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  1. you youngins don't even know the big picture, twenty fifteen
  2. Sirlepepe


    Make the table limit bigger than 400,000 chips, and make us able to exchange more than 300,000 chips at a time at the Chip Exchanger. We have too much money! We need to increase the cap!!
  3. In-game name: Sirlepepe SteamID: STEAM_0:0:58130036 Your plans for Halloween: gamble on titsrp...
  4. holy shit this guy really turned 5 mil into 12 mil!
  5. your brain is the enemy, you are just stupid! U can literally only bet 4 million a time… how the fuck u lose.
  6. Joined back with 300k, won in roulette up to 2 mil. Lost 7 times in a row, down to $0. Sold my inventory for 600k, got to 1.3mil, lose 6 times in a row, down to $0. Treasure hunted for 300k, went up to 1.8 mil, lost, bought a million, gambled to 2 million. Lost it all, 8 losses in a row. I will be back tomorrow to treasure hunt for more casino chips UPDATE: It has been tomorrow, and Piklas has given me 5 million in trust fund. I turned it into 12 million today, and I am logging off. I win. I am the best gambler in the world bro.... so epic...
  7. hello guy i just buy Garry mod and i wanted to play darkrp so I play titsrp and I am also a addicted compulsive gambler so titsrp roulette table and casino help me. i already make my money turn my 300.000 dorrer to 2 mirron in my first day of rp. I love gambling please be nice to me cause I am new. don’t enable me in game or else i will become homeless due to gambling debt please. also ive seen this picture going around and this work looks pretty bad ass so feel free to save it and keep
  8. Sirlepepe

    im hired!

    https://solidblock.dev im proud to be apart of the team!!!
  9. kek! epic gmod 4chan gang this will be so epic. can we have like super cool seperate groups in the gang! like /r9k/ /gif/ and the super epic! /pol/! hope this messages gets to u anon! stay safe :DDDDDD
  10. I am banished btw which makes me not see general or speak in vociechats Your Steam Name: Sirlepepe Your in-game name: Sirlepepe Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:58130036 Discord ID: Sirlepepe#8975 Why were you warned/banned?: I do not know; it was a super long time ago probably drama related Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?: I actually play on titsrp now, and i'm still learning how to play again so I may have questions or if I need immediate help I could ask on discord Who warned/banned you and for how long?: I do not know; and i'm banished so I can't talk in general or voicechats perma Evidence: none
  11. This will be my last thread on this disgusting forum; i've been here for 5 years, and now it's time to leave. [video=youtube]
  12. You should already know to not take the bait and feed trolls.
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