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  1. A CC with a broken model and a jetpack. Seems legit.
  2. Zucc wasn't an admin, my appeals aren't every two weeks.
  3. Is there somewhere I can contact you to avoid filling up this thread with 1 on 1 conversation? (More so to get to know your viewpoint and reasoning for pushing to keep the ban)
  4. I would just like to say for any new staff, this ban was in July of 2020, my past doesn't reflect my current self. That's all, thank you for your time!
  5. Happy new year Bois Merry Christmas Let's hope 2021 is better than 2020 because we all know that was a bit of a trainwreck. Oh, and pls unban :')
  6. He accepted my apology on 8/30 or august 30'th, about 2 1/2 months ago. I waited so long because at first I just alted and didn't care, then I just didn't wanna play the anymore. After some time, I realized I should apologize because I was a complete asshole with very messed up morals. My more recent ban appeals... I just didn't think it would matter to post the screenshot, but this ban appeal I figured people probably doubted I ever contacted him.
  7. That's true, what I did was definitely worse, and I agree with you, but people who have done worse get chances, and even reform entirely in some cases. I guess that's more so what I was trying to say.
  8. Yeah... I would be surprised too if I thought a permanent ban in a game made someone changed the way they thought. I would also doubt that and its realism in entirety because that's not realistic. The perma-ban wasn't what made me feel and act differently (as shown through my activity during alting shortly after said ban), if it "did", I'd just still be playing and getting banned... more.
  9. I don't understand why you're so aggressive with the way you word things and what you suggest. I never said I wanted to make his situation an excuse, I never implied it. I dislike the idea of arguing on the forums, but you're practically putting words in my mouth. I said he got a chance at redemption. I'm also asking for that chance. He was the first person to comment and -1'd it, so I wanted to know he's against he idea that people can better themselves (based off his reasoning for -1'ing)
  10. Won't people minge and do such things anyway? I feel like that's just assuming the player base breaks rules and starts drama, which doesn't really sound good on your outlook of the server... I think it's a good idea as long as it's not too much xp required or xp depletion, making basing feel more like a chore would ruin it.
  11. I was not intending to compare my offense to his, I was comparing the fact that he was banned for doing something wrong, I was also banned for doing something wrong. After time he got a chance to redeem himself, and all I'm asking is for the same chance.
  12. Do you not believe in redemption Coba? Despite being banned and alting yourself? You can also interact with me yourself if you'd like! We can play a game sometime or something. Let me know.
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