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  1. I like this idea, gives more diversity to building which sounds like more fun.
  2. I like this idea as it indirectly buffs printers (which since my ban were trash compared to other ents and I doubt they're any better now). Well, not even a buff, it's like a quality of life change cause pickup boxes. Either way, makes sense logically and gameplay wise IMO.
  3. A level or gang perk potentially, increase gang lvl to 80? gang gang. I like the idea of the processor cooldown thing, but either nerf procs or buff other ents because procs would be so broken.
  4. Something like a "prestige system" made into a shop that costs insane amounts of money for cosmetics or random quality of life perks up to a max? A full wipe will cause both good and bad, optional shit will... Just don't make it OP. And it'll probably be good.
  5. Who's to say I AM alting currently? I owned up to my alts. To my knowledge there's no account suspected of me alting. (If there is, I feel bad for whoever it is behind that account) Also, as time told, when I did alt, it was pretty blatant so I think you'd know if I was.
  6. "I've made it an option without contacting you in case you didn't want to interact with me." I'm a little confused how it's "inconsiderate" or "bad" to respect someone potentially not wanting to deal with a situation that clearly made them feel bad. I gave the option for if he wanted to or not, I'm not going to force myself into someone's focus or attention if there's a reason for them to not want to talk to me.
  7. Do you want to talk with me? I've made it an option without contacting you in case you did not want to interact with me. I am sorry for what I said to you, and I have no problem talking with you about the whole situation.
  8. You're right, that is 100% a risk that you're taking by unbanning me, or any perma-banned player for that matter. The only thing you have to go off is my word and this appeal. If something did happen, if I get unbanned, i would be re-banned and that would be the end of it. I don't want to destroy anyone's life, and I don't see any justifiable reason to ever do so, everyone makes mistakes, and ending or ruining their life just makes it harder (or impossible) for them to become better people. I respect your stance and I see your side. Have a good day.
  9. Change can happen in many ways, over different amounts of time. The change wasn't just instant. And the way I acted wasn't just during being banned or alting, also prior to that. I should've taken a break, but at the time I preffered to spend my time on a darkRP server than being in the real world to fix my real world problems and better myself.
  10. I was in a very toxic state of mind at the time partially due to IRL circumstances (I won't say publicly but we can talk in private), I also took those actions because I didn't think empathetically or how I could affect others with words or actions. During the time I spent afterwards, i... Well, the best way to say it, I got my shit together and stopped acting like an immature teen, trying to better myself socially, mentally, and in life in general (again,personal things that I don't want to go into detail about publicly.) I don't want these to seem like excuses, I hold myself accountable for the way I used to act and I'm just answering your question.
  11. Well I see Walter's viewing this as I am. Knowing it will now be denied because I'm a retard and that first reason makes sense. I love you Walter you big chungus. ❤️
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