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Ban / Warn Appeals

Banned or warned? Write an appeal here!

Get your STEAM ID here. Post your appeal as a new thread. Collect any evidence you have to defend yourself. 


  • Following the format will help process your appeal a lot faster. 
  • Use console to find out which staff member banned you. If you don't have any of this, it will take longer to process.
  • Witnesses may contribute in forms of evidence (such as screenshots or videos only). Don't post to assist another player's report if you have nothing to contribute. 
  • Everyone in this server is innocent until proven guilty. Everyone has a different story to the situation so this is why we absolutely require evidence. 
  • All video evidence must start ~30 secs before the event in question, and end ~30 after.
  • Wait patiently for staff to respond. Do not advertise your appeal or it may be denied. 

Staff: If you are not the banning staff member, try not to decide on their ban appeal for them. Give them a chance to respond & send them the link if necessary. 

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