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  1. Zoosh


    agreed but some cops dont care and want the kill because thats how they play. Take it into consideration where you are defending yourself and know when to run and when to fight.
  2. Zoosh


    Lets say you are a gang member realistically and you are shooting at your rivals. Is a cop gonna run you down to arrest you or is a cop gonna shoot you because youll gun him down before he gets to you. Cops should be able to shoot to kill if you are killing another civilian period. Also I am banned and I don't main a cop class. So here is a non cop main opinion.
  3. thats his mess cleaning roll after he watches hentai on crunchyroll LMAO
  4. i just want to gokart race in the isles
  5. ik bbg titsrp has been around a very bery long time. I'm sure 98% of peopld that play nowadays dont even remember the titsrp ts. I had my own private ts lounge back then. Beautiful memories. One of the biggest things to learn from my downfalls is be weary who you trust even if they are staff. I got recorded on ts by a fellow staff member while I was ranting about another staff member who rdmed someone. He was mad because I made him warn himself. Later that night he made a post about me being disrespectful to him when in reality he was in the wrong and continously tried to get out of a punishment so I had to threaten a report on him. He then resigned and spoke about me in a rude manner. So in ts I was venting talking about going rogue not that I would have nor have I ever. Long story short like mr. president said I will never leave this community it will always have my full support and No matter what, this permaban on me from the server and discord will get removed even if I have to appeal every 2 weeks for the next 6 months. I'll see everyone on the server soon. P.S. @Rubikwhen I get unbanned will you come rp with me itd be an honor!
  6. ur just mad u were never on the old enjin forums Edit: The first official member of titsrp was named MagicBox joined in July 26 2014
  7. Hey grape its been a while how you been?
  8. truth betold honestly there is an old forums page, before this forums was created. So if you truly want to find the very very first account good luck! I never actually thought of doing this back then.
  9. might as well add a princess so we can kidnap her for randsome
  10. Zoosh

    Forum rep

    Fair point but its kinda annoying to see a bunch of random -1 reps appear on random posts that dont involve them.
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