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  1. you seem actually sorry and you only have 1 warning. +1
  2. Money Man

    My Ban Appeal

    Seeing as it was over a year ago I don’t see any problem giving you another chance. But I also agree with antfucker. Your appeal seems rushed and we can always ban you again. +1
  3. idk who you are but you seem like you have changed since whenever this happened. i look forward to seeing you ingame. +1
  4. Money Man

    My Ban Appeal

    Could you add a little more detail on why you got banned? I would like to know what happened before I make a decision.
  5. i like money yes money is very cool i become rich yes i like yes
  6. IG name - cs.money SteamID: STEAM_0:1:89705960 I’m going to California for a week
  7. Money Man


    Proof that my friend is here and his setup. (you can see me writing the appeal on my monitor) - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/473288844209553408/851285926709428224/image0.jpg Picture of his profile logged into his setup - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/473288844209553408/851286715452227604/image0.jpg
  8. So I was talking with stichnuts and we were liking the idea of a vore job. It's like a mix of spawn of hell and treasure hunter. You are given a target to vore and if you can vore enough people without dying you get a prize. Also if a person has been in your stomach for over 2 minutes they are digested and killed. This could also be nice to add to the leaderboards. Like how many people eaten with 1 minute or something like that. I feel like this would make a fun and creative addition to the server. Vore = funny and this idea i think is a pretty good one. Stichnuts came up with some of the ideas here so he gets credit too. If needed I could go more in depth if needed.
  9. Why did you decide to become staff and do you regret it?
  10. I have tried. He hasn't added me back and he got on yesterday and I talked to him and he said he would give me edit perms but he got off without telling me again and didn't give me the perms.
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