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  1. he's unbanned... dude waited out the ban
  2. Getter

    Report on andy

    why isnt this accepted and locked...
  3. There is already a way to choose who gets the hit, just walk up to them and place a hit.
  4. Most players on the server are on a cc at all times which makes it very difficult to actually get a hit from the payphone since payphone hits go to someone random each time. There should be an interactable object (a computer or a board or something) that hitmen can go to collect hits from the payphone. Make it so it gives you a random hit every time you interact with it to avoid player targeting. Also, please make it so you can cancel hits or make it so you can't get a hit on an already dead person or on yourself (https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/18282-getting-a-hit-on-yourself/). Otherwise, you have to rejoin or kill bind and lose items.
  5. Getter


    (on LOA) nah, he shot you after you entered the mayor's office as you can see in the video. +1
  6. (on LOA) That's not a exploit. If he placed the fence during a raid, then that would be FailRP. +1 for unban and warning -1 if he keeps being toxic on appeal...
  7. All video evidence must start ~30 secs before the event in question, and end ~30 after.
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