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  1. Yes the warn was for FDA (Fading Door Abuse) You kidnapped Thief and FDA'd to get into your base and so I gave you a warning for not knowing. The 15 warnings hit and it banned you automatically. I am not sure what to say about this due to the fact that the warning system is an automatic system. I will get more information upon it and see what can be done.
  2. So new information has arrived, sign was invalid due to him being hobo and they cannot own doors. ACCEPTED. You will now be unbanned.
  3. Sloth

    Ban Appeal

    It isn’t right to make jokes such as that and also I have played your mini games on the server, So I have seen you and from what I have seen, well I have not had an issue come about from you. I would also like to hear isaacs side of this. But until then I am up for a lift or shortened ban. +1.
  4. So you Mass RDM by killing 3+ people and it was very short time as explained in the sit.
  5. So in my opinion I say that this would be a great touch within the server. I barley see cooks unless it is in a base. So with this it will make so much more possibilities within the RP scenarios. So this will be a +1 from me.
  6. Stay hydrated indeed. Yuh.
  7. Sloth

    Mk Ban appeal

    Hello, so I hear you advertised this and these things cannot be advertised. Also you killed him many times and also you need to learn to not get angry and just go off on people. DENIED.
  8. Sloth

    Ban appeal

    it is my apologies on it because damage logs were whacked but but unbanning as we speak. I failed to realize it was with the Michael’s knife. ACCEPTED
  9. Well of course keep the fountain but also you would not have to go to an area with a lot of props so less lag when going to it in my opinion if it is in spawn and everyone knows where spawn is so it will be easy for those who just buy CC’s to go to and or edit them. And spawn has not been a role play area in my opinion and it has NPC’s and RDM zone for those who want competition and it also has TitsRP Banks but yea and the two CC NPC’s have nothing with role play like all you are doing is buying and customizing.
  10. Sloth

    Warn Appeal

    it was a misunderstanding due to I was not told jungle died and went back till after the sit and also it’s reasonable because silver went back to hide and when trying to hide I’d say you can’t see who dies. And jungle went back to the exact location of death which would be confusing because I can see where silver would think he didn’t die because he went back. Accepted.
  11. So I was wondering if the CC Editor, and CC Maker could also be located in spawn, In one of the spawn buildings or on the right side of the fenced in area of spawn. So this would make it easier for those players who would want to make a CC and or edit a CC when they load in game or want to do it there.
  12. Sloth

    Ban appeal

    So this morning I had these meth cooks mass and so I pulled them and did the normal punishments and I didn’t hear anything about it being a raid from either side and if you disconnected then that’s why I put LTAP and I spoke to your friend about it and I’m not sure if you heard me or not when I spoke to him but the logs disappeared and I’m not sure why it was gone for me and two other staff who active at the time. Also you only have screenshots and so with them not saying it was as a raid I can’t see and could you post them? If not then there’s nothing.
  13. Okay so the rule was updated and not many know about it which is understandable, but also it was a mistake onto my end for not knowing that it was in the jail. accepted
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