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  1. Slick

    Zesh's Ban Appeal

    -1 That implies you actually spent three years away from the server, but you didn't. You alted.
  2. I think I bought some DarkRP once when I first joined the server from someone, I don't recall from whom.
  3. Do you really want people getting on the server adverting "Selling DarkRP for paypal" as quickly as staff let them get away with for three+ hours every day? Because that is what we got when we allowed selling of DarkRP cash for IRL currency.
  4. Oh. Yeah forget my neutral, I'm -1
  5. I didn't ban you. I only extended the ban for Abstergo. Since he's no longer staff, it's up to the rest of the staff team to decide. I'm neutral since I wasn't involved in the situation other than extending the resulting ban.
  6. You should absolutely know better. -1
  7. Slick

    Jacket's Appeal

    I do think you deserve a second chance, as my interactions with you recently have been alright, and I take that as you trying to improve. However, I believe you should be kept on a short leach should you wish to return. That means keeping out of trouble and not trying to bend/loophole the rules at every corner. Any sort of sign of a return to your old habits will mean adios to you, with no chance to ever appeal (on the basis of a mercy appeal, obvious you can still appeal if the ban was false). So with that, a you have my tentative +1
  8. Slick

    Warn Appeal

    DENIED We don't remove warns unless they are false, and from your post, it sounds like you're asking for it to be removed on the basis of it being old. Especially now with warns expiring after two years, it's not gonna happen.
  9. If you are willing to sit through that many relogs (which is probably slower than just waiting out your sentence), then you deserve to be released for reason of insanity.
  10. This would also help with situation where players destroy their own entities during a raid. So +1
  11. It's not just you. I feel the same way at the moment. I've been staff for nearly two years now and I've seen my share of staff burn themselves out on the game and then disappear off the face of the earth. Take time off, go do other stuff. You don't have a staff role so you don't have any obligations to the server.
  12. Eh. The use case for this would be so slim that just having Rubik and sugar there to edit the db if need be is fine as is.
  13. DENIED Try to at least put some effort into your appeal. Actually putting your real steamid instead of "fk off" would be a start. Also, the appeal you linked literally says "how NOT to make an appeal," but it seems you followed it like a guide instead.
  14. Per legal obligation, I made this two years ago but then a superadmin removed two of the mailboxes (2 and 14 on my map) which shifted all the numbers and made it out of date
  15. As for your claim regarding false firing: Making CP's change their job name or be fired is perfectly fine. If you didn't change your job name, and he fired you for it, he's fine, As for Tass's response to your sit: Yeah, that wasn't the best way to handle it. Tass, take the time to try to explain to people why you fired them, and how it's not against the rules. Don't just say "it was fun"
  16. Nah man. You were a massive racist, constantly pushing the limits of what was allowed. You acted like a toddler, seeing how much you could get away with until you got in trouble. Secondly, you alted to make this ban appeal which is a no-no. In future, contact an smod+ to have your account unbanned on forums to make an appeal. For that reason alone, DENIED
  17. Moving to accepted since bird's now log when they poop.
  18. Why don't we revert the change that cops can't vote, but instead of counting the votes needed as a percent of all players, make it so the yes vote to no vote ratio has to be above a certain point? Cause as it currently stands, voting no does nothing I believe.
  19. If you don't have any evidence of why this warn is false, we're going to deny this. So I ask, do you have any evidence (you not remembering the sit isn't evidence)? We can wait for taxha's response, but It's very unlikely he warned you without a sit.
  20. No, for the same reason doing one damage with kidnapper swep and killing someone isn't RDM: you were doing your RP job. Sucks that they were on 1 hp.
  21. Ok, something is going on with the new bans page. I'm not seeing any unban for that exploiting ban, but you got banned the next day for attempted loopholing, so clearly you did get unbanned and it's just not showing.
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