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  1. I agree with everyone above me this ban was weird and shouldn't of even happened in the first place. With the video evidence I saw it looks like they just wanted low to play instead of educator, in my opinion they didn't do anything wrong. It's kinda hard to believe they killed educator for money sticks knows way better ways to make MORE money and wasn't the winnings only 1mill? That means they would only make 300k assuming they'd split it. That's garbage money 300k is literally nothing let alone 1mill
  2. Your friend flicks even Apologized and admitted he was in the wrong to the other party
  3. You died and went back to watch the raid, that's breaking NLR my friend
  4. You raided bank without an advert. It doesn't matter if you were bank heister class or not even if you weren't going for the bank it's still a bank raid. That's like me raiding someone's base but when they kill me I say I'm just raiding their dupe not their actual entities and break NLR, it makes no sense. Even if that was a thing you still broke NLR. So you'd be banned either way (reaching 15 warns) And for me not talking much I was checking logs getting all the facts so I could pursue the sit knowing everything This appeal is completely useless in my opinion since you would of been banned anyway for reaching 15 warns for NLR If you really believe you shouldn't have to advert bank raid before raiding thn you should make a forums post explaining your theory In that case I would have a strong -1 on this appeal
  5. Hello im the mod that banned you. Someone called a sit on you claiming you RDM'd them and when i teleported you to the sit you logged off, as for the NITRP I noticed you punched some other people so i figured you were not here to RP. I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt since you did log off literally the second i teleported you just please be more careful on who you kill and punch! i would of gave a verbal anyway
  6. It wasn't a perm.. 3d 23h 28m
  7. Tass and b3nz basically said everything there needs to be said. -1 for punishment or demotion
  8. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and remove the warn completely. I think in the future you should give the full story, don't give little pieces and don't change your story because it'll look like your lying on your part. Your description was terrible lmao but i'm glad we cleared it up here!
  9. The reason why i added Lying in a sit is because it wasn't cross fire at all and logs shows it wasn't crossfire. When i tp'd you into the sit i asked why you killed slugger, you said "Crossfire" i checked logs and saw that it wasn't crossfire thn you said "the ICU highlight was on slugger not captain" you switched up your story AFTER i told you that it wasn't crossfire. I also have proof that it was indeed NOT crossfire. You RDM'd, got caught, tried to lie your way out and got caught again so you switched up your story.
  10. Alright, this is my side of the SIT. I bring him and malicious into a sit because Mega broke NLR over 5 times and while were in the sit Mega is explaining what happened, he seemed genuine so i was gonna just warn him for NLR and call it that but thn this man calls me Bias out of no where.. So i asked for proof of me being "Bias" and he tells me that i lied during a forums report multiple times, i only have 1 report on me i believe and i told the truth that whole report... and for the Bias how am i bias?? i literally warn my day 1 friends all the time on the server we don't look at it as "ah your a homie let this slide" nah we look at it as if anyone is warning me i'm glad its you.. so you calling me bias is just invalid ASF and i did not appreciate the disrespect you had towards me after i was going to basically give you a slap on the wrist. Maybe next time you should explain your side of the story and leave it at that and don't diss staff members when THEY'RE TRYING TO HELP YOU. The disrespect you had towards malicious is unacceptable aswell, how is an admin suppose to believe you when you're starting shit during a sit? calling malicious a loser and roasting him because he doesn't talk... Literally if you just held your tongue and just told your side of the story you would still be playing tits because i'm the type of mod to give people chances and push education over punishment but the fact your roasting me half the sit how am i suppose to give you a chance? At the end of the day you broke the rules. you guys did not have a public base sign. only way for malicious to see if there was entities was to raid. you broke NLR 5 times you also tried to RDM malicious after he killed you. -1 for unban
  11. Kio


    Hello i'm the mod that banned you. In logs it showed you shot Marco with the stun gun over 15 times, you also shot a whole bunch of other people with the stun gun, no doubt in my mind you were stun gun abusing. You also broke NLR over 3 times going back to Marco after he/his party killed you, as for the LTAP when i brought you into the sit you were moving fine, looked around thn completely froze. To me at the time it looked like you pulled the internet cable out of your PC to avoid getting in trouble, you were playing for 6 hours straight but when i pull you into a sit that's when your internet screws up? i don't know seems fishy to me but i'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and remove the ban and just warn you for NLR/stun gun abuse.
  12. Kio

    ban sad

    It could of been an honest mistake, but the way you handled that sit was not acceptable at all. they were trying to explain to you what the problem was and all you kept saying were "your stupid your stupid" thn you leave to avoid punishment. -1
  13. https://imgur.com/a/Hnm14zc https://imgur.com/a/jHgCf69 https://imgur.com/a/gIAy0GL https://imgur.com/a/kGDQoQN https://imgur.com/a/uvUgPwA https://imgur.com/a/DrVdB3B We have told them multiple times to stop harassing us i even said it in a sit infront of Merhsic
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