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  1. I mean in my opinion I feel the warn should not be removed due to you admitting you indeed broke nlr so I think the warn is well deserved.
  2. I only have yours in there due to you harassing me on any sit I take that involves you, Koda's he gave me no restrictions about it.
  3. Yeah you got zonkey to do it for you smh
  4. I gave you multiple warnings to stop and you kept doing it, that gave full intention that you tried to crash the server I will be unbanning you, I hope you have gotten the memo and if I end up catching you prop spamming again; I will continue this punishment as is. ACCEPTED
  5. If you watch the video everytime he respawns it’s almost like he is targeting someone and looks away but that may just be how it looks from our side. If anything I will unban you if majority rules out it’s skill and not any type of exploit
  6. Well from evidence from a different staff member shows you flicked with precision and killed people
  7. If you could provide the format for a ban appeal, thank you
  8. That moment when you’re the one who said “Good fucking luck on the forums” and I only had the dupe for 30 seconds and then deleted XD
  9. Mugging is not an advert on the server btw, and Ltap is Leaving to avoid punishment
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