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  1. anyone that thinks staff have brains are mistaken and are likely just as smooth-brained as the staff team
  2. The ability to create something out of nothing is stupid. Bruh that it literally what almost every money making entity does.
  3. TitsRP | After Dark sounds fire. toxicity and racism must be allowed
  4. I got this great idea lets remove almost everything people have put hours into making! Hundred or even thousands of hours of progress should be deleted because I said so! -1 I agree with prestige though.
  5. Is this the nerfing kind of update or a buffing kind of update?
  6. Can confirm this is basic raiding.
  7. You seem to do just fine with only a disguise swep.
  8. Yo, how about we don’t add any of those shit things that nobody wants, and do this one instead.
  9. I try to like... do something if I say I'm going to.
  10. A very scuff tutorial on how to raid on TitsRP. made in singleplayer :P
  11. Proof? right here rn post link
  12. You fool! This is just a suggestion post to rename weapon forges in disguise!
  13. A very scuff tutorial on how to enchant weapons in on TitsRP. made in singleplayer :P
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