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  1. Check my trade logs I gave it back people let me hold their pets. Same thing with captainblack he let's me hold his pet from time to time and ronathan he let me hold his mod pet awhile back. Do whatever you want to do sugar if you think I IRL traded ban me. 🤷🏻‍♂️ By you seeing that. That means you checked the logs 😆 I'm happy you atleast listened to me. W
  2. Honestly better than telling a 16 year old to kill himself... Not saying it's okay to say this shit but Larrrry was already talked to about this particular situation. Larrrry was already talked to about this shit You do tho? ^^^^^^^^^^^ This whole situation is fucking dumb on both sides. Like I said multiple times to Gilga, Atleast try to make an effort to squash it with them in RP, Coconut has evidence of him trying to squash it with you yet you shoved him away. Both sides are toxic, when I first talked to Gilga about this whole situation and told him to go to the forums, he called me a fucking robot lmfao ontop of everything when you and Coba were having that conversation in that base, everything Coba said is what I already told you yet when I do it I'm "bias" but when he says it its all "yeah I feel you" TF?? Even when Tyz told you to go to the forums you agreed with him but when I told you I'm a "Robot" and have no "empathy" and you expect ME as a staff member to take your side in all of this.... If you're toxic towards me (A staff member) I know damn well you're toxic to regular members of the server and I've personally seen your toxicity in OOC towards Terrry's group in general. You're twenty five pressed about kids raiding you and calling you names (With you replying with "Kill yourself") on the internet.... If no one is gonna say it I guess I will. Act your fucking age man.
  3. Having 3 MRDM bans in the last month is crazy, You've had chance after chance to change your ways yet you failed and chose to MRDM instead and then ALT... -1
  4. +1 warn for minging 💯 Honestly not that big of a deal I wouldn't ban someone for this unless they kept doing it after they were told to stop.
  5. Saying the shit you said was 100% uncalled for and wrong, but I understand, You have apologized to me privately and i accepted your apology. I'm not trying to ruin your fun and I understand some mods can be goof balls from time to time and joke around but I was dead serious in that sit. I'm willing to lift your ban. In the future Crum please don't go crazy on a staff member that's just doing their job.
  6. Kio


    +1 for staff member warning themselves
  7. Kio

    Mods being racist

    Can you get the evidence on me and roxxy being extremely racist aswell?
  8. Kio

    Mods being racist

    you REALLY need to dish out some evidence champ
  9. Kio

    Mods being racist

    Even if I did pm you what to say where is the issue in that? Isn't that a W mod moment? Anything I would of said would be within the MOTD that you as a regular player could of easily found and said it yourself.... that's like your parents asking you what's 2+2 while slightly pointing at 4... And on top of all of that If I was telling you what to say It would be because I was going to say it but let you say it instead... I do that alot in sits with new players so it looks like they have a real good understanding of the MOTD and player X leaves them alone. Works splendidly I encourage other mods to try it. but you? I don't recall saying shit to you. So far you're claiming Im racist and a good mod.... what type of goofy ahh report is this
  10. Kio

    Mods being racist

    So somebody was being annoying, So me, as a staff member RDMs him including you. He makes a sit and I tell you "tell him it was all a dream" and shove it under the rug? Stop bullshitting. You are upset that I banned you. Move on. Making bullshit reports with literally zero evidence to ANY of your claims is not a good look on you g.
  11. Kio

    Mods being racist

    Basically giving me plus rep for being a helpful mod 😂 in order for this scenario to happen, it would mean buddy broke rules 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. Kio

    Mods being racist

    What do you mean by this? You literally spammed FUCK TERRRY WITH AN L over and over again even after being told to stop by me and Roxxy.... Roxxy explained to you that it's indeed player toxicity so did I yet you continued. https://ibb.co/hWQ4SrN This man just wants attention please deny this
  13. Kio

    Mods being racist

    The fuck is you on about lmfao You're this mad I banned you for player toxicity you start to pull shit out of your ass? 100% False
  14. Kio


    Hello you were being very toxic towards Terrry and Larrry, they did not like that. You already have toxicity warns by roxxy you were told to stop yet you continued. https://ibb.co/hWQ4SrN -1
  15. https://ibb.co/YhxLF0r How am I apart of it? You as a player told another player to kill himself and this player is 16 years old!?.... with no evidence of anything all you were doing (at the time) was crying... if someone is acting like a dog I will call them a dog... if someone is acting like a bird ill call them a bird... you see my point g? even in our conversation you started getting toxic towards me but I see you're leaving it out of the picture so I'll post it for you 😄 https://ibb.co/Bswd73D (Posted in staff chat which got the attention of Coba, I assumed yall talked? idk)
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