a slight feeling of thats what you meant.
  7. Sevv

    Being mod lol

    King exploit? i was just stalker not even knowing how to do it.
  8. Sevv

    Being mod lol

    How tf do i apply if i wanted to?
  9. I fucking love this server

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