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  1. Let me just start off by saying I +1 for warn to be removed The main reason is because Jason got -1 repped, which SHOULD NOT have effected his punishment, which it did. However, Jason did have all the tools he needed to end the revolt, which he should have used instead of freezing sea bear and killing him. The warn for non compliance is absurd because Jason had already dealt with the situation and returned Sea Bear. I find it to be pretty unprofessional from a Senior Mod that this is how the situation was handled.
  2. I originally got multiple sits on garrymod, I double checked with raid lord to see. So I politely asked garrymod and garry from garrysmod to stop basing and they didn't listen. I then told them a couple of more times and still nothing. I then checked with raid lord to see what I should do about that: I then banned them for failure to comply. I also originally thought they weren't allowed to base as CP, however when they sent that rule I thought I was wrong, that is why I checked with raid lord. I want to add, I also gave garrymod a verbal for cuff abusing because he cuffed someone who was in his base and killed him while cuffed.
  3. That's not the point, the point is we can specifically identify a color we want for your chat tag as a supporter. I want my colors to match.
  4. We should have the ability to input specific RGB values for tags as a supporter, like we can with changing our CC color. Current Tag Color Selector: Current CC Color Selector: I want things to match, and not be off by like the smallest amount.
  5. This is the log of Piklas Dying in the raid. and this is Piklas switching jobs to Picolas to summon me. Here is Jewann telling me that he shouldn't summon me after he had died in the raid.
  6. You say this @{GN} Isaacbut then we have this reply: @Sixnutis not apart of Zucc's warn. There were also countless other people who commented on OG's ban appeal who didn't have anything to do with it. On top of this, Zucc was adding details to the players past that many staff members probably don't know.
  7. I TRY TO BE AS NEUTRAL AS I CAN AT ALL TIMES, FOR ALL DECISIONS I MAKE SO IM NOT DOING SOMETHING BASED OFF A BIAS! While I agree people should be treated differently on their history, we also need to look at the present. From the accounts of Jewann it looks like OG has changed for the better. While I have had some rough times with OG over the years I do feel he deserves another chance, much like tene got. The main problem I have today is staff not sticking to their original punishment. Why have a permaban for something like toxicity if that play is just going to get unbanned anyway? Why unban a player who has a history of toxicity, just for them to do it again? While I believe people change for the better, if a staff member makes a decision (and the decision is following all guidelines for staffing) it should be final, and we shouldn't go back on that punishment. With this being said I believe that the rules should follow in the same format, having extreme toxicity be 6months - a year ban. I also believe that we shouldn't unban Tene, and leave out unbanning OG because tene has friends on the staff team. This is a blatant bias towards OG and not an implicit bias like zucc said.
  8. If you have 9k hours you probably know how much you need to turn to do a 180. I still dont see any proof Not saying he hacked the entire video, he can toggle his hacks with a hot key, but I rest my case, its not up to me to keep the ban.
  9. ? he was being shot at from behind what do you mean he was has something going on and he was trying to 360? and also if you watch a little further if he knew big nibba mario was in that wall why didn't he just straight up kill him if hes so called aimbot, man was just having fun. Also look at 3:52 in the video man wasn't even paying attention he was just trynna grab armor otherwise he wouldn't of just shot you down just like that. its not hard to aim in garry's mod with a sniper when everyone is moving super slow. something else id like to note, those weird moments where my mouse spazzes out (see 2:07) are as a result of me trying to bhop while stun gunned. After it wears off the mouse gains full control and if you dont adjust from viciously moving your mouse from one side to the other in order to compensate for the slowed movement, ur view is gonna jerk heavily Even though you flicked onto the cop behind you, and stopped right on the cop? I think it wouldn't have been perfectly on the cop and perfectly on other people in other cases.
  10. I'd like to say that a couple people in chat said that you weren't doing good against them in the RDM zone and that you weren't good. This isn't conclusive evidence but it might show that that you toggled because you weren't doing good before and you were then.
  11. Possibly, but to do good shots that consistent? Not even professional players can do that.
  12. You clearly have some type of exploits going on. In the video I can see you consistently flicking to peoples bodies which is really sus, I was also a blood and experienced you flicking me multiple times. The other staff member Vldmort was spectating you for a good 5 minutes before recording for another 5 minutes and all of us deciding you were exploiting. I would also like to point out that you were consistently bhopping and bhopping while crouched which isn't sus but saying that I think you're hacking could be. I'd also like to add that at around 3:20 in the video it is the most obvious of you having some sort of body lock/aimbot on the guy.
  13. I see no VIABLE/any evidence of harassment. If this does happen maybe pictures would help.
  14. I agree, I think things should be nerfed though. It makes us different and enjoyable.
  15. I think that having a fixed meta is not good, I think letting people come up with a meta that works for them is better. I think all talis should be nerfed heavily and think that were taking a step in the right direction with nerfing them. I also think that C4 should be buffed a little like I've suggested and so should the procs. This would balance out the high risk high reward of raiding. I also think that weapon modification should stay in the game, it is a big part in a making players that cant raid so good get money. Weapon modification is a thing anyone can do therefore its not really just a rich person thing. The potions have been cut down on since im pretty sure you can only get them from quests and I think that balanced it a little, it should be hard to complete those quests though since you can get beastials and that's scary. I do think you are getting the right idea but I think its not quite there with what you think, I am looking forward to see what other people think. Adding on I also think god food shouldn't exist, its too op to pop a god food right as youre walking in completely destroying people. Adding on I also think god food shouldn't exist, its too op to pop a god food right as you're walking in completely destroying people. Another thing I should add on is I agree to junk launcher being a talent point and how it shouldn't be restricted +1 for that.
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