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  1. Half of this shit is just definitions for actual disabilities or generalized situations, have you READ through this? and the post directly afterwards claiming homosexual to be offensive is pretty funny, it's literally the definition of their relations with no form of slur or negative connotation prior to what YOU associate with it.
  2. I apologize for the disregard of said rule and my confusion, i just believed it was potentially useful to have another perspective than what was already repeatedly seen on the thread. I see what you're saying though, thank you for your reply.
  3. BIG props to yike for having the drive to try to see change in something he somehow still has faith in despite the potential adversity. I've seen all the points Yike has brought up. Staff bias, "us vs them" or clique mentalities, suppression of users on forums or in game. The staff team is doing good PR on the thread, but i don't believe everything they say. I'd like to see something to show the claims that the staff team is moving in a positive direction. From my first memories of the server and the staff team, the staff team got more politically correct, more restrictive on player speech, more separated, and more disconnected from the actual player base and how they feel (partially referencing higher up staff that i wont name, just know i genuinely believe 2/3 main big boys are very good for the server and should get the appreciation they deserve.) Now, getting punished for making non-personal or malicious jokes in a videogame made to have fun and create your own experience just doesnt sound right, thats not to say let all hell break loose, as things definitely go too far when emotion is mixed in, but sometimes it can seem like your fingers are tapping on egg shells sorta speak. I also noticed that staff value their experience over a standard player's. Which seems natural as humans to put yourself first however, the disparity between what most staff are willing to give up from their own experience for another player's experience seems larger than before. The comments i make are not directed at the staff team as a whole, but certain individuals or groups. A few very kind, intelligent, and over all good staff members are lower rank than those who give me the reason to negatively comment on the staff team. The image i will attach was on Silver's discord ban appeal, the thread seemed to be the same comments regurgitated so I put an input that wasn't "make a better appeal" "you should know better than to make that kind of joke." As non-staff im generally not supposed to comment on those things, but, the only comments were essentially echoing the ban reason or about his appeal title. My comment was deleted with no reason or warning points. I had an assumption that would happen which is why i screenshotted it. I believe this can serve as an example of suppression given the replies prior to mine, the player in question having poor relation with the commenting staff, and the action taken for my comment.
  4. A CC with a broken model and a jetpack. Seems legit.
  5. Zucc wasn't an admin, my appeals aren't every two weeks.
  6. Is there somewhere I can contact you to avoid filling up this thread with 1 on 1 conversation? (More so to get to know your viewpoint and reasoning for pushing to keep the ban)
  7. I would just like to say for any new staff, this ban was in July of 2020, my past doesn't reflect my current self. That's all, thank you for your time!
  8. Happy new year Bois Merry Christmas Let's hope 2021 is better than 2020 because we all know that was a bit of a trainwreck. Oh, and pls unban :')
  9. He accepted my apology on 8/30 or august 30'th, about 2 1/2 months ago. I waited so long because at first I just alted and didn't care, then I just didn't wanna play the anymore. After some time, I realized I should apologize because I was a complete asshole with very messed up morals. My more recent ban appeals... I just didn't think it would matter to post the screenshot, but this ban appeal I figured people probably doubted I ever contacted him.
  10. That's true, what I did was definitely worse, and I agree with you, but people who have done worse get chances, and even reform entirely in some cases. I guess that's more so what I was trying to say.
  11. Yeah... I would be surprised too if I thought a permanent ban in a game made someone changed the way they thought. I would also doubt that and its realism in entirety because that's not realistic. The perma-ban wasn't what made me feel and act differently (as shown through my activity during alting shortly after said ban), if it "did", I'd just still be playing and getting banned... more.
  12. I don't understand why you're so aggressive with the way you word things and what you suggest. I never said I wanted to make his situation an excuse, I never implied it. I dislike the idea of arguing on the forums, but you're practically putting words in my mouth. I said he got a chance at redemption. I'm also asking for that chance. He was the first person to comment and -1'd it, so I wanted to know he's against he idea that people can better themselves (based off his reasoning for -1'ing)
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