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  1. Tyz that don't mean nothing that base was lucys base my friends I said I didn't see your message in chat, no one called a sit and it was obvious i was messing around it wasn't ur base stop with the raiding bullshit, how about u ask lucy if it was breaking nlr since it wasn't ur base plus after lucy killed u, u came back and put a hit on me for revenge so idk what ur statement is at all.
  2. BRO OMG I NEVER EDITED THE VIDEO o_o yall r dog
  3. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/877764701281464381/877814257947922462/ezgif.com-gif-maker_1.mp4
  4. here is is the video proof
  5.  srry 

    1. BriskyBri


      here is the video proof


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