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  1. In-game name: money SteamID: 76561198139677649 Your plans for Halloween: going to parties and getting fucked up fs
  2. I don't want the drug buyer to display false prices. Like if it says they buying for 9k but actually buying for 7k thats gonna piss everyone off. This bug is only good for people who are on all day.
  3. Something like this has happened to me before and I know when someone lies about stuff like this. I think the “It’s your responsibility” rule is dumb. You absolutely should not be banned for someone else’s doing. Just monitor what people do on your computer more closely. +1
  4. +1 for a RDM warn. Nagi explained to me the situation and after reading through the replies and looking at the evidence I think a warn would be good.
  5. does it look good????? https://ibb.co/gvtmXnt
  6. what you said was fucked. i know you wouldn't actually do that and it was a joke but still that was a lil fucked. you did apologize which is good but i feel like you need a little more effort. try again in a month or two. Neutral
  7. +1 but next time you write an appeal put more effort into it
  8. you seem actually sorry and you only have 1 warning. +1
  9. Money Man

    My Ban Appeal

    Seeing as it was over a year ago I don’t see any problem giving you another chance. But I also agree with antfucker. Your appeal seems rushed and we can always ban you again. +1
  10. idk who you are but you seem like you have changed since whenever this happened. i look forward to seeing you ingame. +1
  11. Money Man

    My Ban Appeal

    Could you add a little more detail on why you got banned? I would like to know what happened before I make a decision.
  12. i like money yes money is very cool i become rich yes i like yes
  13. IG name - cs.money SteamID: STEAM_0:1:89705960 I’m going to California for a week
  14. Money Man


    Proof that my friend is here and his setup. (you can see me writing the appeal on my monitor) - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/473288844209553408/851285926709428224/image0.jpg Picture of his profile logged into his setup - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/473288844209553408/851286715452227604/image0.jpg
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