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  1. +1 Don't let people get into your head.
  2. Kio

    Smelly RDM

  3. Kio

    Perma-Ban Appeal

    I'm willing to give you another chance but like green said there won't be a third +1
  4. Kio

    QuinQuin ban appeal

    Accepted can confirm these are two different people
  5. I'm gonna go ahead and accept this not for any type of punishment towards Yolky but for him to be educated on these type of sit's. You gotta remember that the T Mod phase is for fucking up! it's a learning experience everyone on the staff team including myself fucked something up in some sort of way.
  6. +1 for unban i did see a new message from you but it was deleted! so the story checks out
  7. Alright look. That title you first posted was alittle to crazy please don't do that again. First off saying he fucks little bitches does NOT mean he's implying that he fucks "minors" and for you saying he's acting like a little bitch during the sit is extremely toxic then you taunting him by saying "I wonder who said that" will not sit right with me or the staff team. I have def been in his shoes before where you feel like you NEED to reply to someone when they're disrespecting you. I know for a fact he felt pressured to reply to your comment and spat out "i fuck little bitches" With that being said im gonna have to -1 for any type of punishment towards Chewbacca
  8. Kio

    Warn Appeal

    Correct I didn't call a sit but I did tell Minky that I didn't care what happen. He saw you RDM me and asked if he could take care of it, I replied "I don't care do what you want" and it seems like he wanted to warn you for RDM! With that being said I'm gonna HAVE to deny this appeal since I did tell him that I didn't care if he warned you or not.
  9. this is true i was inside the base when the bounty hunter shot inside just to clarify tyz did nothing wrong he did everything he was suppose to do Yulli failed to mention this information during the sit!
  10. Gonna go ahead and deny this since the warn was valid
  11. I just watched it I don't know why I couldn't hear you but when I brought you back to the sit I could hear you fine? I don't know what happened there but I wasn't trolling I could not hear you at that 1 on 1 could only hear your first words thn it was dead silent... this sit was a mess as you could see in the video but besides the not hearing you part... I came in put my input and left... talked to briski afterwards about being more respectful and that was it.
  12. After the sit I had a talk with briski and told her not to say shit like "I'm gonna cum in your ass"
  13. Can you please post the whole video to when I came into the sit?
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