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  1. I think 1.5m double xp is better because dropping almost half a m for a days worth of double xp just seems like too much and not everyone plays for 24 hours to make the most of it. And having it at 4m just seems like its blocking it off to people who dont base/grind for money
  2. I really dont take warlach as that type of person, a warn is understandable because he still was not paying attention and said it but i feel extended punishment is a bit much, nsfw in theaters is much different than c+p-ing a bad sentence in chat without realizing it. My personal opinion is it should stay a warn as a reminder if it ever happens again
  3. This is in desperate need for a revive im pretty sure 90% of players who collect/gather lots of items have accidentally sold many or something very valuable on accident, 2 weeks ago I accidentally sold about 500 processed weed and it got cycled out of bmarket with trash sellers. A confirmation screen for items worth more than x amount or has x rarity itll stop alot of people’s days from being ruined
  4. Sorry thats what i took it as when dyln said he didnt rdm its been a long day for me thanks for the correction
  5. He got 0 punishment, i just said more than a warn because thats usually what is given for an rdm
  6. Sugar Tits Pet (Extreme gambler cat model) Every time you get 1 suga for playing the server the pet says something related to suga or something and have Sugar be the voice of it
  7. to rebut this most those players but chip dip were also partaking in the mrdm at the end of the wipe, it was mutually agreed by most people that a big fight will happen. There was another guy who was straight up not even letting people leave spawn sitting right at the exit of spawn killing mfs
  8. Adding all your party members to doors is annoying and im aware why its part of base defense rules. But having to go through every single person in your party to add to a door is cancer so we should have a function that can add all party members to door
  9. I Failrp daily, this isnt a report on me so it do not matter
  10. The logs will say i kidnapped you and hits where placed on you. The logs will also show your toxicity which is a bannable offense and if they look at my kidnapping logs specifically itll show you arent some special occasion, i kidnap a ton of people whenever out of the blue
  11. I was there for 3/4 of the whole time, Racist was pretty much being a minge not leaving warlach alone. This report is to purely spite warlach. I am one of the kidnappers/hitmen that warlach "asked" to kidnap him which i did on my own accord every single time and for being a hitman it was just players calling hits on him, on 2 of the hits i had on him i asked players to call hits on him specifically because he was insulting me in ooc. And on staff telling warlach to leave racist alone, He complied and racist seeked out interaction from warlach.
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