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  1. omfg what ur stating uni did, this isnt even for it omggggggg
  2. I loved it, it was fucking funny hearing it and was funny when I was there for the on in the tunnel!
  3. I would die laughing if I would see a raid going on and the news reports barge in and say "hAvE yoU sEeN AnYtHiNg". it could be a funny thing to add. just don't know if a lot of people are going to do it because it'll 100% be a class u cant raid/base (with ents) but it could just be just something to mess with. kind of neutral in this..
  4. Kinda smart ig, why trade with him when he has a stock 40dmg revolver? KEKW
  5. with this, anyway ramps up the crates and stuff could be added? might be a good addition.
  6. I had a talk with sugar about this a little while ago and it was mentioned in the staff meeting, its most likely gonna be the end of november? im not too sure but be ready for some new things, i don't know all the new stuff but itll be just as good a roulette lol :D!
  7. I'm blind as a mf but happy late bday
  8. In-game name: Foul STEAMID: 76561198891510373 Your plans for Halloween: leave the house and chill with the homies
  9. To me that would be a nice prop to use instead of using the basic steel people that look like ladders lol!
  10. To me I would say that making this possible, it would make it a little easier for people that need cereal and it wouldn't be a hassle especially in crowded areas when people want to kill you for the cereal.
  11. So when yall showed up I saw you guys because of in game voice chat raduis. But we had nothing in our plots. i dont think i have the logs for it and I don't have the video anymore. This would need to be looked at through archives, Either way the warrants I was just like " what?" because they did not make sense to me cause the warrant was for havin drugs but I didnt have any planted or anything. As well in that video it doesnt show any drugs. wheres the vid for the other side?
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