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  1. Player Marco(STEAM_0:0:66009818) (Dick Suckin Goblin) said | PM from Major monkey: fucking lying hoe hope you get a splinter in your eye for that <21-05-2021 / 04:07:39> Player acheslcrlteEXE(STEAM_0:0:600472823) (NINJ4) said /ooc Marco fucking is white knighting the chick <21-05-2021 / 04:26:02> Player acheslcrlteEXE(STEAM_0:0:600472823) (NINJ4) said /ooc look at this simp https://imgur.com/a/jt2PDB6 <21-05-2021 / 04:30:18> Player major monkey the third(STEAM_0:0:600472823) (NINJ4) said /ooc ya grav gun her and put your massive rabbit dick in her <21-05-2021 / 04:36:02> Hello. I already verbally warned you after you pmed the player who called the sit "fucking lying hoe hope you get a splinter in your eye for that" for Player Toxicity. And then, 20 mins later, you were saying I was a "simp" and "white knighting" and then posted link of a image of me and the person in sitland. I did. I gave you a verbal warning 20 mins before. You should've stopped interacting with us after I gave you that warning. -1
  2. Getter


    I banned you because you were being toxic during the sit even though I gave you a warning for Player Toxicity earlier that the day. You also kill bind not only once, but twice, while I was trying telling you why it's wrong to do so. It's only for a day and the ban was valid. I recommend using this time to take a break from the server and realize what you did wrong. DENIED.
  3. Getter

    Ban APPEAL

    Hi, I am the mod that banned you. While in the sit, your mic was very loud and I couldn't hear the others so I asked you to stop talking 3 times, and when you finally stopped speaking over them, you left your mic on and was making noises into the mic. I now understand that I should've gagged you, but you were non compliant. But I will be unbanning you since I could've resolved it myself. ACCEPTED
  4. I don't think that's correct, since one of the default laws states "Do not attack other citizens except in self-defence"
  5. Hello, I'm the one who called the sit. The person I was shooting at, shot at me first. also, I don't think the "guns out in public" part is relevant, since the reasoning you gave me for arresting me was "from prespective you were murdering someone". it wasn't clear that I was shot at first, for that reason I would've said you should get a verbal. But then you left while I was showing the mod the video, which seemed like ltap. Here's the video btw https://streamable.com/qox8l5
  6. Getter

    RDA Warn

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