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  1. This matter was already resolved in ajax's thread. DENIED
  2. Really broken up about not getting staff eh?
  3. User decided to deny his own appeal? OK then...
  4. You don't decide the punishment for what you do. And leaving the server is still LTAP, even if you have to go buy a car. I've forwarded this on to abstergo.
  5. A sleepover in the pd is not a valid reason to return despite your insistence that it is.
  6. Giving people the option to reset their own progress would be fine, but don't impose it on everyone else
  7. Another suggestion regarding auction house: Only take the deposit fee when the item gets sold based on which currency it's purchased with. That way I'm not paying 10 suga just to have the person purchase it with darkrp.
  8. You instantly said thanks when it gave you the money: I'm hard-pressed to believe you didn't know it was going to happen. Even if you didn't, I gave you many chances to return the money. I should have brought you to a sit, that's my bad, but I thought I made myself very clear when I asked you to return the money. I'll unban you now and give you the chance to return the money. ACCEPTED
  9. Slick

    Embers Ban Appeal

    I'm sorry, but you chose to alt, that's on you. -1
  10. Removing the drag feature would be nice. Just clicking on the item should place it in the sell spot.
  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ethnic_slurs Or anything that resembles them used in place of a racial slur
  12. and screens aren't meant to be part of the base defense
  13. "If I can't murder people, why am I allowed knives in my kitchen in the first place? doesn't make sense yea" This is how you sound. I hope that illustrates how dumb that notion is. The entities are there for utility (watching cameras), not exploiting.
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