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    All of those can be done as hobos, hes not asking to remove public bases, gambling, fightings rings, small gun sales buildings, fishing dupes, donation buildings, etc hes just asking so only hobos would be able to make them
  3. Garv

    Pig Size

    I was told bigger than a house and experienced it before dying from eating too much
  4. Some people get real confused on the app even though it’s pretty simple if you use your cheat sheet (The rules) as booper said maybe remove some of the questions maybe the per say harder ones so people have an easier time cause they are going to go through training and learn lots of the basics and have some time to go over the rules and you can’t even really make someone with no experience about staffing answer a question about using the logs or implemented staff tools
  5. Garv


    You have no evidence to prove your side of the story so I will be denying this Declined, no evidence is supplied
  6. I think he baited other players to vote ban the wrong one but yeah I’m +1 for the ban
  7. As Isaac said you have zero evidence so we can't really trust what you are putting on this appeal, which means you should be denied Declined since you have no evidence
  8. Garv


    Welcome back the fastest man alive
  9. Sugar actually has a Trello board Click here but I like the idea but I think north bear was doing something similar to this
  10. Garv

    Pig Job

    -1 please add pig slaughterer
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