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  1. Denied you can wait out your ban
  2. Sir before you jump to conclusions maybe you should get all the facts.. that appeal was accepted because the banning staff member made the wrong call. Dudes history wasn’t bad and I had him unbanned . Ember is not new he knows what’s allowed and not
  3. accepted you will be warned instead
  4. Denied plz make sure to read the job description for every job
  5. Please provide evidence or I will have to deny this
  6. So you are correct about not leaving the server. I checked my recording and when another sit was made on you. Your name was grey and usually when players name turn grey in a sit. Means they left the server. That's why you weren't pulled into a sit and not able to give your side. That's my bad I also have a screen shot of what the sit looked like. But currently at work right now. I was able to get the recording of me spectating you. Towards the end I stopped watching you and was gonna pull you into a sit. But I had something I had to do real quick. I came back another sit was made on you and another staff member claimed and we thought you left and banned you. I'm willing to let you off with a warn tho since record is not that bad. But can you explain why the you kept coming back??
  7. I didn't bring you yet like I said, I was spectating you watching all this happen. I will provide video evidence of what you were doing
  8. 17:36:56 Player Puffin (STEAM_0:1:41035531) disconnected from the server 17:34:29 Player Sir Dingledorf (Citizen) called a sit for: Puffin McFluffin is repeatedly mass rdming and mass NLring, hes done it at least 8 times now, getting old 17:31:00 Player Sir Dingledorf (Citizen) called a sit for: Puffin McFluffin is mass rdming as well as mass NLRing
  9. So a sit was made on you for mass nlr and MRDM. I claimed the sit and started spectating you every single time you died you continued to look for this one player and tried or did kill him You then left the server and Venderson took another sit made by the guy and banned you for me. can you explain what all that was about ??
  10. denied I've told you plenty of times to stop doing this.
  11. please provide better evidence. Full video would be very helpful if not i will have to deny this
  12. accepted player will be given a warn. No previous bans
  13. {GN} Isaac


    Denied no evidence was provided
  14. We need to come up with a punishment system for players false vote banning and I will get on that. This player only made one false ban so I will warn him so staff know he already been given a warn. In the future if this happens again he will lose perms to call vote bans/kick Accepted
  15. Denied you will be warned for making a false report
  16. You would be surprised of how many sits I get for these. All new players or players that haven't played for a while. This is for you ;). also for staff if you get any sits about these 0;02 Fading door 1;03 buddy system 1;50 how to set up gun stand 3:19 how to change cc editor guns
  17. Saiko should not have done this and this is indeed mrdm. This nobody reported it will not get you out of mrdm. It’s simple and I’m gonna say it again so everyone can hear this. IF STAFF SEE YOU CLEARY breaking rules they are ALLOWED TO PUNISH YOU. BUT IF NOBODY HAD AN ISSUE WITH THE MRDM THEN YOU CAN TAKE THAT INTO consideration. THAT doesn’t mean staff cant ban for you breaking server rules or you are allowed to just mrdm. In this case looking at this clip saiko had nitrp and obviously just wanted to kill players. he will be banned for iRdm/ nitrp 5 day accepted
  18. Being burnt out gives you no excuse to abuse. Idk why you couldn't just leave like a mature adult, but it's over and done with. Like you said you didn't do anything that hurt the server so I wouldn't have an issue with you coming back. I do think you should be perma banned from applying for staff. Ex smod should have had way more self-control than that. + reduce + ban from applying
  19. updated removed perma bans added 6 month max ( depending on situation a perma ban can be issued by admin+)
  20. {GN} Isaac

    Ban Appeal

    Bro you are dumb dumb for saying this shit. But we always have some nerds who don't think before they speak. I don't think you should.be unbanned but maybe instead of a perma give this guy 6 month ban. Looking at his record it's pretty clean
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