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  1. I loved it, it was fucking funny hearing it and was funny when I was there for the on in the tunnel!
  2. I would die laughing if I would see a raid going on and the news reports barge in and say "hAvE yoU sEeN AnYtHiNg". it could be a funny thing to add. just don't know if a lot of people are going to do it because it'll 100% be a class u cant raid/base (with ents) but it could just be just something to mess with. kind of neutral in this..
  3. Kinda smart ig, why trade with him when he has a stock 40dmg revolver? KEKW
  4. Foul

    Warn Appeal

    I am also with -1 considering loopholing is also not allowed, not acceptable saying it 3 times and who knows if u did any farther then that, he could have banned you.
  5. with this, anyway ramps up the crates and stuff could be added? might be a good addition.
  6. Foul

    Bread Ban Appeal

    Personally in my opinion, What you did in this situation is highly unacceptable and the ban should stay. If you ever come back to the server in the future don't do these things that you know will get you in trouble, it just isnt worth it. As well as if you knew about how to do that then #1 this isnt the first time and you knew what u were doing, or #2 you didnt care -1 Considering I have read the other replies and such, yes this should not be a permaban, a 2w would be more sufficient. Please dont do it again in the future. +1 for reduction to 2w
  7. I 100% At punishing BriskyBri for the things she did in the video, i also watched the recording from @Jason Bournewhen he recorded briskys POV/recording. there were 2+ things that she's done that is abusing/ things we talked about as a staff team that we shouldn't do. I 100% want brisky to get punished again for the things she's done. +1 For Punishment
  8. If you read what I said you can see that I did answer your question. also i would like to note you said i muted nylox and biggie, they were going back and forth and i was trying to talk, and i had to gag them both so that they can hear me and not argue. Also i would like to inform you this situation went to an admin to give a decision which would be jewann, considering jason talked to jewann and i spoke to captainT about it. they both had agreed that they need to be told not to do it again, give them a warning and drop the sit. if you have any complaints regarding the situation, I wasnt the person who made the last decision, i listed toa higher up that has a lot more notable knowledge then me.
  9. What I was explaing was that for what nylox did, he didnt just accuse someone out of spite, just the way he did it by saying it in ooc is a big nono, so i went through the ection as well as jason to tell him that theirs other ways to do it properly like make a player report or call an admin, not say things in ooc. Thats why nylox was let go with a warning, he could've gotten permed but since it was just the way he said it by saying it in ooc, its an easier fix.
  10. Also i would like to mention that i never said that you were a pedo in any way. If you would like to speak to me in discord about the situation or anything my discords Foul#9125
  11. So the way this whole situation started is that i had noticed you had typed things that went under the lines of beastiality, which isn't allowed either. I had prompted you to not do it again and i returned you awaiting confirmation on how to handle the situation from there considering you were a fairly clean player and had no priors regarding this situation, so you were verbally noted for doing those things and if it were to happen we would have to take action. Following that when i had returned you waiting on what to do i had talked to nylon and discussed the way he could have handled it and what he shouldn't have done, although when he called you out for what you said in ooc was a big nono, the reason he was let go is because he wasn't entirely wrong, what he should've done was make a report and talk to an admin and not say it in OOC, which he was talked to about by myself and JASON (a fellow moderator). which he had talked to an admin (jewann) if we should let nylon off with a warning and how to do it right the next time. As well as you i hope you do not do it in the future again because you wont get off so easily. I gave you both a warning on not to do the things u did. ( i dont need to add the evidence bc he already placed it)
  12. I've had met you a couple months ago and your name was "high ThighsETC", which back then as @RAY RAY has mentioned you have priors for RDM warns/bans within the last 6 months that have now lead up to now. and I also agree with the fact that just because you make an appeal now, doesn't mean you learned your lesson. In my opinion this ban is justified and should remain the 3 days. -1
  13. You should be unbanned within the next 5 mins
  14. So this whole situation was really a cluster from the start and when i needed you on, you wernt on so it made it a lot harder for me to deal with the situation from either end considering i had only one player active. Either way the Reporter of the situation said he would like for you to be unbanned, so this is Appeal Accepted
  15. Either way you did expoloit and it was fucked up. Non-the-less, ur a chill dude and stuff, dont do it again. +1
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